Monday, December 3, 2012

December 2012 Julep Maven Holiday Nail Wardrobe Review

So, remember when I was all "ooh, I am capable of restraint, I'm just going to order the American Beauty and some add-ons" and then like 5 minutes later I was like "oh, PSYCH, I am a nail polish addict and these are too sparkly to resist".  Yeah.  Project 10 Pan fail (at least in the nail polish department...which I would say doesn't really count, but that would just be me trying to justify the unjustifiable).

So!  The holiday nail wardrobe came in a white box that was about the same size as my Golden Box.  The card has tips for removing glitter (soak 10 cotton pads with remover, secure with foil, wait 3 minutes, wipe polish off with pad).  This makes me think that Julep's glitters aren't going to be the easiest to remove.  This doesn't concern me, because I'm a heathen who picks nail polish off in sheets (made possible by my beloved Seche Vite top coat).  I can't imagine why my nails are paper thin and break if you look at them funny...
I got 5 packs of remover pads just like the ones from November's box, but with 10 pads per packet instead of one.  YAY.  Also included were the instant warming foot scrub, a DIY Cabochon ring with instructions, and a Sweet Stripe mint with a little ingredient sheet (for those who are anti-red 40, I guess).  The Cabochon ring looks a little janky, but it will be a fun project with Adriana.  I'm not going to bust into the foot scrub until I use up the rest of the Olay scrub from my 10 pan, but I'll let you know if it's amazing.  
The 11 polishes for the month are listed below (from left to right, descriptions courtesy of Julep).  I'm not sure if they couldn't decide which polishes were which, but the ones I have marked as AB / IG are listed as American Beauty, but were in the It Girl box instead.  I think it's a little weird that they weren't designated as It Girl since none of the IG polishes are duplicates this time.  Maybe they were previously released?
  • Barbara (CWAT): Full-coverage magenta multi-dimensional glitter
  • Scarlett (CWAT): Vibrant red microglitter metallic
  • Julia (AB): Purple orchid metallic with gold microglitter
  • Cindy (B): Emerald green metallic with gold microglitter
  • Harper (AB / IG): Full-coverage opalescent mermaid blue multi-dimensional glitter
  • Ivy (IG): Dynamic sapphire microglitter metallic
  • Petra (BG): Cranberry magenta with silver shimmer
  • Hillary (B): Full-coverage copper multi-dimensional glitter
  • Patti (AB): Full-coverage black multi-dimensional glitter
  • Jordan (BG): Full-coverage silver gunmetal multi-dimensional glitter
  • Vivien (AB / IG): Champagne bubbles; a full-coverage gold multi-dimensional glitter

I decided to test out Julia first because it was the only one where I couldn't picture what it would look like on the nails.  Good thing, too, because it looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT on the nail than it does on the bottle.  I would have thought it was a green or gold-based polish, but it's clearly purple.    
One coat on top, two on the bottom
The camera doesn't do a very good job picking up the gold.  It looks like the microglitter is cool toned here, but it's a really warm golden/coppery shimmer with a slight hint of green.  The purple is pretty true to life though, at least on my screen.  I really love this color - definitely unlike anything in my collection.  I keep staring at my hands and picturing outfits that I'll wear with it, which is always a good sign.  So glad I picked it first!

I can't wait for my Glitter and Glow collection to come in the mail, or for this guy:

Clearly, all Julep has to do is slap "mystery" on something and I'm in.  I think it might be my turn to get a $200 box, since most of the mystery boxes I've received have been the lower value ones.  Fingers crossed!

You can get the Gold Glamour Mystery Clutch here for $29.99 if you want to join me in the mystery fun.  Since it's part of Julep's 12 days of Gifting I think it's only available at that price today.  It didn't make me use the GOLDGLAM code, but maybe that's because I'm a maven?

Which colors did you guys get?  Please tell me I'm not the only one who went through with the upgrade!  Have any of you tried one of the 12 days promos yet? Do tell!

Also - check back if you want to hear Adriana's review and see the rest of the colors on her cute little preschooler toes.  I'll also post our results with the Cabochon ring project.  Stay tuned!

Also also - be sure to enter my Julep giveaway and learn how to win a Big Red Bow gift set ($400+ value!!!) here!!!

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april said...

I love nail polish ... On other people :) it just never looks right on my hands!

Jessica said...

Ha! When I saw that email this morning with the mystery bag I almost emailed you to ask if you were getting it. Then I thought, well of course she's getting it!

I'm thinking about it but the "at least three colors and one product" turns me off, because that's not much more than a monthly box. I don't think it's worth $10 more. Plus, with the monthlies you can pick styles at least.

Katie Wilkes said...

I just got the classic with a twist box for December (the glitters are difficult to remove, but so are all glitters!! ughhhh). BUT, if it makes you feel better, I got like 6 things from the black friday buy one get-something-free sale :) I ordered some nail polish sets as well as pedi cream, matte top coat (LOVE), and quick dry. You crack me up. As a fellow nail polish addict, I can totally relate. I'm trying REALLY hard not to buy any of their 12 days of Christmas gifts lol