Friday, November 30, 2012

December Goals

Okay, let's try this again, hopefully with more success than November.

  • Come reasonably close to completing 30 Day Shred (Ugh...This is technically a 2012 goal and this is the last month to do it.  If the hip and/or knee start hurting, change this goal to "work out 5 times")
  • Read 3 books 
  • Go on one date with Justin 
  • Bake Justin's birthday cake from scratch 
  • Order and send Christmas cards
  • Find Elf on the Shelf book and read to Adriana; remember to move the stupid elf most days
  • Plan and execute 3 Christmas / winter activites with the girls (it's okay to delegate) (I have no freaking clue how some of you do 25 activities.  Seriously.)
  • Declutter the kitchen
  • Develop and implement family cleaning schedule
  • Buy and send my great aunt's present
  • Visit my grandma  
  • Sell at least one baby item
  • Find and reinstall Photoshop Elements 10
  • Blog about Couch to 5K, the Race Around the Park, and my reviews of C25K apps
  • Send out delinquent package


Ginger said...

I did the 30 day shred, but it took me about 45ish days, because my knee just can't take that abuse daily (2 knee surgeries before 30, yup, my knee is a winner!). I found it much easier when I wore my knee brace (especially in workout 2), and when I took a break every 3 days or so. That thing is a BEAST on the joints...

Mama Tully said...

25 days?! I know, that's crazy and I'm home with my kids most days! I guess you could make the activities really play with christmas stickers or eat a hershey's kiss.

A'Dell said...

Oh, but the activities don't have to be BIG to be An Activity! They can just be normal things that you CALL An Activity! That's how I do it anyway.

Thusly, things like "Put Christmas Lights Out With Daddy" become A Thing To Look Forward To OMG!

Also, I gave up on the Christmas Cards so you're totally winning there. I just hate sending them, so I'm SUPER impressed with those who do.