Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday Party Update

Executive decisions have been made, I reserved this shelter in the park for a date in between both girls' birthdays:

It doesn't look like much, but it's by a pretty pond with lots of ducks, so I know Adriana will like it.  I plan to order food by someone who is not me, have one big sheet cake (or maybe some fancy cupcakes...yeah, probably that) and then a little smash cake for each of them.  I know you don't really do smash cakes for 3 year olds, but that way they each get their own cake to fail at blowing out the candles on.  I prefer my piece to be slobber free.  

Our families are so big that I really have no desire to do this twice, especially if I have to invite every last person on all four sides.  I figure we will have enough room that no one will want to kill each other, and if they do, they can hide the body in the woods before I am any the wiser.  And there's lots of room for cornhole, which apparently people who aren't from Ohio do not play?  Or has it finally gotten big enough that you aren't like "cornWHAT" when I say that? 

I am planning on hiring a photographer because that was a big regret from Adriana's first birthday, so some of the savings will go to that.  And since it's not going to be until September, I might even be able to redeem some of my slackerhood with some pinterest decorations.  But don't hold your breath on that one.  Especially since the party is the day after we drive back from Hilton Head (omg).  

But anyway, I now have a plan.  So that is exciting.  


PinkieBling said...

CORNHOLE?? That sounds a little ... Deliverance-y. ;-)

That looks like a lovely spot for a party, though.

Lacey said...

Cornhole isn't popular everywhere? It's definitely popular down here in NASCAR country!

Looks like a nice place for a party! I may just crash it! ;)

Jessica said...

Yay! A plan! It sounds much better than what we did for birthdays this year. (Two parties EACH. Three of them out of town. Next year there will only be ONE. TOTAL.)

I've heard of cornhole, but am not entirely sure what it is.

Ann said...

Your blog is awesome! I'm from West Virginia originally, so I'm familiar with cornholin'. However, my favorite part of this blog was saying they had a place to hide the bodies! With all that might need it!

Wiz said...

Maybe corn hole is a southern thing because I am from TN and I have heard of it!