Monday, November 12, 2012


I am not ready to do a full Blathering recap, but I wanted to capture my New Orleans fortune telling experience  before I completely forget what she told me.  I don't put any sort of stock in this sort of thing, but I have always wanted to get a reading for fun.  I am also interested in others' first impression of me, and who better to ask than someone whose success is based on how well they can read people?

We started with a little palmistry...

  • I have 4 bracelets and a long life line, indicating that I will live to an old age (likely true; most of the women in my family do).
  • I have a short but deep head line, indicating that I am intuitive and have a really good memory.  She said that I'm good at my job (true) and at reading people (sometimes true), school came easy to me (true), that it's likely that I have a graduate education (true), and that I'm not likely to get Alzheimer's (probably false, runs in the family big time).
  • There is a line connecting my head line and my heart line, indicating that I have a lot of really deep, intellectually fulfilling conversations with my husband (ha, not so much).
  • I have four very distinct and deep children lines, which means that if we want four kids (GAH!!), we are definitely able to, but if we don't, we should be careful because we are very fertile (super true).  She said that the other two lines could also indicate that I will have a close bond with two non-biological children (maybe one more niece or nephew to come, for a total of 4 grandkids?)  
  • I have a number of travel lines, indicating that I have a love for travel (true, even though I don't act on it much).  I forget what she said exactly, but she made a comment about my job not necessarily being fulfilling enough for me given my curiosity for the world and need for intellectual stimulation (probably true). 

Anyone know how to erase two of those fuckers?

The fortune teller then had me choose from several tarot decks, because she would get the best read from a deck that speaks to me artistically. I went with a cool circular deck.

Unfortunately, this is where my memory gets a little hazy.  She was VERY talky and told me a ton of things, and I was in a post Cafe du Monde sugar coma.  

This is what I remember:

  • The second card in the deck was the devil (the one she is pointing to in the above pic).  This indicates that I went through a major situation in the recent past that caused a lot of stress and anxiety (scarily accurate, possibly made me tear up).  She admitted that she couldn't get a good read on what that situation was, and tried to fish to see if it might be work related (wrong).  When I didn't give much away, she said that the good news was that the situation is over now (true), I am at peace with it (mostly true), and I won't have this problem again in the future (fingers crossed).  
  • The third card (the one with the naked lady with wings on the left side of the pic below) was about Adriana.  She asked if one of my kids was very verbal for her age.  I said yes, and she told me that Adriana was going to be extremely smart and stubborn and independent (agreed).  
  • I got a card with a lot of cups, indicating that I have a really strong support system.  I absolutely thought of you guys, so thanks!!!  :)
  • I forget what the card was (the lion one, I think) or what exactly she said about it, but my marriage is strong (I think so) and the outlook is good (I hope so).
  • She was happy to see that card in the bottom right, whatever it is and whatever it means.
  • I got the death card (bottom left corner), which indicates change.  She was fairly certain this is career related, and that some time in the next few years I am going to come to a really difficult decision about whether to stick with my current path or to branch out into something different.  She didn't say what I would choose or if it would be the right decision.  

All in all, it was much more accurate than I thought it would be.  I REALLY tried to give nothing away and gave her as short an answer as possible whenever she was fishing, so she is pretty good at reading people and figuring out what we want to hear.  It was a lot of fun, I would absolutely do it again (despite not believing in it).  $20 well spent.  

Do you believe in palmistry and tarot cards?  If so, do you get it done or do you avoid it?  Have you ever had a really specific, accurate prediction?


Misty said...

I've always wanted to do this, too, but never have. I love all the pics!

Mama Tully said...

That's so fun! It seems like she got A LOT right!
I've always wanted to go to a fortune teller but my husband is SUPER against it. He thinks it's a bunch of hocus pocus and that I'll take it too literally. Or that they will tell me that I'm going to die tomorrow or something and I'll freak out.

Suzanne said...

Some of that IS scary accurate! I've never had my fortune told or a reading done because I am conflicted. If it was scary-true, I would freak out and let it affect way too many choices. If it was super wrong I would pretend to dismiss it but secretly worry forever I had married the wrong person or ended up in the wrong job somehow. Basically it would drive me insane.

Also, all of The Blathering photos on Instagram this weekend made me cry actual tears that I never got it together enough to come. Maybe next year!

Kara said...

I mostly believe in it. Once upon a time, I worked in the mortgage industry. We had a client who was a palm reader. She came up to me, not being asked and told me "that baby you're carrying is another girl. Don't worry, you'll have your boy, but not until much later in life, he'll be your fifth child." This scares me because at that time, I was only about 7 weeks pregnant, and NO ONE outside of my husband and Mom knew. And, yeah, this child was a girl. But I don't want four kids, let alone five! I'm done at three! But, I do have the five "child" lines on my hand, with the first three grouped close together (I had three kids in four years), and then two more close together a big jump later.

Shannon said...

I've had some fortune reading...but I can't remember anything about it - LOL. It was fairly accurate, but nothing mind blowing. BUT, I did have a crazy experience with my best friend, who I think has more intuition than most. When my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, we didn't tell ANYONE we were trying, including her. When I suspected I was pregnant, I purchased a pregnancy test. My friend called me while I was driving home. We chit-chatted for awhile and then all of a sudden, she goes "Are you pregnant?". I was so caught off guard. I really had said nothing to her about it. Crazy!