Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Diniwilk Stew

  • I am CRAZY BUSY at work right now, hence my lack of January non-beauty favorites and February goals.  I will post them for completeness of the record, just not in any sort of timely fashion.  I have a legal-ish sort of job in the utility industry (I'm a business analyst lawyer-helper, but not a lawyer), and there are a bunch of cases coming up this spring, plus a boatload of settlement meetings which means lots of trips back and forth to Columbus.  I LOVE this part of my job, but it doesn't really leave room for much else.  
  • I have mentioned that I'm on a makeup no buy due to Project 10 Pan, which I have been doing decent at but there were a couple of slips.  I tracked my expenses for the first time ever in January (I am a failure as an adult) and I was appalled.  Now I'm on a super strict life no buy in February.  At least I have company!  
  • One area that I really need to work on is my impulse itunes purchasing.  I knew I was spending a lot on books, but not how much.  Then this weekend I was playing Tap Zoo and blew through over $20 before I even remembered my no buy.  UGH.  But all I can do is keep trying harder and hope that I'll get to where I want to be sooner rather than later.  Also...if you have a Tap Zoo and want to friend my real life facebook account so we can be neighbors, let me know!  
  • I am not doing so hot in Biggest Blogging Loser.  I thought that if I were to step up my exercising and just make healthier decisions in general the pounds would melt off.  I am like ONE pound lighter than when this thing started.  I am going to try to cut out as much fast food as possible this month to see if that helps both financially and fatassially.  
  • Adriana is FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY pooping in the potty after over a year of requesting a diaper to poop in.  Turns out it only took a week of me being a super hardass about it (and my enabling parents to get out of town).  She went like 3 days asking to go to the potty every 10 seconds and screaming and crying and not pooping, then she finally couldn't hold out anymore.  She pooped at daycare, which was not ideal because APPARENTLY it's against the law to wipe them after a certain age?  Does that sound like BS?  That's what the director told me when I complained that she had poop all up her little girl parts and was all red and disgusting.  So Adriana went through a butt wiping 101 crash course and now she's finally a legit big girl (she has been fully night trained since she was 2, not sure why pooping was such a big deal).
  • What is the deal with 2 kid families where one is doing awesome so the other one takes it upon themselves to make life hell?  Lucy has stopped sleeping all night.  I don't know if it's the 18 month growth spurt, more teeth coming in, or what, but she has been throwing middle of the night full out temper tantrums.  The crazy thing is that if I give her a specific binky, she calms down.  If I give her any other binky, she throws it at me and freaks out even more.  So...she just randomly got really attached to one particular binky after not really caring much about them for a year and a half, and will cut a bitch if she wakes up and doesn't have it?  Last night I put the smack down and refused to go in there, so she cried for like 20 minutes and then chilled out.  I was a little worried she wasn't ever going to calm down, because she is becoming a world champion fit thrower.  Hopefully if I continue the hardass approach that worked with Adriana and Lucia will get over it.  
  • No, I'm not getting the Julep Cupid Mystery box (see above re: no buy).  But if you do, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE lemme know what you got!


april said...

Busy busy busy ... me too! My blogging has definitely suffered but I'm trying to keep on top of the rest of my life!

Jessica said...

Oh, yes, we have ALL SORTS of midnight tantrums going on here. Every night. I'm so sick of it.

Monique said...

I passed on the mystery box too, had to buy a new car this month. I just hope this doesn't wind up being the best mystery box ever or I may cry, lol.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Why did I not know you're in the utility industry? Me, too. I work for a small consulting firm, but we have clients in Ohio... =)

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

I really love your use of fatassily here. The no buy thing sounds like such a good idea - and SO HARD! Do a full report on how it goes?

PinkieBling said...

Yes, "fatassially" killed me, too! I forgot to tell you what I got in the Cupid box, but I took note so I could! I got a necklace (kinda cute, but I'm not sure I'd really wear it), plus Emma, Evangeline, Maya, Charlotte, and Rose (duplicate). I also got lip gloss, Camellia, which is a really pretty light pink in the tube, but which makes me look hypoxic. Not bad for $20.

Wait til you see what I bought today in the secret store. Ohhh lord.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

Another fan of fatassily here! I plan on using that one on a regular basis.

StephLove said...

Sleep issues are the worst. I hope it's passed by now.