Friday, October 19, 2012

Diniwilk Stew

  • You know you are totally PMSing when one second a homeless person's sign about being a new mother and losing her job has you in tears and handing out money (the last line said "I'm a good mom") and the next has you muttering that you hope she buys the GOOD crack so you didn't ruin a perfectly good makeup job for nothing.  
  • Justin and I are going to Atlantic City next weekend with his gamer friends.  Apparently we are the only ones who don't have craptons of money.  These guys rent a suite every Halloween and St. Patrick's day, travel in limos, and have some sort of bottle service where they actually have access to an entire BAR just for their group.  Bottle service in Atlantic City is typically anywhere from $150 to $600 for one bottle, 4 people.  I can't even fathom what these guys paid to have an entire stocked bar.  Justin swears it's okay that we don't chip in, but I'm pretty nervous about that.  He has gone before and they keep inviting his freeloading ass back though, so it must be okay.  It is going to be SO WEIRD going clubbing with Justin, as that is not at all our scene.  I am so excited anyway though, 3 whole days of grownup time!!!
  • Between Atlantic City and The Blathering and work and the fact that nothing fits because I've lost so much weight, I have been buying new dresses like gangbusters.  Maybe I'll have Justin take some pics this week and we can have a little fashion show.  One of the dresses I bought for AC is so not me it's ridiculous.  I feel like I should get a spray tan and work on my fist pump or something.  I also need to work on not bending over under any circumstance.  
  • Also as a result of losing weight, I can now apparently fit into boots.  My whole family has huuuuuuuuuuuuge calves even when skinny, so I can usually only get the kind with the elastic in it (Clarks are usually a good option for those of us who are extra blessed in the calf area).  I bought two pairs at DSW over lunch.  I am going to try them out with skinny jeans this weekend and see if I can still get them to zip.  Wish me luck!
  • It's a very good thing that November is a three paycheck month, is what I'm saying.  
  • Here are some recent pics of the girlies, for those of you who aren't following my every move on Twitter:

  • And now that I've shown you pictures where they look sufficiently cute, I don't feel so bad posting some with unfortunate hair:
L Bundy
Slide slide slipity slide
  • I don't post those pictures JUST to embarrass them.  I would like you to help me figure out what to do with Lucy's hair.  Adriana's is fine, when my mom isn't randomly styling her as Coolio.  Lucy has a crazy curly mop that we mostly tame by pulling the front part up into the Yorkie (most hilarious name for a hairstyle ever), but you can see how out of control it is in the one where she's lounging in her chair.  Marie Green nailed it when she said she looks like a baby in a wig.  I am beginning to think that she might be better off with bangs, at least while the rest of it is growing out.  I say this because I always loved Tessa's hair and it seems similar to me.  Think L could rock bangs?
  • I feel like I am so out of the loop.  It took me forever to find out about Saly's twins (TWINS!), and I almost missed Erin's pregnancy news too.  If you have major news to share and you think I missed it while I've been in my own little universe, please post in the comment section.  FILL ME IN!  It doesn't even have to be about babies!  And I WILL get to your blog soon, I promise.   
  • The Spicy Subscriptions giveaway is still going here to enter.   


Mama Tully said...

I have the SAME exact issues with Adelle's hair...crazy curly mop. It was gorgeous and easy all summer while the humidity was high and kept her curls looking perfect and tight off her face, but now it's all floppy and sometimes gets this Golden Girls curled and teased type look. Anyway, two things I did have helped a lot..first I snipped about an inch right off the very top, so that the floppy part isn't in her eyes when it isn't in a yorkie ponytail. I don't know if I would call it bangs, I'm not a fan of bangs on my kiddos, but I suppose it sort of is. I really should just let it grow out so that it can go behind her ears eventually, but I feel like that would take forever with curly hair! Also, I bought Curl Calmer by Original Sprout. It works really well and keeps her curls less frizzed out and crazy. It's all natural and not drying to baby hair.
Best of luck. Let me know if you find any tips that work well too!
Have an AWESOME grown ups weekend! Sounds like it will be a blast!
As for news, I'm expecting baby #3 in April :) What what!!!

Susie said...

L BUNDY! I died.

Lacey said...

Hahhaa at Lucy's hair!! I'm not sure about the bangs thing. If her hair is curly, won't they just curl up too and be super short? I have no experience in the curly hair dept! She's such a cutie, even as L. Bundy.

Have so much fun in Atlantic City!

Wiz said...

Girl I am always behind too! And I totally get the calf thing. Even relatively thin, I have to have boots that stretch and now that I am seven months pregnant...forget it!

StephLove said...

I haven't been here in a while. I hope you enjoyed your grown-up time.

I wore rubber boots to a creek cleanup about a month ago and ended up with open wounds where they rubbed against the bare flesh of my calves. They were tighter than I thought. I won't wear them with shorts again.