Monday, January 28, 2013

NOTD / Julep Catherine Review

I have been really craving some red nails and just couldn't wait until Valentine's day to get them. I was looking for my all time favorite red, OPI's Got the Blues for Red...I was totally thinking it was called Hot Blooded instead, which could explain why I couldn't find it.  I only realized this when I went to find swatches to compare to Catherine (OPI is, in fact, bluer toned, as the name would suggest).  Swiss cheese brain! Anyway, I stumbled on Julep's Catherine instead, which I got in an August Mystery Box but had not yet tried out.

Julep calls Catherine "The original classic, go-to red crème."  I agree with all but the crème part - I think this is best described as a jelly finish.  So shiny!  This is about as classic and fire enginey of a red as you can get, and looks great with my black and white outfit.  The formula was absolutely perfect, which was refreshing since I feel like the last few Julep polishes in a row  were pretty rough, formula-wise.  Love it!

I used the Julep Nail Therapy Basecoat with 2 coats of Catherine.  No top coat because my beloved Seche Vite is missing and I refuse to use anything else.  

I messed up the ring finger, so it has one more coat in this pic

Hello, hangnails.

No flash on left, flash on right


Nicole said...

I really like this! Good coverage--some of the Julep brights turn out exceptionally well, in my opinion.
Also, not to enable, but if you buy a seche vite at Sally Beauty, you can get a free China Glaze (non transitions- color).

Erica said...

This is very pretty. My not-fully-committed-to-resolution for 2013 is not to buy any more nail polish. It's terrible.