Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 2012 Ipsy / Glam Bag Review

I haven't reviewed the Glam Bag since June, and it has gotten a new facelift since then.  MyGlam is now ipsy, but it's still basically the same program, and is still run by Michelle Phan.  The cards don't really feature Phan and her stylists anymore, and they changed up the website so it's more community-based.  I assume it was just a move to distance themselves from all of the myglam hate and drama; seems a little odd to change the name and not much else.  

Although...I don't know if it's fair to say they didn't really change anything else.  The last three months in a row, the Glam Bag has blown my Birchbox out of the water.  THERE IS ALL MAKEUP IN MY MAKEUP BAG.  Revolutionary.  I know a lot of you are unhappy with your Birchbox, and this just might be the way to go.  I was a little scared to say anything at first, but I think I'm officially calling it - ipsy has the best beauty subscription service on the market right now.  Can't say I saw that one coming. 

HAH I just read the MUT thread on the name change and apparently Urban Dictionary says ipsy is an acronym for "I'll pimp slap you".  Annnnd that has now been incorporated into my vocabulary.  I'm dying.  

Date of arrival: November 15, 2012.  It usually comes about a week earlier, on the same day as my Birchbox.  Both were delayed this time due to Sandy.  

Packaging: Standard pink bubble wrap mailer.  This month's bag is chocolate brown with a gold zipper.  Plain, but totally usable.  In fact, you could probably get away with carrying it as a clutch if you so desired.  It has an ipsy label stitched inside...can't remember if that was always the case, I'll have to check the last couple (solid black with gold accents; black and white chevron with red accents - both were super cute, well constructed, and usable!!!)  

We also got a $20 off coupon code for JustFab shoes and discounts for each company featured this month when you shop on ipsy's website. 

The bag is more chocolatey in real life.
Theme: November's theme is "Party Perfect".  They don't really go out of the way to shove the them down our throats anymore, which I'm fine with.  

Contents: Nail polish, eyebrow gel, eyeliner, lip gloss, and eye shadow.  ALL MAKEUP!  

Nailtini's Millionaire is a pinkish purple microglitter with gold and green string glitter chunks.  Perfect for St. Patrick's day or Mardi Gras, but not something I'd gravitate to on a daily basis.  This brand is new to me, and I think it's pretty reasonably priced for the quality.  Millionaire is part of the Speakeasy set, but I'd probably try one of their Mini Bar collections first.  Cute!  B+       

One, two, and three coats
Some people got Benefit's They're Real mascara instead of the Chella brow gel - I think you were guaranteed the mascara if you resubscribed.  I'm on an annual subscription, so I got the brow gel.  No worries, I have lots of Benefit mascara waiting in the wings.  

As you can see from the pic below, the brow gel works okay alone - I didn't use any pencil to fill in my gaps, I just groomed my hairs with the wand like a civil human being.  I should probably do this more often, especially now that I am trying to grow out my brows after years of my aesthetician overwaxing them.   I really want that gap in the middle to fill in but it's not happening.  

I tried to figure out which of Chella's four shades I got, and I noticed that barely anything was coming off the wand when I stroked it against my finger (that sounded so dirty, sorry).  I tried to look inside and it seems like hardly any is in there.  My sample might be a dud, I'm probably going to call ipsy for this one.  I will probably stick to my tried and true Revlon Brow Fantasy - cheap and it does the trick.  C+

Ungroomed on the left, groomed on the right.  Possibly with just the wand and no gel.
I had never heard of Starlet Cosmetics, so I was happy to see their eyeliner in the bag.  Unfortunately, I wasn't particularly impressed.  The color wasn't right for me (too much red in the brown just accentuates my red rimmed, bloodshot rosacea eyes), and I had to draw kind of hard to get it to transfer. C

Big fan of the bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE lip gloss in Dare Devil.  I've received this gloss before and I love it.  I think gloss that tastes like candy is disgusting (I'm looking at you, NYX), but the MOXIE gloss has a nice mint flavor to it.  Almost to the point that I wonder if it's supposed to be a plumper, but they don't advertise it as such.  I think the Hot to Trot and Cool as Ice sets would make the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite lip gloss junkie.  In fact, I might add them to my wish list.  A+
I grabbed the wrong shade of foundation this morning, awesome.  It doesn't look quite this pasty in real life, thankfully.  Before on the left, after on the right. 
Finally, we have Meet Matte(e) eye shadow from theBalm, in Matt Batali.  It's a plummy dark brown, which is too bad because if it was less purple toned I could use it to fill in my brows.  I love, love, love the packaging and naming conventions from theBalm, and this teeny version is so cute!  I have the full size because I buy out theBalm pretty much every time they are on Hautelook.  The colors are super pigmented and have good staying power, even if you are lazy like me and skip the primer.  A
Just one swipe of the finger and look at that pigmentation!
Value: This box was worth a whopping $54.23, assuming that the Chella and Starlet are really full size.  A++!

Overall impression of the bag: I really have been so impressed with the past few Glam Bags.  I love getting a bag that's all makeup and nail polish, and none of the samples felt cheap.  So excited with this one!  A+

Overall impression of the service: I gave them a B- back in June, with an indication that I'd be likely to bump up soon.  I feel like they have made TONS of progress - a more customer friendly website, consistent tracking information, informative emails...upgrading them all the way to an A-, and I'll bump them up even further if they handle the brow gel replacement appropriately.  


Shannon said...

I loved this month's glam bag. My first bag was last month and I was happy with the products, but sad because I couldn't use any of the colors! I have red hair and fair skin and black is just too much on my face. But I liked all the colors this month. And I just about ran away and eloped with the lipgloss. :D

Katie Wilkes said...

I just got my first glam bag this month. I LOVED it! yay! Such a good deal.

xLaMaria said...

Has anyone tried the justfab code? It doesn't work for me :/