Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

I try to plan at least one educational type trip each month, mostly because we will go slowly insane if we don't get the girls out of the house on the weekends.  We skipped last month due to the holidays, but in November we went to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium.  I originally thought we'd do the Children's Museum when I set my January goals, but we decided to do the Cleveland Museum of Natural History instead, since we haven't gone before (well, I have, but I was 7ish).  It counts anyway, right?

We spent a lot of time in the Humans and Nature section, which has a lot of stuffed animals (real ones, not teddy bears), Native American stuff, and a section on Ohio archaeology.  

Adriana was so excited to see the different animals.  She kept asking "Does that one bite?  Can I touch his teeth?" re: every single animal.  None of them seemed to scare her except the wolves (she is going through a bit of a wolf and coyote phase, constantly claiming they are hiding in any dark area of our house).  


There was a live animal show going on, but we couldn't watch for long because Adriana kept loudly and repeatedly confirming tooth status and Lucy kept barking at the possum.  

I feel like Lucia is generally much more mellow when we are going places and eating in restaurants than Adriana was at that age.

Most of the time she was just chillin' like a baby villain.  

Adriana lost her mind when we got to the Dinosaurs and Fossils room where they keep all of the big bones.  This is the room that I remember the most from when I was a kid.  They have a wooly mammoth, saber toothed tiger, a giant elk...

A Triceratops horridus...

And a Tyrannosaurus Rex (much bigger than the baby one they have at the main entrance).  There is also a Haplocanthosaurus delfsi they call Happy.  I would have guessed it was a brontosaurus, as I have rudimentary dinosaur knowledge at best.  There was a table set up where the kids could touch fossils, which was a nice touch since Adriana had been dying to interact with the exhibits and was getting frustrated that I kept telling her no.  

This giant heart was part of the whale exhibit.  There were a lot of cool movies and stuff that I would have liked to watch if I wasn't with overexcited munchkins.  

We rushed through the Gems and Jewels  and Earth and Origins galleries, as well as the 50 Greatest Photographs from National Geographic because the girls were getting a little antsy.  We did spend a lot of time with another touch station with lots of pretty rocks and minerals - they lady there was really patient and great with kids.  We also hit up the museum store to get rocks for Adriana's "collection".  At least, that's what she kept saying they were for, never mind that this collection didn't exist before today.  Lucy picked out an adorable dinosaur book all by herself.  

We grabbed a quick snack in the cafeteria and then headed to the Planetarium to watch One World, One Sky: Big Bird's Adventure.  It was kind of a gamble because it was 3 and Lucy was due for a nap.  We made it about 15 minutes before heading out due to Lucy yelling and Adriana loudly asking "HEY!  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??" a million times (re: the muppets running behind us due to the round screen).  Good thing we bought a membership so the tickets were free!

In the planet-arium
Like the Aquarium, I was pleasantly surprised to find such high quality exhibits in Cleveland.  We did the math and realized that after just one more trip, a family membership would pay for itself.  We skipped over so much of the museum that I think it's absolutely worth it to come back, plus it appears that they rotate out the big exhibits every 3 months or so.  I'm excited to go back to learn about Mayans and Sharks (Do they have sharp teeth?  can I touch them?)

Highly recommend!!  But wear a sweater if you go - it's COLD in there.  


StephLove said...

Believe me, by the time you've had two kids go through the preschool years you will have more than a rudimentary knowledge of dinosaurs. For instance, you will learn the brontsaurus is an apatosaurus now.

Glad you had fun!

Jessica said...

Now I'm quite jealous we don't have a museum of natural history in Des Moines.