Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reader Request: Undereye Concealers

Seeing as how I'm still hopelessly makeup addicted but am on a no-buy and am working towards other financial goals, I have decided to start acting as a personal shopper for all of your beauty needs.  

This one is for Michelle, who wanted to know what sort of undereye concealer she should go for.  

First, I have to admit that since I was screwed in the rosacea department, I was somewhat blessed in the undereye area.  At least as far as dark circles go.  Not so much re: fine lines.  So I don't have a TON of firsthand knowledge on this one.  However, I watch a ton of YouTube videos so I am well aware of what is all the rage in the concealer department.

What I'm currently using:

If I use anything, I go for Bare Minerals Well Rested ($18).  I always THINK I don't have any darkness, then I put this on and POOF!  It looks like I actually slept the past 3 years.  However, it's crazy messy and might not be enough if you have darker areas to correct than I do.  You can also use it to set a more heavy duty concealer.  


TONS of people raved about the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind when it hit the market, and it's showing up left and right in people's favorites from 2012.  At $7, this is a great budget friendly option.  I own this but haven't tried it out yet.  

Not so cheap:

Lots of people enjoy benefit's erase paste ($26).  I believe @mavsmom recommended this as well, stealing my thunder.  However, if you are interested in trying stuff out, I would recommend spending $30 and getting the Confessions of a Concealaholic set instead.  This allows you to try out 6 products at the same time, and it has cute brushes.  I personally love the lemon aid in that set - it completely takes out any eyelid discoloration.  And popping the eye bright in the corners of your eyes makes them look wide awake and pretty.  I adore these little sets from benefit, I buy every single one that comes out (or 2012 Laura did, anyway).  I should really dig this out and start using it again.  


Another good option is to go with Make Up For Ever's 5 camouflage cream palette, which is expensive ($38)  but will take care of all of your concealing and color correcting needs.  I personally never got into the green and purple color correctors (I look like a zombie every time I try), but people seem to love it.  

Money is not an object:

YSL's touche eclat is a cult favorite for those with a lot more disposable income than I'll ever have.  At $40, it's not a ton more expensive than the Make Up For Ever palette, but I feel like you are getting much more bang for your buck with the palette since it's really 5 concealers in one.  Many people swear by the eye brightening capabilities of the YSL though, so it could be worth it if you can swing it.

Please comment below and let me know what type of product you are looking for, and I will research it and provide options at a number of price points.  Seriously, this is fun for me.  I will be sad if no one else makes any requests!  


Jessica said...

This is right up your alley and you kind of already covered it in your best of 2012, but I want a heavier foundation that can cover up redness and dark spots. I don't have rosacea, but I have a ton of acne scarring and pimples that last for weeks.

Or maybe a heavy duty concealer instead? Right now I use Miracle Skin Perfecter concealer and I looooove it. But with only a BB cream for foundation (oops) the combination of the two isn't enough.

Ginger said...

Ooh, I love this. I have 3, actually (look at me, being greedy right off the bat!).

1. A new moisturizer. I have a super spendy one I fell in love with (Algenist, why you so expensive?), but I'm looking for some other options. I have sort of combo skin, veering more to dry lately, and I'm finding I need a bit heavier moisturizer these days. I'm starting to see age spots & fine lines (I'm 33. What's up with that?), so something that takes those into account would be nice, but I'm really just looking for an everyday moisturizer that won't turn into an oil slick and won't make me break out.

2. An eye cream (day or night). I feel the skin around my eyes getting drier and drier every day. This...can't be good.

3. A good mascara. I'm lucky because my lashes curl naturally, and are in pretty good shape, but I do need the definition. I struggle a bit with mascaras because I find that a lot of them irritate my (dry, contact laden) eyes, so they need to be friendly for that. I've been using Million Lashes, and that works pretty well,'s only OK. I've tried the ever popular pink/green one, but...that has never worked for me. I'm willing to spend a little more on this because I use mascara EVERY DAY, and if it won't bother my eyes, but will look good, I'm sold.

Pickles and Dimes said...

I have HUGE undereye circles (seriously, sometimes I put makeup on the rest of my face, skipping the undereye circles because it's hilarious to see how zombie-like I look). I tried the Age Rewind, but it did NOTHING. I even tried two different shades and it didn't provide enough coverage. So I'll be trying out some of your other recommendations.

Julie said...

Yes, I did recommend Erase Paste. I've been pretty happy with it. I used to use the Mary Kay concealers and those were the best. They had a yellow one to offset the purple in the under eye area and then you covered it with a nude concealer. I don't believe they make them like that anymore though but that really is the best combination for combating under eye circles.

Mama Tully said...

Love this! I've never used an under eye concealer before, but lately I NEED one! So I've been researching which ones to get. Going to take your advice and try the Bare Minerals since I already use and trust their products.
Any thoughts/advice on eye creams? Specifically anti-wrinkle eye creams? I've noticed the crows feet in every picture of me lately :( Time to take action!