Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Like, The Blathering Vlog

This is why I don't vlog.  It is PAINFUL to hear how often I still say "like" and "uh" at 33 years old.   Also, I'm 99% sure that this isn't going to post right, will upload to YouTube and try again.  

The short answers:

1) Why do you blog?  The community.  Or to capture my kids.  Or the community.  
2) What are your favorite tv shows?  Big Brother and Hart of Dixie
3) Favorite adult beverage?  Red wine
4) Who are you leaving at home to go to New Orleans?  The other diniwilks.  
5) What are your holiday plans?  Splitting the day between my fam and Justin's.  His dad's side only, I assume.
6) Where were you born?  I'm an Akron lifer.
7) Best vacation ever?  Honeymoon in St. Lucia or camping in Zion.
8) Are you better in larger or smaller groups?  These days, smaller.
9) Three things the Blathering folks might not know about you?  I have lots of gray hairs, I'm OCD about pens but not mail, and I fail at not raising brats.
10) What book are you bringing to the Blathering?  Some Girls and The Likeness
11) Anything else you'd like to share?  I'm REALLY excited to go and I'm a failure at packing in a timely fashion. 


Mama Tully said...

"Ninernet"!!! So cute!
I'm the same way...I used to love going to big parties and concerts and socializing with everyone. But now I enjoy smaller groups better. I'm going to say that it only makes us more interesting though, not boring ;) Have fun at Blathering!

Jessica said...

Look what I finally watched! Paul says this was a very good movie and he'd like to watch it again. I told him we'll catch the live version in a few months.