Monday, January 28, 2013

Reader Request: Beauty Subscriptions and Advice for Curly Hair

I realize I am skipping ahead of some of you on this one, but I was really excited when I saw the question posted in the PopSugar Review comments since it involves beauty subscriptions and curly hair, two topics that are near and dear to my heart.

How do you find out about these boxes? If I wanted to get a hair one where would I look? ;) After seeing all your reviews I'm dying to try a hair based one to try to get my curly hair under control but I have no idea where to even start! Any advice/direction would be much appreciated!

I think I originally heard about Birchbox from Twitter (Sara and/or Jessica maybe?) and decided to look for reviews on YouTube before purchasing (something I also did before buying the Naked 2 palette).  I quickly realized that there was a whole WORLD of beauty subs out there, and watched every last thing on Sheryl (Superfreaky1RU) and April's (Beautyfoolreview's) channels.  Sheryl is sadly not making videos any more, but April is a good source since she subscribes to a ton of them.  I went through a bit of a phase where I subscribed to every last box I could find, but then realized that was a little crazycakes and cut back significantly.

If you don't want to just explore YouTube to find out about beauty subs, I'd suggest starting with the Subscription and Sampling Programs thread over at makeuptalk, or the very thorough Subscription Box List over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

I am only aware of two boxes that are strictly related to hair care (curlbox and curlkit), and both of which seem to be marketed solely to black women with natural hair.  I have no idea whether or not this applies to you, Marie.  That's not to say that white chicks can't use those products, but I personally tend to shy away from them unless it specifically spells it out that I can use it too.  I absolutely love Miss Jessie's Quick Curls but would have never tried it if it hadn't stated that it's for "white gals too".  Am I the only one who does this?  Am I missing out on a whole world of amazing hair products that would totally work on me? 

If you aren't sure if curlbox or curlkit are right for you, then I'd have to say that your absolute best bet is the allure beauty box.  I paid $50 for all of this amazingness, and over half the products were hair-related (and almost all were full sized).  Stalk the Allure Access page until the Spring Box is up for sale and then buy it the second you see it, it sells out FAST.  BeautyFix has hair products, too, but a lot of them are from the same line (Nick Chavez).  I wouldn't really go for any of the more mainstream $10 subscription services if I were you, since the hair samples are going to be small (but if you don't mind the gamble, you are more likely to get high end hair samples from Birchbox over Ipsy).  Honestly, since there are so few beauty subs dedicated to hair, your best bet is to just do your research and use your money wisely to pick out products that are likely to be a good fit for your hair.  

Want to know what hair care deals are going on at the drugstore?  Follow Bonnie (bpoytres), she always knows what's going on and might even MAKE you some money with her advice on rebates and CVS extra care bucks.    

Have you read Noemi's great post about curly hair?  She also has one for kids too, which I might revisit if the "wet hair / scrunch / air dry" method ever stops working for Lucia.    

Is your hair more wavy than curly? How about Sarah's beachy waves tutorial or list of products for wavy hair?  I love her advice since her hair is pretty similar to mine (I have a bit more curl, but we must have similar texture because her tutorials always work like a charm).  

I don't personally have any one curly hair routine that I love, but I will definitely share if that ever happens.  If I'm going curly I usually just scrunch my hair with the Miss Jessie's quick curls I mentioned above and let it air dry.  I am a low maintenance kind of girl in the hair department - I love masks and treatments and foo foo stuff every once in a while, but don't really do much to style it.     

That's all I've got - I hope this helps!  


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

My hair is naturally CURLEEEEEE (!!!) and I've tried many products over the years. Recently, I'm using color-protecting shampoo and conditioner and cream and serum by Ouidad (which I love - especially because a little goes a long way!). One great piece of advice my hair stylist told me is if you're using a hair serum, then you want to put it on last, as it tends to seal in other products (and seals out anything put on after).

Alicia Curley said...

Love to my curly haired girlies!! I just started using Miss Jessie's products -definitely some of the best stuff out there for us girls with curls. I have a two step process which is the best I've figured out in years for managing my curls - I spray in a hydrating curly spray right out of the shower and scrunch. And then once I'm dressed, I'll scrunch in Miss Jessie's. Seems to be turning out okay, so I'll stick to this for awhile (have spent way too much $$ on curly hair products)!

Marie said...

Thank you!! I'll definitely be checking out all these links this weekend!

Jennifer said...

Aww, I just saw this! Thanks for the shout out!