Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Julep New Year's Mystery Box 2 Review

I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays!  The Diniwilk fam had a great time at our six (6!) Christmas celebrations, and are all recovering today.  At least I hope so.  I might have to have words with my mom if she doesn't make Adriana take a nap even though she's NOT (sob) TIRED (sob).  omg.

Just thought you might want to see what I got in my "best mystery box ever".  It shipped at the 9405 tracking code instead of the 9400, which means it was heavier than the regular monthly box (on a normal month, that's the code that miiiiiiiiiight indicate a golden box).  The receipt said this was mystery box 2.  Intriguing.  

The goodies were tucked in a Julep bag - I have like 5 of these bad boys now.  

The product was the Age Defying Hand Brightener.  I also have amassed several of these, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  My hands feel so soft now that I've started regularly using it.  

I also received a glitter pot, 3 one-step polish remover single packs, and three of the glycolic hand scrub packs.  I think I lucked out slightly here since other people got more of the brightener, or only 2 packs.  Not that one extra foil packet will make a ton of difference, but I really like that scrub and these are perfect for travel.  

This is an awful picture - my house is ridiculously dark in the winter.  I got an unnamed mystery glitter, Isla, Hoch, the matte top coat, and Portia.  I already had the last two, but whatever.  I was pretty excited to get Hoch, since I had just had a long discussion about how pretty it was with my friend Erica (I love sucking real life friends into subbing).  I will post pictures and reviews here as I try them (I'm still really feeling the December glitters, so it might be a while).  

Technically the bag is $5, but I think counting that towards the value of the box is lame since no one would ever actually buy one.  Same for the packets - those come free with any order.  The glitter pots are $2 ($1.53 if you're a maven), the polishes are $14 ($11.20) each, and the hand brightener is $32 ($25.60), so the box is worth $104 at the regular price or $83.13 if you are a maven.  Not bad for $19.99, but I wish they wouldn't GUARANTEE $100 worth of stuff if it wouldn't really cost that much to buy it from the website.

I didn't get the mini ipad, and, as far as I can tell, that's the only box that was worth $500.  

Based on the makeuptalk thread, here is what other people got:

Mystery Box 1:
Julep bag
Mystery glitter
Matte Coat
silver glitter pot
Brightening Lotion
various sample packets like everyone else

Mystery Box 3:
Pedi creme
Matte Top Coat
The mystery glitter
Blue glitter pot
2 nail polish remover pads
2 packets of the glycolic hand scrub

Mystery Box 4:
Pedi Creme
Boho Glam Mascara
Mystery glitter polish
3 packettes of polish remover & 2 of hand creme

Mystery Box 5:
Full size SPF 30 Daylight Defense
3x Nail Remover pads
1x packet glycolic hand scrub
White glitter pot
Unnamed glitter

Mystery Box 6:
Boris & Nicole (I assume this means Nicole and is an error)
mystery glitter
full size hand brightener lotion
dark blue glitter pot
a bunch of foil packets containing a medley of items.

I would have had dupes no matter which box I had received.  I think Mystery Box 4 was the best one, since it had both the Pedi Creme and the mascara.  I think it's kind of crazy that there wasn't much variation on the boxes - they basically all hit right around the $100 mark (box 4 was probably more like $125).  

I think these mystery boxes are lots of fun (even when I get dupes) and are an amazing deal.  I don't know why Julep feels like they have to mislead with their marketing, implying that there might actually be boxes with up to $500 in products - it really hurts their credibility.  I wish they would have just said that it was around $75-125 worth of stuff, depending on if you were a maven or not, and that one person would also receive a mini ipad.  I honestly think people would be just as likely to buy it, and then you don't have to deal with the community (and yes, we beauty box subscribers ARE a community) feeling slightly shafted.   

Dear Julep, 
It's SO MUCH MORE FUN when everyone gets completely different boxes, with a wide range of polish, products, and value.  Whatever box it was that had the random $60 or $200 gift cards (Spring 2011 maybe)?  DO THAT AGAIN!  The whole lottery aspect is what makes the mystery boxes different from the monthly boxes and keeps us coming back for more.  
Love, Laura

So I feel kind of dumb that I fell for the lame marketing trick, but it's not like I was really expecting a $500 box.  Would I do it again?  Probably.  Should I do it again?  Not for the polish, too many dupes.  I do love getting my products at a discount though.  I have yet to meet a Julep product I don't love.  

Don't forget to enter the Julep contest for $432 worth of polish and products here (be sure to mention the Diniwilks!!!!), and to stop on over to my contest afterwards.  I am pretty sure I'm not winning anymore, so the help would be very much appreciated!!!


Courtney said...

I got:
Mystery Glitter
Sicilian Blood Orange Foot Soak
Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara
one step polish remover pads x3
hand brightening lotion x 2

Ricki said...

The box I got wasn't any of the ones listed. On my invoice, it just said "special". I got:
Mystery Glitter
Sicilian Blood Orange Foot Soak
Boho Glam Lengthening Mascara
One Step Polish Reomover Pads (3 foil packs)
Best Pedi-Cream Ever (2 foil packs)

Monique said...

I got box 6, which was the one I was hoping for. sienna is a dupe, but I love it and dont mind having a spare.

PinkieBling said...

I got:
Daylight Defense sunblock
3 polish removing pads
2 hand brightener packets
blue glitter pot
a glittery one whose sticker fell off so i don't know its name

Worth it for the sunblock alone!

Emily said...

Mine said it was box 4, but it's the same one as PinkieBling's. I'm kinda bummed my product was the sunblock. I would have rather had ANY other product. I like my colors, though. The only one I already had was Sienna.

FiddlePhan said...

My box said #3 but inside it mostly what was in box #4 except that instead of Annie I got Eileen.