Friday, December 21, 2012

Word of the Year

Emily does this cool thing every year where she picks a word to focus on rather than resolutions, and then gets a ring to wear as a daily reminder.  My approach to resolutions is a little different.  I try to think about three or four main goals, and then make a to do list that will help me achieve those goals.  Starting narrow then going broad works for me.  However, I think that after the year I've had, it would be good to have a constant reminder of what is most important to me in addition to my resolutions and list.

So now I have sort of a resolution snowman.  I actually think the symbolism works - I want my word on my mind, my resolve in my gut, and my list to move me forward.  

I have done a lot of thinking about my word.  A word that has helped me through a past difficult situation was strength, and it equally applies here.  2012 was a year of ups and downs, strengthwise.  I learned I was much stronger than I ever thought possible, but I also showed extreme weakness during times when that strength ran out.  I want to keep my strength up in 2013, all of the time (or at least as much as humanly possible).

I want to strengthen my marriage so nothing will ever break us apart.

I want to stay strong for my girls so they have a positive female role model and always feel happy and safe and loved.

I want to rebuild my physical strength, working on my core, my pelvic floor, my hip, and my knees.  I need to fix those things before I go too crazy with the 30 day shred and running goals.  

I need to replenish my emotional strength.  Sometimes it feels like I am at my limit and there is only so much I can take.  I want my word to carry me through the times when everything seems too hard.  

I want to demonstrate my mental strength, keeping focused on my job, kicking butt on the upcoming cases, and minimizing any distractions.  

If you had to pick a word for 2013, what would it be?  


Becky said...

I love the idea of wearing a resolution reminder ring! Because I always need an excuse to buy more jewelry (heh)!

My word for 2013 is FOCUS. I am all over the freaking place, and I need to just chill the bleep out. Focus.

Erica said...

I'm going with peace. I like yours.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Strength is a good one. I'm going about resolutions a little differently myself ... my plan is to live 2013 with intention.

april said...

My word would need to be happiness. I want to focus on happiness in 2013.

Emily said...

Good choice. I like it!

StephLove said...


Doing My Best said...


Alicia Curley said...


Your word is my word, too.

In fact, I got it as a tattoo because of how much the word meant to me and how much I wanted to have it close to me - physical proximity for physical strength, too.

Beautiful word for so many reasons.