Saturday, November 3, 2012

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

I asked Justin what we should do with the girls when I was setting my November Goals, and he picked the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.  I wasn't expecting to go so soon, but there are only so many weekends and we figured sooner was better than later what with the Blathering and the holidays and whatnot.  

The only thing I knew about the aquarium was that it's only been around for a year or so and that it was crazy crowded when it first opened, to the point that strollers weren't allowed.  I am glad we waited, but Adriana quickly pointed out that she had already been there with my parents.  Sigh.  When we work 5 days a week, we rarely get to be first.  

I didn't realize it was located in the Flats (rape central) or that it wasn't a new building.  The historic FirstEnergy Powerhouse is actually a really cool building, so it was a pleasant surprise.  

The first few rooms were kind of underwhelming given the hype, but the Lucy seemed to like watching the fish go by.  

Adriana was more impressed with the rope dividers than most of the fish.  Ingrate.  She did get excited for the "Nemos" though.

The touch tank was pretty freaking cool; Adriana got to pet a hermit crab, starfish, sea urchin and conch.  Then she got all Free Willy on us and started demanding that the girl let them go, haha.  

Justin and Lucy checked out the coral while Adriana and I (tried to) pet the stingrays.  They are so soft and squishy, not at all what I expected.  The girl in the touch tank also caught us a horseshoe crab, which she flipped over and started tickling.  Weird.  

The shark tank was another highlight; this is more like what I expected in an aquarium, what with the domed glass and the sharks swimming overhead (Adriana:  "He's going to eat my face!")  

I guess I have been a little spoiled in that my only aquarium experience before this was Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.  I expected it to be more like that given the price, but really this is pretty great for Cleveland.  Hopefully they will be able to reinvest the astronomical admission price back into the business and keep upgrading it.  Even if they don't, we will probably take the girls once a year just for something to do.  We can only go to the Akron Zoo so many times :)


Erica said...

We are huge aquarium fans. What a trip that they have a girl in the touch tank!

Jessica said...

I can't even remember the last time I went to an aquarium. I'd probably be like you, somewhat unimpressed with smaller ones, as the only times I've been is to huge well-known ones on vacation.