Monday, January 28, 2013

February 2013 Spicy Subscriptions Valentine's Day Premium Spice Box Review

This box was sent to me for review.  My life is pretty awesome sometimes.

I was super duper excited when Spicy Subscriptions contacted me asking if I'd like to test out their Valentine's Day Premium Spice Box.  I knew that they changed the program since the previous box I reviewed, but I had no idea what those changes were until I checked out the website.  Keep reading to find out what's in the box.  

The deets: There are now 2 subscription options.  The $22.95 Premium Spice Box has 1 flirty item (SEX TOY), 1-2 full size products, and 4-8 trial sized objects.  The $34.95 Deluxe Spice Box is the same but instead of 1 flirty item there is 1 deluxe item (BIG SEX TOY) and 1 deluxe accessory.  They are currently running a special - if you sign up for a 4 month subscription, your first box is $9.99 (premium) or $19.99 (deluxe).  You can also use the code diniwilks for 5% off the 4 month and 12 month subscriptions.  You need to subscribe by February 5 if you want to guarantee delivery in time for Valentine's Day.  

Date of arrival: January 28, 2013

Packaging: The Spice Box come in very discreet but not very weather-proof packaging.  There was a tear in my package and the awesome black box was a little damp.   I really love the new box.  It's a little more obvious that you belong to a sex sub, but it's much sturdier and more visually appealing to me.  I'd definitely reuse the box.  The contents were nestled in pink tissue paper and packed pretty tightly.  

Oops - there is an error on the contents card.  The description for the edible body icing is wrong; it describes a massage candle from January's box.  Which I now totally want.  Apparently it burns at a lower heat than a regular wax candle, and you use the resulting oil for a massage?  Intriguing.  

The position of the month made me laugh.  Missionary is the new spicy.
Contents and mini reviews: I couldn't try anything out yet since the hubs is working second shift tonight and I wanted to get the review up stat in case you guys need this in your life before V day.  No ratings since I didn't test anything.  

The flirty toy seriously made my life.  BEN WA BALLS ($12), of 50 Shades of Gray fame.  (Still haven't read it?  What are you waiting for?)  I tweeted this picture because I have no shame and because I was so intrigued by these bad boys.  I am genuinely curious if any of you have ever used them, and what you thought.  E-mail me!!!

I am obviously not spicy, as I am more interested in the "vaginal wall exercise" possibilities than the "wear them to a party while your s&m loving creeper boyfriend shoots you knowing glances" possibilities.  I am such a mom.  But now I'm a mom with an on-trend vagina!

Spicy Subscriptions gives some helpful tips here for Ben Wa ball nubes.  I love that they had to specify that there is no possibility of the balls getting lost inside your vagina and then floating around your body.  Which is really too bad; it would certainly make the TSA lines more fun.  
The first full size product is the Warming Body Massager by Heart's Desire ($10).  Unfortunately, the metal disc was bent either because it was crammed pretty tightly in the Spice Box or through the shipping process so the heat source was already activated and the heart was hard (premature activation!)  Too bad, I would have loved to pack this in a romantic getaway bag without any worries about how I was going to boil it for reuse.  But I'm sure it's fine, and it's not like we will realistically be able to go away for a weekend for the next 16.5 years.  The box doesn't specify how many more uses it's good for - does anyone happen to know?

I also received a deluxe sample of the My Joy Collection Body Icing ($7) and a full size Dona Sensual Chromotherapy ($9).  I expected the strawberry flavored icing to be sickeningly sweet, but it actually didn't have much flavor.  I only tried a tiny bit though; I didn't want to waste it.  

I was SO EXCITED to see that the Dona product was in mangosteen, the same scent as the linen spray I got in my last box.  WE LOVE OUR SEXY SPRAY.  This product alone seriously spiced up our boring married people sexy time routine.  One spray and the other person knows it's business time.   This is a bath product; you are supposed to "harness the healing power of color" as you smell the yummy sexy scent.  Hopefully while not dying your whole body red.  Because that would be awkward.  

Next up is a variety pack of Glyde condoms ($4).  Check it out, hippies - they're vegan!  The packaging kind of cracks me up...don't you think it adds insult to injury that the slimfit one is so wee compared to the big kid condoms? 
Finally, we have our standard Spice Box assortment of lube and stuff to wipe up the lube.  Except there is a ton more variety here.  The Frolic ($1.20) is for sex toys, the Aloe Cadabra ($0.70) is all minty for that altoid BJ effect, the Jo lubes ($0.20 each) are for women and an all-in-one massage oil / lubricant.  Not gonna lie, I am actually kind of excited to try to Aloe Cadabra; you can buy 2 get 1 if you go here.  The swipes lovin wipes ($0.12) do what they are supposed to do; I tried it out in my last box.  

Value:  I calculated $44.42 using the best deals on the internet, so Spicy Subscriptions' claim that the box is worth $49.99 is pretty close.  The value is about twice what you pay; not too shabby.  

Overall impression of the box:  I find this box to be pretty much awesome.  I am genuinely excited to try almost everything in it.  Well, okay, fine, scaredcited in the case of the Ben Wa balls, but I really do think that I could benefit from them since I did squeeze out two kiddos.  I think this is about a million percent better than the last box I reviewed, and I'm still loving and using the full size product from that one today, so that speaks volumes about this box.  If every box is as great as this one (the January one definitely was - I saw the reviews), then I'd say this box is totally worth the money.  If not on a monthly basis, definitely on an as needed basis to spice things up.  We will certainly get another box next Valentine's day, if not sooner.  Recommended!  

Overall impression of the service: Spicy Subscriptions is still a very new company, but they are learning and improving very quickly.  I am really happy to see where they have taken the company since just a few short months ago - it has turned into a pretty great service!


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Haha, we totally messed up on that Contents Card, Laura! We're glad you still enjoyed your box :)


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Erica said...

Haaaaa, "on-trend vagina."

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Thinking...thinking a lot.

(Also I'm totally going to leave a looooong comment on your foundation post, but I'm still formulating it in my head.)

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The "on trend vagina" comment just killed me. This box looks like a lot of fun!

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