Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Books and Other Internet Distractions

Shalini posted this fun First Books questionnaire, which Jessica and Erin have since responded to.  I was a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge reader when I was young - I was that kid who would bring a book to the playground and sit and read while everyone else was making friends.  I'd also read through meals, baths, family gatherings...pretty much if I was awake, I was reading.  

Amusing Christoper Pike story before getting to it:

Erin mentioned in her responses that she read Christopher Pike when she was younger, which led to a fun little trip down memory lane with a number of my twitter friends.  Monster!  Last Act!  Midnight Club! Remember Me! (I love you guys so much!!!)  

I did some googling to see what Mr. Pike has been up to since I last went and got "caught up" on my Pike library in 2005 or so.  [Shut up, it is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE that I still own and love Christopher Pike!  He is SO MUCH BETTER than R.L.Stine!]  I started reading the reviews of the Secret of Ka, because I assumed his audience was a bunch of other childhood fans who bought the book in a fit of nostalgia.  The most popular negative review had 118 comments, so of course I had to see what that was all about and I instantly got sucked into the thread.  

You guys, Christopher Pike was supposedly pretending to be his editor and addressing comments and posting fake reviews praising his books.  I think this whole story is freaking HILARIOUS, whether it is true or not.  [Please don't let it be true.  He was my IDOL.]

Anyway, I was a huge Christopher Pike fan, and apparently still am, as evidenced by the fact that I bought the book anyway and will now be stalking the mailman in the same manner I stalked Waldenbooks clerks many years ago.  

First Book I Loved

The Boxcar Children.  John (little brother) and I used to CONSTANTLY pretend we were running away, possibly due to this book.  I could probably even still tell you what everyone's colors were (Henry - Green, Jessie - Blue?, Violet - Purple, Benny - Red).  Yeah.   

First Book I Hated

I can't really remember HATING books.  There was one horror book I read in about 6th grade where the murderer turned out to be the narrator, who was trying to solve the murder?  It made no fucking sense and I was really mad when it was done.  I can't remember who wrote it or what it was about other than that, but I think it had a school bus on the cover.  Anyone?

First Series I Read

Probably also the Boxcar Children?  I read a ton of them, but the first was always my favorite.  If it wasn't BC, it was Babysitters Club.  Which I also still own a ton of.  I bought a lot off ebay a few years back "for Adriana" but it was really for the trip down memory lane.  HEH.  

First Fantasy / Sci-Fi Book I Read

A Wrinkle In Time.  Does that count? I loooooooooooved this book, read it a million times.  I read the other three in the series in college; love the one that was set in biblical times as well.  Many waters?  Is that the right one?  

First Book That Made Me Cry From Laughing

This one is hard...I read a lot of Vonnegut in high school, was greatly amused by the asshole drawings and whatnot, but I can't think of my first "cry from laughing" sort of funny.  This is a terrible answer, I will update later when I think of something better.  

First YA Book I Read and Loved

Christopher Pike was definitely my gateway to the YA world.  My first through third grade BFF's older sister had a copy of Weekend sitting around; I started reading it one day when I was over there and never gave it back.  I think I was in second grade.  I distinctly recall asking my mom what an orgy was and she almost wrecked the car.  I was still allowed to read Christopher Pikes after that, beginning my long love affair with him.  

The first YA book I read and loved as an adult was The Giver.  

First Horror Book I Read

See above re: Weekend.  But I don't know if that one is strictly horror...Monster is a much better horror novel of his.  That one came out when I was older, like 6th or 7th grade.

I think I was a bit younger when I read all of the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books, and I was probably in about 4th or 5th grade when I started reading Stephen King.  I think I read Misery or Cujo first.  

First Book I Was Completely Obsessed With

Probably Anastasia Krupnik or Harriet the Spy.  Nerdy girls with notebooks.  Who could have possibly guessed?


Jessica said...

Harriet the Spy!! You know, that might actually have been the first book I loved, before Little Women. I can't remember. I'm loving these posts!

Anonymous said...

Since you got me interested in reading and I regularly crept into your room to steal books off your shelves (I think I only made the mistake of cracking the spine on ce and I maintain to this day that that was MY copy of Breakfast of Champions) I totally remember that weird book with the school bus on the cover with the crappy ending. Making it my mission to find the title...

Laura Diniwilk said...

John, that was totally MY BoC. It had an egg stain rigt where I dropped eggs on my copy! Coincidence? I think not!

Courtney said...

LOVED BOXCAR CHILDREN. Kinda makes me wanna reread them. :)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I LOVED Christopher Pike. LOVED. I have some of those story lines indelibly imprinted on my soul. I think Weekend was the first one I read, too. Chain Letter was the stuff of my NIGHTMARES for years. Season of Passage? Horrifying. Monster? Wonderful. Remember Me? The Midnight Club? The Last Vampire series? I loved every book. (And you're right - SO MUCH better than R. L. Stine.) (Although I had a billion R. L. Stine books, too.)

Also a big Anastasia Krupnik fan. I used to read "Sam" to my brother in the car on family vacations - he thought it was about him. :-)

Navigating the Mothership said...

Eeee!!! Love this and will copy for my blog, although many of my answers will be the same as yours...will copy & paste FTW!

I already own Boxcar Children for the kids. Effin love their broke ass dinnerware, yo

Wiz said...

LOVED this! I was a big reader when I was younger too. Loved me some Sweet Valley but also loved Christopher Pike but and R.L. Stine.

I know exactly what book you are talking about with the bus. I remember being blown away by the ending when it was the narrator! WHAT WAS THE NAME? Its going to drive me crazy!! It was two shorts words and there was a sequal (but I dont think the sequal had any of the same characters. Must research now :)