Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter 2013 Day in the Life

Summer 2012 DITL here.    

I  YET AGAIN took all of the pictures for the fall day in the life and then never completed the post, and I missed Laura's roundup post for the winter day in the life because I am slow.  SIGH.  I almost didn't do this one because hubs and I got in a fight in the morning, but eh. Keepin' it real.  I feel like only showing the perfect days on this blog leads to too much makeup talk and not enough posts about our life.  My memory is horrific and it would be a shame to lose all of the good memories from this day just because of one bad one, so here we go!

This was Sunday, January 20, 2013.  

6:15 am: I wake up to the sound of Lucia fussing.  I would normally give her a bottle but I recently realized we had Adriana completely off bottles by this age and that I am once again failing as a second child parent.  I pop in her binky and then head off to the bathroom to start my morning skincare routine and sit on the edge of the tub reading smut until they officially wake up.

7:00 am: The girls are up and we do the morning toothbrush / potty / diaper change routine.  They are still wearing yesterday's clothes because all jammies were in the wash at bedtime last night.  Lucia kept hitting Adriana and getting sent to time out while I worked on folding and sorting the girls' clothes.  My parents are going to Florida for 6 weeks so they will be in daycare full time, which means I am going to be the one doing all dropoffs and pickups.  The only way for me to stay sane is to put a set of clothes, socks, and underwear for each kid in a bag so I don't have to search in the morning.  In case you are wondering, this week's set of bags had 5 matching outfits to 2 nonmatching.  I have no idea when I will stop matching them.  When Adriana demands it, I suppose.  
8:00 am: I take some blurry pics of the girls while we read books.  The plan was to distract them from their hunger until Justin woke up (it was his day to sleep in), since it's WAY easier to not take the girls on food excursions.  

8:15 am: Justin comes downstairs and we promptly get into a fight because he interpreted "let's discuss what we are doing for breakfast" as "put some clothes on and get the girls breakfast".  We have this stupid fight almost every single time I don't feed them or pick up food on my own (yet I totally run out and pick up food without an argument on my day to sleep in).  I don't understand how this keeps happening; it should not be a surprise that the kids need to eat and that we don't usually have anything substantive in the house for breakfast.  However, I was a super huge bitchface about it, so I did not really help the situation.  I gave the girls cheese sticks and gerber pouches (is it weird that Adriana still eats these at 3?) and ate some candy while I sulked on the couch.  

10:00 am: I put Lucia down for a nap and the snuggled with Adriana on the couch under the electric blanket.  I tried to read more smut on my phone, but I must have been crazy tired (perhaps contributing to my bitchiness?) because I conked out for about an hour, only to wake up when Adriana requested to switch to Caillou from Mr. Rogers (gag).  

11:45 am: Lucia woke up from her nap, so I thought it would be a good time to finally get them into some new clothes for the day.  We are a little lazy on the weekends.  To say the least.
12:15 pm: Justin ran out to get some chili for me and soup for the girls to tide us over before heading over to my parents'.  We kissed and made up.  
12:40 pm: We headed over to my parents.  The whole fam was getting together to say goodbye before they went off for their big trip.  Adriana fell asleep in the car while Lucia zoned out.  Lucy was super excited to play with her babies and have some grandpa time before lunch.
1:00 pm: Adriana ran off to play with Colin while we tried to prevent Lucia from eating all the things.     
2:00 pm: Lunch/dinner time!  My mom is the most amazing cook in the universe, I am going to miss Sunday dinners while they are gone.  We had fried veal, mashed potatoes, broccoli, fruit, and caprese salad.  YUM.  

3:00 pm: Fort time and hanging out with Uncle Johnny.  

3:30 pm: We had some pumpkin pie and coffee for dessert before heading down to the basement to watch the Bachelor.  Lucia went down for nap #2 while my mom watched Adriana and Colin.  Normally just my parents and John and Val like the Bachelor, but Justin, Nick, and Kathleen all appear to be joining us this season.   

5:30 pm: We headed out so we could visit Justin's dad and stepmom.  We stopped to pick up flowers since it was SMIL's birthday.  Adriana was NOT PLEASED with sitting in the car while Justin ran in ("I AM MAD AT YOU, MAMA.")

I didn't really take any pictures at their house, fail.  The girls ate a bit and played a bit while we visited.  Nothing too exciting.

7:30 pm: Justin put Lucia to bed while Adriana and I took a bath.  Together.  This is not something we normally do; I was trying to get her to just hang out in her room and play with toys while I relaxed a bit, but she insisted on joining me and I didn't want to fight her.  Afterwards I marvelled at my hair (it's getting long!) and Adriana's skin (so white next to mine!) in the mirror.  

8:30 pm: Adriana's bedtime.  We then realized we hadn't eaten since 2, so we ordered some late night chicken wings.  I am technically in the Biggest Blogging Loser competition, and I am failing HARDCORE.  Good thing I have this post to keep me honest and to motivate me.  

I didn't write down what we did that night, but I'm sure it was THRILLING.  I am guessing that Justin put something on tv and I fell asleep within minutes.  I am the most exciting wife ever.  


Also, I realize this post jumps around a lot, tense-wise.  This is normally something that would bug the living shit out of me, but I don't have it in me to fix it.  Work is KILLING ME.  



Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

This was a great post, but I'm pretty sure that last paragraph about grammar is my favorite. You're a girl after my own heart!

Heather said...

Tory still gets a bottle at bedtime, too, so don't feel guilty about Lucia. They're still little in my book. :)

StephLove said...

These kind of posts are fun to read years later. You'll be glad you wrote it.

Mama Tully said...

My kids both still eat the babyfood pouches too, but we call them smoothies now...they are easy and healthy snacks on the go, so I don't think there is anything wrong with it! Better than processed goldfish or something, right?
I love that you dress your girls to match! I used to do it a lot more, but now that A is wearing so many of L's handmedowns, i haven't needed to buy her new clothes in a long time (sucks to be the second kid, huh?!) so they only have a couple matching outfits.
Sounds like you guys had a fun day overall!

Jo said...

My daughter is 3 and eats those baby pouches (we call them veggie packs), and only started eating them about 6 months ago to supplement her sudden dislike of eating veggies.

Navigating the Mothership said...

Yeah, smoothies/baby food pouches are a hit with my kids every time. They are a "treat" we get on occasion at Target (they get real treats frequently, but they think these are treats, too, and who am I to clear that one up? ha!) Anyway, I put them in stockings, bring them on trips...etc. Love them.

I didn't realize you matched your kids ALL the time. Funny lady!

Glad you did this post :)