Monday, October 15, 2012

September 2012 Spicy Subscriptions Review and Giveaway

The Spice Box was sent to me for review.  The people at Spicy Subscriptions probably regret that move, seeing as how I am posting this a full month after receiving it.  They deserve much better, as evidenced by the fact that they did not just send stuff to me, but they sent stuff for YOU to check out too (yay!)  All opinions are my own, obviously.  

I have noticed that reviews go through phases in the bloggy world, where tons of people are doing them and no one bats an eye, and then like 10 of my friends are all upset about them all on the same day.  Just to be clear, I've never been paid for a review, and I'd tell you if I was.  In fact, this is only the third product I've accepted for review, and I turn most pitches down.  Spicy Subscriptions contacted me right after that giant sex email was going around (you know who you are!!!), so I was SUPER EXCITED to share this with you, as you are all clearly very spicy ladies.  Then life bitchslapped me and the timing was just not right for a box of sex goodies, no matter how excited I was about it.  All is well now though, so let's get on with it!

My sex box (as it is lovingly known at my house) came in discreet packaging, as promised.  Which could be good or bad, depending on whether or not people in your house tend to open your inconspicuous looking mail for you.  The box itself was really nice - you can't tell from the pic, but the cardboard is really sturdy and would hold pictures or postcards nicely.    
I forgot to take pics of the product cards, oops
My first thought upon opening the box was "WHOA, that's a lot of lube."  Which of course led my brain to this, whose review section is only beat by this.  YOU ARE WELCOME.  You didn't have anything important planned for the next few hours anyway.

[Here is where I try to be informative without creating too much unnecessary imagery but fail miserably, like those awful Charmin bears.  You have been warned].  There were 4 types of lube plus two packs of Swipes Lovin' Wipes to clean up the after-effects of all that lube and whatnot (they did the trick).  The O'My International lube, which had the sense to come in little tubes instead of foil packets of doom, was not my favorite; it could get a little sticky.  The three types of Jo lubricant all seemed identical to my non-discerning lady bits.  One of them was supposed to start off as a massage oil and then act as lube, which was met with much heavy sighing (not in a sexy way, in a "you mean I have to TOUCH IT FIRST, what's next, shaved legs?" way) on my part.   I liked the JO lubricants, but I don't recommend the sample packs, as they are harder than a Capri Sun (the devil's drink!) to open and frequently resulted in over-lubing when you are fumbling around in the dark.  Which is not good unless you want sex to be like a slip n' slide.  Just get the full size and save any packet-induced sexual awkwardness.  
And now, for the star of the box.  You guys.  This DONA by JO linen spray in mangosteen is amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.  I can't place what exactly it smells like, but I call it "sexy laundry".  It's supposed to be an aphrodisiac, and NO JOKE, I spray some on my pillow and my husband instantly knows it's business time.  In fact, I am going to test the effectiveness of this spray tonight.  He gets home before midnight, so I'll set an alarm for 11:30 and spray some all over the bed.  I GUARANTEE I get some tonight without any other enticement needed.  It's not just for naughty purposes or random sexperiments on unsuspecting husbands, it makes the bed smell so good that I'd recommend it to the single ladies who want to feel sexy when they sleep.  

The Spice Box I received is a bit different than what they are offering today.  Spicy Subscriptions recently revamped the program, so now you can pay $19.99/month for 4-8 trial products, 1 personal item/toy, and one full sized product, or $34.99/month for 4-8 trial products, 1 deluxe item, 1 full sized product, and 1 deluxe accessory.  I think this is an interesting development, and am excited to see what kind of toys and products they include going forward.

You can subscribe here, and if you enter the code diniwilks, you get 15% off the 4 month and 12 month subscriptions.   I have the potential to get some free boxes based on number of referrals, so you will be spicing up my sex life by spicing up yours.  Which isn't weird AT ALL, right?

The kind people at Spicy Subscriptions sent the following for a giveaway:
  • DONA Shave Gel (full size)
  • JO H2O Strawberry kiss (full size)
  • JO All-in-one Sensual Massage Glide (sample)
  • JO Premium (sample)
  • JO Personal Lubricant (sample)
  • Swipes Lovin' Wipes (sample)
Entrants must be 18 or older and live in the U.S.  To enter please leave ONE comment below by 5:00 pm Ohio time Monday, October 22, 2012.  Make sure I know how to contact you or I'll have randomly select someone else.  If you want to comment but don't want to be entered, say "don't enter me".  

Your comment should respond to the following: How do you spice up your sex life?  

If that's TMI, check out the Spice shop and tell me what intrigues you.  

If that's STILL TMI, you probably don't want a Spice Box anyway, you prude.  Hehe, just kidding.  Make something up, I won't know the difference.    


Amanda said...

We have two little girls so location, location, location! Lol! If the door locks it works for us! I did get my husband a bottle of massage oils last week for our anniversary too. Very nice!

Megan said...

Oh that looks like fun! Unfortunately for us right now, things have been so chaotic with work, wedding planning, etc that spicing up anything is hard. I am really interested in that spray stuff though. Did it help get YOU in the mood? I could get on board with that!

Amy said...

Not a lot of spice around here lately. The hubs just got the snip so I guess it's time to take it out for a test drive. ;) The yummy smell spray sounds like something we could udr.

Brenna said...

That spray sounds awesome! I looked in the shop and the massage candles are something I'd like to try.

Jessica said...

You know I'm always up for some spice. (We're so tired from the baby STILL not sleeping there's been no additional effort put into anything.)

Shannon said...

First of all, I love your review. You crack me up every time! I want you to review more boxes because I want to read your reviews. A couple glasses of wine put me in a spicy mood. ;)

AshSaidThis said...

I love your reviews! Red wine definitely helps me relax and get in the mood. Add a steamy bath with Lush Bubble Bars and it's on! :)

Kayla Hall said...

I want to try the yummy scent sprays! I agree with some of the other ladies, wine always works!

WilburBellson said...

Woah! These look like very interesting products!

Gigi Sweeps said...

Who wouldn't want to spice things up a little bit - by the way, completely agree about the Charmin Bears...everytime I see those commercials, I just cringe and then laugh at what a great pitch meeting that must have been!
Gigi (Gina P)

Anonymous said...

OOO, massage stuff. Hmm, spicy means Alli is asleep, the cats are off the bed and I'm not asleep. Usually I just drop trou and we are off to the races. Thanks for the giveaway sweetie.
andie ;)

Not Insane...Promise! said...

Dance! Put on lingerie and some 80s hair metal (there is especially something about the White Lion version of 'Radar Love' that brings out the stripper in me lol). He loves this (and is clearly as strange as I am for it lol) and I feel sexy!

Spicy Subscriptions sounds like good,,!

KH Bride said...

Costumes! Is that TMI?

khbride at yahoo dot com

Shelley Gonzales said...

I want to try that spray! I think sexy underware is all I do to spice things up but then again my relationship is new so...

Misty said...

Alright, I might just have to buy the linen spray, box or no box.

I want to know about STORAGE for all this junk. What do you do?