Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 2012 Julep Maven American Beauty Mystery Box

Okay, so after I posted my Boho Glam mystery box, I did a little research to see what everyone else was getting.  It seemed like there was very little variation for each style box - for example, 95% of the Amercian Beauty boxes were the same, unless you got the $200 box; and a handful had a slightly different color selection but the same products.  The boxes were still available, so I decided to get two more mystery boxes because I knew I'd be happy even with the low value box.  

The first extra box I got was the American Beauty.  It paid off, I got the 3 colors I was hoping for! Pippa, Amy, and Natalie are all beautiful, and I got another one of the delicious vanilla mint lip balms, and travel size (1 oz) versions of the Glycolic Hand Scrub and the Age Defying Hand Brightener.
Julep's descriptions:

Pippa is an updated neutral camel creme, sure to upstage!

Amy is smoky, turquoise cream. 

Natalie is chic, retro honeysuckle pink.

So far I have just tried out Natalie.  Based on the fact that Natalie is only $11.20 and it was featured in the May 2011 US Weekly, it's an older polish; Julep was clearly trying to capitalize on the fact that Pantone named Honeysuckle the color of the year back in 2011. However (and my swatch below doesn't accurately capture this - see here for a more accurate swatch), Natalie is HELLA BRIGHT on the fingers, more like a neon honeysuckle pink.  It's really pretty, but definitely something I'd keep on my toes a lot longer than on my fingers.  My boss LOVES to comment on unprofessional nail polish ("Are your fingers...glittery?").  Heh.  

No formula issues; it's a two coater.
Pippa and Amy are $14 each, Natalie is $11.20, the lip balm is $6, and the hand products work out to $10.67 each (the full size is $32 for 3 oz), making this box worth $65.53.  I paid $19.99, which was totally worth it to me.  

I am excited to try out the hand products, since I am finding that all of the Julep stuff is pretty much amazing.  I have been following up the Pedi Prep with the Pedi Creme, and my feet feel almost as smooth as Adriana and Lucia's.  Okay, fine, not THAT smooth, but certainly the smoothest I've ever gotten outside of an actual pedicure.  I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out, because all of these fantastic products are NOT fantastically priced.  

Dearest Julep, would you please consider doing an all product mystery box?  That would be amazeballs.  

Anyway, one more box left to go.  I ordered it within an hour of ordering this one and it's still not here.  Think I could have lucked out with a $200 box (heavier box, longer to ship...)?  We will see!

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CityGirl said...

I LOVE Julep's hand scrubs and creams - they are perfect to use just before a mani and my hands look 10 times better after using it - softer and brighter actually.

Shalini said...

I feel like I should be in on these beauty boxes, but makeup confounds me. Will you give me a makeup tutorial at the Blathering?

Candice said...

Julep sure answered your prayers today :) I'm going to order a product box myself, I like julep a lot but I just don't want any more polish. They found a way torero me back in!