Tuesday, November 20, 2012

December 2012 Julep Maven Preview

Squeeeeee, it's time to pick December's Julep Maven box!  You can see all of the shiny pretty colors here.  

For the second month in a row, I was tempted to buy the whole damn set but exercised restraint (sort of...I did get all three add-ons).  For the zillionth month in a row, I'm sticking to my profile, American Beauty.  So weird that the little quiz nailed my style dead on. 

I am definitely feeling the coppers, golds, and purples lately.  It is apparently my mission to get them in every finish possible.  But whatever, it makes me happy.  

I am very excited about this month's product - I am using up the last bits of my Olay warming foot scrub as part of Project 10 Pan, so this is perfect timing.  Can't wait to see how Julep's compares!

Spill it, fellow mavens!  What did you guys pick?  Did anyone go with the Glitter and Glow collection for $19.99?  It looks like similar sets go for $34 in the shop, so I'm regretting passing it up (especially since I burned 2250 Jules on my 3 add-ons, compared to just 2000 for the set of 5).  I'll get waaaaaay more use out of the three I picked though, so I'm sticking to it. 

Update:  I'm a lying liar who lies...

Basically, I realized that the 2250 Jules for $15 of stuff is a ripoff, so I decided to use 2000 Jules for the $20 box and just pay the $15 cash.  But there is no option to do that, which is dumb because that's how the program worked before Julep changed it up (my box was free and I paid for the add-ons).  Now you can only use Jules on add-ons, not the box.  

So then I decided to just pay for this month and save the Jules until so many people complain that Julep fixes the program. But then I realized I was paying for the box and another $15 to only get 3 extras, when another $30 would get me the entire collection.  And THEN I realized all of this craziness meant my Jules were free to use on the Glitter and Glow collection, because you are getting $20 worth of stuff for 2000 Jules, same as the box and therefore not a rip-off.

So, uh, that happened.  SHINY SHINY SHINY.  Christmas present to myself!!!

***UPDATE: See my review HERE and enter my Julep giveaway HERE!

At least I'm getting 450 extra Jules from this craziness.

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Katie Wilkes said...

I picked classic with a twist this month! Last time I picked boho glam. I just really wanted the bright red in the classic kit. I'm looking forward to trying the pedi scrub as well. I almost hate that they let us choose because it's so dang hard!

PinkieBling said...

I'm having a really hard time deciding. Sparkles are my favorite, so I might have to get the whole collection this time.

CityGirl said...

I don't know what to get. This might be the first time I upgrade to the whole collection!