Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Party in the Woods

If you want to see an adorable, well thought out party with a theme that makes actual sense, go here and see Lacey's party for Charley (awwwwww).  I'd like to blame my lack of ability to do a pinterest-worthy party on life events, but I really am just not good at that sort of thing.  My mom failed to pass her awesome party planning creativity to me, and now Adriana and Lucia have to suffer.  Boo.

As I mentioned previously, I secured a shelter in the woods for the girls' joint birthday party.  It was a really crappy overcast day, but the rain held off for the most part.  The kids had fun playing with balls, frisbees, and cornhole in the field near the shelter.

I wanted each girl to have their own theme, so neither one would feel shafted by the joint-ness of the party.  Adriana's theme was a no-brainer...she LOVES the Disney fairies, specifically Fawn, and had been requesting a Fawn party for months.  Lucia is only one, so theme-picking was up to me.  I hadn't been getting a lot of sleep, so my brain went "The party is in the woods.  Fairies are in the woods.  Owls are in the woods.  I like owls.  OWLS!"  

This led to some awkward homemade (but dirt cheap!) invites.  

And an awkward (but pretty and deeeeeeeeelicious!) cake.  

Akronites: You haven't lived until you've had West Side Bakery cake. 
I hit up the party supply store for some orange and blue tablecloths, plates, forks, cups, balloons, a tinkerbell birthday banner, etc.  Some pop, cheese, fruit, and Barberton chicken (White House all the way), and we were in business.  

This is a dark picture, but I was pretty pleased with the goody bags.  I was going to put some fairy stickers on the flower bag, but I kept thinking "Stop making owls and fairies happen! It's not going to happen!" in my best Regina George voice.  

My coworker Ashley agreed to photograph the event and take some awkward family photos, and then refused to cash the check I gave her despite the fact that she spent 3 hours with us AND edited the 60 best pictures from the day.  Thoughts on an appropriate gift for a stubborn photographer?  I thought she did an awesome job, it's not her fault it was cloudy and my kids have a 2 second attention span.  

I make a lot of stupid faces.


More stupid faces.

Attempt #1 at a decent family shot (fail)

Attempt #2 at a decent family shot (better, but fail)
The smash cake portion of the day was pretty hilarious.  Colin, my nephew, picked his smash cake up with two hands and couldn't get it down his throat fast enough.  Adriana was more hesitant on her first birthday, but eventually dove in once she realized that sugar is amazing.  Lucy, my baby who eats EVERYTHING, wanted nothing to do with her cake.  I eventually made her taste some frosting, and she proceeded to gag for the next 5 minutes, before getting pissed and wiping frosting in her hair.  It was pretty hilarious.  

I'm gonna do it too! (quote anyone?)

This birthday is horseshit! (I'm very quotey today).

The aftermath.

I'm sorry I made you eat cake, baby.

Adriana was less traumatized by her cake experience.
Next up: Trying to keep two kids under 3 focused on opening presents for more than 10 seconds at a time.  It basically involved each of us keeping a kid in the death grip while my brother and SIL brought over presents.    

Adriana was a big fan of her new bike.

Lucia was a big fan of the bow.

All in all, it was a good party.  Casual, the kids had fun, and it wasn't at my house so we could just dump our shit in a trashcan and go home.  Yay!


Saly said...

Gorgeous photos. Just gorgeous. I can't believe your girls are so big!!

Michelle said...

Looks like everyone had fun!

After the first birthday party, I stopped freaking out about themes. In fact, Peanut's second birthday theme was Tinkerbell-dinosaur-flowers because she couldn't decide and I was pregnant and too tired to care.

Lacey said...

Those pictures are the best! Love love love that one of you and Lucia the best, and the one of Lucia and Justin is so crazy how much they look alike! I totally can see owls and fairies together - both mini woodland creatures. Hell, you should've thrown some squirrels in there too! ;)

Erica said...

You had a theme, you had paper invitations... You have surpassed all my birthday parties for Anna so far. I keep fearing the day when I have to do something about it.

Emily said...

Your girls are so freaking cute!

Jessica said...

You look gorgeous - I love your hair! And even just the life stress of being out of town for 5 weeks would have led to far less party planning for me than what you did!

Heather said...

Adorable! Your girls are so stinkin' cute. And I loved the owl / fairies theme. Very on trend these days. :)