Thursday, December 20, 2012

January 2012 Julep Maven Preview

Boo, January's Julep Maven theme is "Escape", and it features neons and nudes.  I haaaaaaaaaaate neons - they are not flattering with my skin tone, and they are just not my taste (give me darky vampy reds or stormy grays all day, especially in the dead of winter).  I am a fan of nudes, but every single nude this month is a sheer or frosty pink.  Bleh.  

For the first time since the Trina Turk collection, I'm really, really, really tempted to skip the month (but that was under the old referral program, which made you use up your referral points and not skip).  I kind of want the hand and cuticle stick, but I can always get it later through a mystery box or secret store or some other method Julep has to reel me in.  Plus I have approximately 11 zillion of the cuticle oils, so it's not like my hands will suffer if I skip it.

If I do get one, it will be Classic With A Twist - Grace, Madison, and the Hand and Cuticle Stick, for 2000 of my precious Jules (thanks again for everyone who subscribed using my referral link!) 

Here is a screenshot of the nail wardrobe: 

Here is a screenshot of the add-ons...$14.99 for the polish and $4.99 for the swatch me stickers, which have a cute backstory (they are inspired by an 8 year old maven).  I kind of like the sand and seashells set, but not enough to buy.  Also, I can't figure out how to tell what the names of the colors in the sets are...some of these look like they are from June's Brights.      
It looks like golden box winners will get their regular box, 5 of the 6 neons (not Nina), a $25 Havaiana gift card, and a "pedi-friendly bonus gift". 

I'm leaning towards skipping and saving my Jules, since I bought the nail wardrobe in December and the January Mystery Box.  It's not like I will run out of polish if I miss one month :)

I don't know, is it just me - do you guys love neons?  Or are you also little disappointed after the November and December awesomeness?  Any regular skippers out there, or do you feel like you need to get something every month? 

Don't forget to enter the Julep contest for $432 worth of polish and products here (be sure to mention the Diniwilks!!!!), and to stop on over to my contest afterwards.  I think my blog has the most referrals so far (squeeeeeeeee!!!!)(and THANK YOU), let's keep it that way!

***Update: After checking the swatches on the Julep blog, I think I will probably go ahead and get the Bombshell box with my Jules.  So glad they post those swatches - it completely changed my mind!!!  Also not sure why I didn't check BEFORE I posted this.  Brain fart.


PinkieBling said...

I like some of the neons (pink, yellow, orange), but definitely not enough to buy the whole set. I got the Classic with a Twist box, and I was tempted to add Fiji Lagoon, but I need to chill out on buying myself stuff. I will admit that I haven't skipped a month yet, though. :) I couldn't figure out what the swatch me stickers are/do, though - they need to have some details on the add-ons.

Emily said...

I'm skipping January. I hate pretty much all of this month's colors and have no desire to get the cuticle stuff. I'm a pretty regular skipper, too. I have to do it immediately upon receiving the email or I forget, though (*ahem* December).

Shannon said...

This is my 5th month or so and the first time I'm skipping. I love shimmery nudes, but I have a ton and I don't love any of the neons. I kind of wish I had skipped the Trina Turk one too. But I did sign up for the New Year's mystery box and it is not like I have any lack of nail polish in my life. Can't wait to see February's though!

Katie Wilkes said...

I'm very undecided. I'm boho glam, and I love the nude that comes in it, so should I get the box, just buy the single nail color, or skip? ahhh.. I don't know.