Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2012 Julep Maven American Beauty Review

It seems cheaty to just post something that was sitting in my drafts folder, so I'm going to play show and tell with my November Julep Maven box.  I plan to review all of my boxes this month, since it makes me happy and I feel like I've given you guys a rest from the June/July review madness.  But don't worry, I don't subscribe to many these days :)

Julep FINALLY listened to the subscribers and gave us the matte suedes we have been begging for the last few months.  YAY!  As per usual, I got the email on the 20th of the month and then promptly headed over to Julep's blog to check out the swatches and make my selection.  This is the first time since the option to buy the entire collection came out in September that I have been REALLY, REALLY tempted to go for it, budget be damned.  I am trying to be more responsible with my money though, so I passed.  

I meant to stick with American Beauty and then add on the three It Girl polishes, but I completely failed to tell Julep that and now I'm going to have to spend a few more bucks to get the It Girl box whenever they post it to the Maven Exlusives site.  Sigh.  Shoulda just bought the damn collection.

In addition to the little theme card and American Beauty card, we got an ad for the Julep Holiday Gift Guide (SEASON20 gets you 20% off) and 3 nail polish remover packs, which promptly went into my purse.  The packaging was cute and secure as always.  

This month's product was the Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting, which REALLY excited me because I love, love, love that scent.

It had gross chunks in it when I opened it, but I bravely told myself it was just science and mixed it up.  I then cried because it smelled nothing like pink grapefruit.  I find that shea butter kills any yummy scent so I shouldn't have been surprised.  It went on nicely and makes my hands feel silky smooth, so I'd still give it a B.  

 My colors were Amber (golden bronze suede) and Brit (graphite silver suede).  

Amber matched my outfit, so I went with that one first.  I painted it early yesterday morning (2 coats), and this is what it looked like after 24 hours.  I feel like this is slightly more wear than I'd normally get after 1 day with a regular polish.  I did a ton of housework and didn't use any base or top coat though, so I'm sure you can get a good three days if you are nicer to your manicure than I am.    

The finish is really cool.  I bought some Zoya mattes when they first hit the market a few years ago.  I assume that the metallic tone is what makes it a suede?  I have been reading nail polish blogs for YEARS but I still have a hard time with creme vs. jelly etc.  But look!  There is a handy guide for that!  So matte + shimmer = suede.  The more you know (ding ding dong ding).

I'd say the coolness of the finish makes up for the chippiness of the polish, so I'd go with a B++.

Anyone have any yummy scented shea products they can recommend?  Or, better yet, something that actually smells like pink grapefruit?  My mom had a hand soap / lotion set from Crate and Barrel (I think) but I can't find a link anywhere.  Boo.  

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Stephanie said...

I haven't used anything but the perfume, but I LOVE the Fresh Hesperides Grapefruit perfume and I see that they have a lotion with shea butter.

I usually get it a Sephora, so maybe someplace like that has it that you can try?

Jessica said...

Bummer about the body frosting. I really love grapefruit, too, and was disappointed at first I skipped this month. Guess I'm not missing too much, though!