Friday, September 21, 2012

Diniwilk Stew

Let's talk about things that are not nail polish!

  • Without being spoilerish, I have to say that the Bachelor Pad finale was full of awesome, America got it right in So You Think You Can Dance (shockingly), and the person who lost  (well, came in second) Big Brother made his or her self look like an asshole, and would have won hands down if they would have spun things differently.  I HATE when that happens - the person has it in the bag and then completely says all of the wrong things to the jury.  SO ANNOYING.
  • Would you believe that I'm still not all the way though the Couch to 5K program?  I started it on July 2, but I'm only on Week 6, Day 3.  Injuries and life stress keep making me miss weeks, and then it's like I'm starting all over when I get back into it.  So frustrating.  Yesterday's workout was a 10 minute run, 3 minute walk, and another 10 minute run.  I almost died afterwards.  I think this whole stopping and starting business is the fatal flaw of the program.  If I had just ran a mile for a few weeks, then bumped it up two and stayed there for a few weeks, and so on, I would feel a lot more prepared for running 5.5 freaking miles next weekend.  FIVE POINT FIVE...I AM SO FAR IN OVER MY HEAD IT'S RIDICULOUS!!!
  • I don't really care that I didn't do it in 8 straight weeks, I am so counting this for my 101 in 1001 list.  
  • Hmm.  I should update that list.  I have actually made some progress.  Not ENOUGH progress, but certainly enough to warrant an update.  
  • They are laying people off from my company again.  I won't know whether or not my job is safe until early November.  I THINK I'll be fine, but you never know.  And it's always shitty when good people are let go.  
  • Adriana is going through a cute phase again.  Her little face is SO EXPRESSIVE, it kills me.  I should record her talking for like 10 minutes to capture it.  The other day, she spent like 5 minutes arranging the chairs from her little table so they were facing each other.  She then put some of her favorite toys on the chair, looked up at me, and said "This?  Is going to be AWESOME!"  and then...stood on the chairs with one foot on each side.  I don't know why, I just thought it was hilarious that she was so amped to stand on some chairs.  I also told her that her feet were stinky when we were on the couch, and she immediately rearranged herself so her head was snuggling into my side and her feet were under a pillow.  "There you go, mama, now you don't have to smell my stinky feet.  Because you're my best friend!"
  • Lucia is going through a not so cute stage.  I actually specifically remember this with Adriana - 13 months is when your previously adorable and easy baby turns into a little asshole.  Okay, asshole is strong, but dude.  It is not the end of life as we know it if I set you down.  And stop throwing yourself backwards in a fit every time I take MY iPhone away from you.  It's all drama all of the time, from a kid who NEVER used to cry.  I am seriously worried she is going to split her head open with the throwing herself backwards thing.  Gah.  
  • I have to lead book club tonight, and I am only halfway through the book (Gone Girl).  Think if I keep buying pitchers of margaritas no one will notice?
  • Other weekend plans include shopping with my mom for the girls' fall wardrobe and catching up on laundry.  Thrilling.  What are you doing this weekend?


Lacey said...

Yay for updates! Adriana sounds so adorable! I would love to see a little video of her. Only, you know the one time you decide to record her because she's being cute she'll never do the cute thing again, haha. Crazy kids.

Can't wait to see a 101 in 1001 update. In fact, I think I might do that today too! You're such an inspiration. :)

Jessica said...

13 month olds are totally assholes. 14 month olds, too. When does this end??

d e v a n said...

YES on the Big Brother! UGH! I was so annoyed!

Shannon said...

As for Gone Girl, read all the spoilers on and then you will know everything. Have you gotten to the big twist yet?

Saly said...

How is it that I finished Gone Girl before you did?

Shalini said...

All babies are assholes. Sorry.

Not Insane...Promise! said...

You'll have no problem with the 5.5! The adrenaline on race day is a huge contributor to success...just make sure that you start of slooooooowwww, slower than you think you need to (I personally have a terrible habit of letting the adrenaline get to me and pooping out after a half mile...and regretting it the rest of the race.) Make sure you stretch for double the time you think you need (I used to not do it out of laziness and found that when I take the time to do it I am a much happier camper throughout the race and of course, after.) You can find good running stretches here:

You'll do awesome, and the post-race feeling is AMAZING! Good luck!!

Erica said...

The flinging head on the ground thing.... The worst.

Wiz said...

Sula just turned a year. The cute phase end is NEAR! We have already experience a few "throw yourself down and wail" tantrums. Yay.

And the Bachelor Pad ending was AWESOME!!!

Glad to read an update from you!