Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sample Storage

So, a few of you have asked how I store my gazillions of samples I collected during the great Beauty Box Subscription Addiction of 2012.  

Once I realized that I was gaining samples waaaaaay faster than I could possibly use them (and that it was quickly turning into a beauty hoarder situation), I went to target to get some containers.  These guys were 3 for $1 in the dollar spot.  

I started off with a separate bin for each of the following categories: Nail, Perfume, Lip, Face, Eye, Hair, Anti-Aging, Cleanser, Mask, Moisturizer, Packets, and Body.

I cleared out an eye-level shelf in the hall closet...I think I can fit 10 in and the other 2 have to stack on top.

Any time my incoming samples start piling up, I line the hallway with the bins and add the new stuff in.  You can see that I gained quite a bit in the few weeks between the first picture and this one.  

I have cancelled all but Birchbox (annual subscription, expires in December), ipsy (annual subscription, expires in May), Julep Maven (still using up my free points from referrals), and QVC Test Tube (I can't remember how many I committed to, but I did one of those auto-pay things).  I think I would have kept the others a lot longer if I hadn't put all of the samples in one place like this.  

Basically, this system works for me because the open containers make it easy to see how much crap I have.  Any time I'm tempted to buy something because of a huge! sale! I think of my bins of insanity and then it's a lot easier to pass.  I will have to put a serious dent in these bad boys before I'd even consider adding another sample box into the mix.  

Once I have my collection whittled down to a more reasonable size, I would love to get these muji boxes. If I had unlimited funds and space, I'd go for the Hayworth set from Pier One.  Both ideas stolen from every YouTube guru ever.  

Later this week, I will be telling you about two strategies for actually using up my samples.  The third doesn't get it's own post - basically it involves gifting the stuff that I'm not crazy about or can't use or have duplicates of to my friends and family.  Stay tuned!

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Jessica said...

I am a HUGE FAN of the third strategy.

I really need to organize my samples. I did buy little containers to put them in, but have nowhere to store the containers once filled, so I've been putting it off. I do rearrange the samples a lot and I think I know everything I have, but I'm never really sure.