Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cleaning Schedule

Justin and I both have two totally different cleaning strategies.  I prefer to set a timer and clean for 20 minutes a day; he prefers to have specific tasks assigned to each person - Mondays are for vacuuming, Tuesdays are for cleaning bathrooms, etc.  Both of our preferences come from how cleaning was done in our houses growing up, interestingly enough.  My mom didn't have a timer, but cleaning was done on a daily basis - I was expected to look around, see what needed to be done, and do it.  The timer is because I'm a working mom with two little kids, and I don't particularly like to clean.  There is only so much I'm willing to do.  

We decided that I should come up with a cleaning schedule.  This is a work in progress, especially since I think it's unbalanced right now (I am definitely getting screwed).  When I wrote my Division of Labor post, I felt like we were pretty equal, but laying out the tasks this way makes me feel differently.  Innnnnnnteresting.  

  1. Deal with the mail (Justin)
  2. Pick up the living room (Living room person)
  3. Gather trash (Living room person)
  4. Pick up the kitchen (Kitchen person)
  5. Clear off and wipe dining room table (Kitchen person)
  6. Make dinner (Laura)
  7. Feed cat (Laura)
  8. Spray shower (Justin)
  9. Make the bed (Laura)
  10. Bring cups and bottles downstairs (Justin)     
  1. Drop off and pick up kids (Laura)
  2. Vaccuum entire house (Justin)
  3. 1 load laundry (Justin)
  4. Solo parenting all night (Laura)
  1. Drop off and pick up kids (Laura)
  2. Do 3 tasks of Laura’s choice (Justin)
  3. Litter box (Laura)
  4. 1 load laundry (Laura)
  5. Solo parenting all night (Laura)
  1. Drop off and pick up kids (Justin)
  2. Buy groceries (Laura)
  1. Drop off and pick up kids (Justin)
  2. Litter box (Laura)
  3. 1 load laundry (Laura)
  4. Take out trash (Justin)
  5. Solo parenting all night (Justin)
  1. Drop off and pick up kids (Justin)
  2. Clean bathrooms (Laura)
  3. Solo parenting after Lucy goes to bed (Laura)
  1. Litter box (Laura)
  2. 1 load laundry (Laura)
  3. Wake up with kids (Laura)
  4. Spot clean living room carpet (Laura)
  5. Buy groceries (Justin)
  1. Wake up with kids (Justin)
  2. Pick up bedrooms (Laura)
  3. Solo parenting after Lucy goes to bed (Laura)
  4. 1 load laundry (Laura)          
  1. Mop kitchen and hardwoods (Laura)
  2. Wash sheets and mattress pads (Laura)
  3. Scrub bathtub (Laura)
  1. Steam clean living room (Justin)
  2. Vacuum both sets of stairs (Justin)   
  3. Wash blankets and pillows (Laura)
  4. Wash shower curtain (Justin)
  5. Deep clean fridge and freezer (Laura)
  6. Declutter one room (Laura)        
I plan to post the daily tasks on the fridge, and put the weekly, biweekly, and monthly on a calendar (as well as assign who is responsible for the Kitchen/Living room each week - we will alternate).  

Do you do something like this at your house?  What works?  What doesn't?  Any other tips and tricks that make cleaning somewhat bearable?                                           


Pickles and Dimes said...

We don't divide up tasks per se, but when we do our "big clean" of the house, I clean the upstairs and Jason does the downstairs. It takes us both about 2 hours, so it evens out.

However, every weekend we do a "little clean," which doesn't involve dusting or cleaning the bathrooms (except for the toilets), and I definitely get the shaft. Most of my work involves lint rolling the pet hair from the furniture, so my little clean takes 45 minutes and Jason's takes 15.

Daily, we're a clean-as-you-go family, so we both make dinner, do the dishes, do laundry together, and take care of the pets equally. Jason claims he has more stuff to do because he gets home from work before I do, but I also do stuff in the morning he doesn't, so he can stuff it. :) (Also, our older cat is on a ridiculous medicine regime, and I take care of that twice a day because Jason's head would explode otherwise.)

Kara Keenan said...

After reading this, I really feel like
A. Less of a grown-up and
B. A slob

Our litter box gets done about once a week (one cat household)

Grocery shopping happens every 10 days or so, or when we run out of food and I give in and go

It's probably been 4 months since I vacuumed the stairs.

The shower curtain has never been washed (we throw it away when it gets gross).

The freezer and fridge get cleaned maybe MAYBE once a year.

Sunday is Laundrypalooza. Frank does 5-6 loads of laundry starting Saturday night, and then spends Sunday night folding clothes while watching Dexter, Homeland and football.

maggie said...

We don't do anything. SIGH. My husband is super great about cleaning up the kitchen (most of the time) and vacuuming (most of the time) and I can be counted on to clean a bathroom when things get utterly filthy. Oh, and I always do laundry. I sort of like doing laundry. But there's nothing scheduled, we always feel like the house is a mess, but neither of us have Spiffed Up House as a priority (unless we're having guests!) so I guess that's why we haven't killed each other yet.

Saly said...

I'm lucky in that my kids are older and we can delegate the chores. I have a weekly chore chart (it's a spread sheet, a GLORIOUS spreadsheet) for the kids to mark off.

I tend to do more daily chores because I am home (even though I work) and Ed is a big project kind of guy.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

As you'll see in my post that I'm copying from you next week, I don't clean (terrible!!!) and my husband will only clean if I nag him to do it (sorry, kiddo, I'm not your mother). So, we pay someone to clean. She doesn't come nearly enough, thanks to our finances, so we have a clean house a few days a month and a house that's well on its way to disaster the rest of the month. It's not pretty, but it's ours. =)