Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap

Would you like to see some terrible Christmas pictures over a week after Christmas?  Okay!

Santa came to our house on Christmas Eve Eve this year, depositing presents on our chairs, as one does when there is no Christmas tree (I figured it was the last year I could get away with no decorations, and didn't want to fight with Lucy all month).  

The pictures are a little snotty because we were all sick.  

Most of the pics have the backs of heads or hair in the face.  I chose this one because Adriana said "oh!  I got a package!" when she opened it.  Hehe.  

As per usual, I remembered the stockings after several presents were opened.  One of these years I'll get it right.  But look - two smiling girls almost looking at the camera!  A Christmas miracle!

Lucy needed lots of encouragement - she was opening at a rate of one present per hour.  Which was fine, we didn't have anywhere to be until Christmas #2 (Justin's dad's side) at 3pm or Christmas #3 (Justin's mom's side) at 6pm.  

I promise you, Adriana was actually really excited to get Brave.  

As you can see, I pared the gifts down a bit from my original plan, which was good because we got tons of stuff from everyone else in the family.  The down side was that Adriana didn't really lose her mind like she did the year before.  I'll have to think of some way to balance keeping Christmas exciting with minimizing the volume of toys next year.  

After our 3 Christmas Eve Christmases, we spent the night at my parents', which is probably the last year we are doing that too.  I'd like Christmas morning to be at our house from here on out.  Christmas #4 was presents at their house, #5 was visiting my mom's side, and #6 was back to my parents' to meet up with my dad's side.  Adriana cracked me up when she called my mom out for not leaving out cookies for Santa (I covered for her though).   

By the time we got home Christmas night, Adriana was FLIPPING OUT.  It was actually kind of hilarious - she kept saying "Mama, I'm DYING!  Why are you making me DIE?"  Such a drama queen.  However, I got the flu (complete with body aches and a fever) the next day, so I'm thinking she was more sick than tired.  

I am wondering if next year we can meet up with various sides of the family the week before and after Christmas to spread out the craziness.  6 Christmases in 2 days was too much and kind of took away from the excitement.  

Hope you all had a nice, RELAXING day :)


StephLove said...

6 Christmases is a lot. This could have been us because my parents divorced when I was a kid and Beth's parents separated a couple years before he died, but no-one's local so we always visit one family and have one Christmas, but never at home. Now that my mom's moving across the country, though, and it will be more difficult and expensive to do that, we're thinking we might just have Christmas at home next year (it would have been her turn). The kids are excited about the possibility of having a tree.

Courtney said...

Phew - I'm exhausted just reading that. I can't imagine all those celebrations. Hopefully you can start spreading things out, especially so you can start having Christmas Day at home. Santa delivering presents 2 days early is only going to fly for so long! ;) Good luck and Happy New Year to you all!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

After spending 3 days commuting back and forth between the city and the suburb where my husband grew up, we were both in agreement we can't do that again. It's TOO much (as is all the presents that comes with all those visits!). I blogged about the excess around the holidays and I struggle with making sure Gavin has a spirited time of year, making sure family and friends still get to enjoy the giving spirit, but also maintaining our sanity!!!