Saturday, February 2, 2013

Enabler Alerts!

There are so many crazy deals going on right now I thought you might not mind if I were to be the enabler that I am and give you the heads up.  I learned all of this info from various makeuptalk boards.  

[EDIT - MAKEUPTALK POSTED ABOUT THIS CODE A FEW DAYS AGO BUT APPARENTLY BB SHUT IT OFF IN FEB.  I WOULDN'T HAVE POSTED THIS IF I KNEW THAT.  BUT I AM LEAVING IT UP TO TALK ABOUT BB POINTS AND TELL YOU ABOUT THE OTHER DEALS.  SORRY!!!!!] Are you a monthly Birchbox subscriber?  Right now you can use the code join110annual when you upgrade to the annual subscription and get 110 points plus ANOTHER 110.  Makeuptalk user Kyuu (love her) pointed out that if you review the products each month for 50 points, that works out to 820 points, or $80.  Assuming you use the points on full sized products you would buy anyway, that's like paying $30 for 12 Birchboxes, or $2.50 a box.  Makes it a lot easier to swallow a crappy box, huh? 

I recently used my points that were about to expire (they are good for a year) and got the Eyeko liner, the Anastasia brow pen, and the Spornette teasing brush for free.  If you are not taking advantage of BB's points program, you are missing out!  DO NOT LET ANOTHER MONTH GO BY WITHOUT GETTING YOUR 50 POINTS!  

Nastassja Skin is giving away a bunch of free samples if you just pay shipping.  I would totally get the Nastassja Collection Set for just $9 if I were spending money right now.  

If you register on the Missha website, they will give you a code for a free full size BB Cream in shade 21.  You just have to spend $1 and pay for shipping, so you end up paying like $11 for a BB cream and an eyeshadow.  I did this in January, and then got really mad at myself for breaking my no buy, hence the uber short rules in February.  

The Balm is on Hautelook right now.  Using every last bit of willpower to not buy Meet Matte Nude and Mary Loumanizer.  

I have already mentioned the tarte TSV and the awesome New Beauty test tube, but it's worth repeating.  

Do you want to know about deals like this in the future?  Or do you not care? 

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Shannon said...

Sooooo tempted on theBalm!! Too bad (good thing?) what I really wanted was on hold in someone else's cart.

Also, love this post - enable away!!