Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 2013 Birchbox Review

I have only had my BB in my possession for about 8 seconds, so this is more of a unboxing / first impressions than a review.  But life is going to get busy again in a few days, so I want to get my sample box reviews out before that happens.

Date of arrival: April 10, 2013

Packaging: Regular pink outer box and brown inner box. This month BB partnered with Women's Health Magazine, so there was a bright green outer sleeve that says "tiny tweaks, BIG RESULTS" (this month's theme).  It also included a card for a one year subscription to Women's Health, which was a nice surprise.  Hopefully I'll remember to send it in (the mailbox is my archnemesis).  Update:  See Jessica's comment below - you can send in the card to get a rebate instead if you prefer cold hard cash to magazines.  TEMPTING.  But that's even more paperwork, and you know how I LOVE paperwork.  

Contents:  Anti-aging hair treatment, body wash, CC cream, anti-aging serum, eye roll-on.  OH YAY, Birchbox is trying to tell me I'm old again.  I'll let it slide since it's the Women's Health box.  And because I really like this box.  

I haven't tried anything out yet so I'm not posting reviews.  If it's really awesome I'll put it in a favorites post.  Here are my first impressions of each:

  • I am intrigued by the Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir.  I think this is the first anti-aging product I've ever seen for hair.  I'm not sure that it's entirely necessary...I mean, isn't hair dead already?  How much more aged can it get?  But I'll try it.  
  • I REALLY REALLY REALLY love the bergamot scented Malin + Goetz body wash.  It smells SO GOOD.  The card says it's a natural antiseptic, and the bottle says it has amino-acid technology.  Fancy.  
  • Yay, I have been wanting to try a CC Cream!  I am a fan of other Supergoop products I have tried, so I have high hopes for this one.  
  • I am also really excited to get another Kiehl's product.  I talked about some other samples I liked in my winter skincare routine, and 2 out of 3 made my January favorites.  The package says it will decrease the appearance of "Marionette Lines, Crow's Feet, and Sub-Orbital Wrinkles", which totally made me laugh.  Marionette lines!  I know what they are talking about, but I have only heard those lines referred to as laugh lines.  I have JUST started to notice wrinkles at the corners of my mouth, and the ones on my forehead and neck are deepening.  I will use the shit out of this product.  
  • I think it's kind of interesting that BB is dipping into drugstore products now.  They acknowledged that simple isn't a high end brand, and gave it fancy "Birchbox Finds" packaging to explain why it was included.  I was happy to see it because my card only had the other 4 products listed on it, and I'd definitely rather get a fifth sample than another twist band or a freaking note card.  Plus my eyes have been SUPER PUFFY lately thanks to lack of sleep and allergies, so I'm very interested in trying it out.  I just hope this isn't the beginning of the end as far as BB goes...I feel like the whole point of the box is that it's supposed to be higher end stuff, and that's why I think it's so complementary to ipsy.  If both boxes send stuff I could get at a drugstore, I would probably cut down to one or cancel entirely.  [Which I keep saying I need to do ANYWAY but then I keep NOT DOING IT.]  [I was taking so long to write this review that I just put some on.  The metal rollerball is cool to the touch so it does have that instant refreshing feeling.  Will definitely put it in my fridge for a nice little pick me up.]

Value: YIKES this was a cheapo box.  I thought with all of the anti-aging stuff it would be okay, but these samples are really tiny.  The full size simple product and the magazine subscription account for much of the value.  It's worth $28.74 if I remember to turn in the magazine card, a mere $18.74 if I don't.  C+/D+

Click to enlarge
Overall impression of the box: I liked it until I calculated the value :)  I was happy to get every single sample, and even though they are small, a lot of times a little bit goes a long way with skin and hair products.  I looking forward to testing them all out.  I think I'm most excited about the body wash because it smells so amazing and the kiehl's because I love the brand.  For whatever reason my box isn't listed among the April 11 and 14 appear to have full size tarte lipsurgence in them, so I have a bit of box envy there.  I'd still give this box an A though - it's not often I am 100% happy with every item.  

Overall impression of the service: I know for a while I was rating ipsy higher than BB, and gave BB a B+.  Lately (after playing around with some of my older samples and seeing how awesome they are), I am thinking that I prefer the smaller size but higher end products featured by BB over the bigger size but lower end stuff in the past 3 ipsy glam bags, so I'll bump BB to a A-.   

Who is still subscribed?  What did you get???


Jessica said...

I got a full-size mirenesse lip/cheek stain and it looks really cool. Unfortunately, the shade is very clown-like on me, so, hmm. I'm trying to picture what kind of makeup would make it work and am not sure.

I'm jealous you got CC cream. My supergoop product was eye cream and meh. I'm not really interested in that.

My extra was tea and I would MUCH rather have a drugstore find.

Of course, now that I've complained about everything in it, I'll say I was actually really excited about this one. It just seemed more fun and makeup-y and worth it to me.

(Also, did you see on that Women's Heath card you can send it in for a $10 refund instead of the magazine? Free box! Of course, printing out the documentation they want may prove to be too much for me, so I'm considering just getting the magazine instead.)

My name is Rita said...

I am loving your samples. If you get a chance, please link up your box to my Birchbox link party.