Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012 (Better Late Than Never)

Lucy has been barfing all day, so I thought I'd throw some Halloween pictures at you and call it a day.  

We kind of failed at Halloween this year.  We had the opportunity to go to Atlantic City last weekend with a bunch of Justin's gamer friends.  We desperately needed some adult time, so we made the plans even though we knew it would conflict with Halloween (and of course we were keeping close watch on Hurricane Sandy - we left for home before it got crazy).  A friend of mine said that her neighborhood did trick or treat on the 31st, so we figured we would do it then.  We were hit with crappy weather and Justin having a man cold, so basically we missed any chance to trick or treat with the girls.  They got to go with my parents, but still.  Makes me sad.  

Justin and I had plans to attend a costume party at Revel, so we picked up Batman and Batgirl from the costume shop the week before (basically the only couple's costumes left in our sizes meeting our criteria - video game or comic related).  

Adriana has been obsessed with monsters for the better part of the year, so we thought this was fitting. 

Adriana had been practicing her monster growl all week, and Lucy kept growling right back at her.  Based on the picture my brother sent, she went as the world's saddest growling ladybug.  

My nephew went as Captain America.  We Facetimed with them and he got a big kick out of our batcostumes.  

My parents also sent this pic earlier that day - Lucia's first pigtails!  She looks so different I didn't even recognize her when the text popped up ("Why is my mom sending me a pic of a random kid?  Oh, because she has the same shirt as Adriana and Lucy.")

We will probably dress up with the girls in our costumes and dork out in our living room while stuffing our faces with candy just to feel like we didn't completely miss out.  It's not like they know the difference.  

I am loving seeing all of your kiddos dressed up.  Keep em coming!


Erica said...

Another blue monster girl! Yay!

Jessica said...

I love those pigtails! They're adorable.

Not Insane...Promise! said...

I nominated you for a Liebster Award! The info is on my blog if you're interested :-)