Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Much like my April Birchbox review, this is more of a first impressions / unboxing post than anything.  The lighting in my house is crazy today (April showers), so if you want accurate swatches, you should probably re-google :)

Date of arrival: April 10, 2013.

Packaging: This month's bag came in the usual pink bubble wrap mailer.  There was a card inviting us to ipsy's generation beauty event in LA along with the theme card (Pretty in Pink) listing the brand discounts.  Doesn't it seem like they should have saved this theme for October?

This month's makeup bag is white with a pink zipper.  It has large white and pink stripes inside. Kinda boring, but it'll do the job.  

Contents: Shimmer powder, blush, hair powder, nail polish.

I haven't tried anything out yet so I'm not posting reviews.  If it's really awesome I'll put it in a favorites post.  Here are my first impressions of each:

  • The MICA Beauty Shimmer Powder in Earth is just GORGEOUS.  I personally think it's too sparkly to use as a highlight, but I love that kind of color swept all over my lids, especially in the spring / summer.  I swatched it on my hand when I first got the box (around lunchtime) and it's completely worn off now, so I'd definitely recommend using with a primer and/or setting spray.  I was super happy to get this instead of the two cosmetics shadows.  
  • I got the Be A Bombshell full size blush in Sweet Cheeks (bags also contained Beach Please).  I am really confused though...if you look at the website, mine definitely nothing like what is pictured for Sweet Cheeks.  It doesn't match either of the blushes shown here either.  I have already said that my pic isn't accurate, but even there you can tell it's not Sweet Cheeks.  I will try to take a true to life one to post it so you can see.  Did anyone else get a off colored blush this month???  Anyway, the color I got was a pretty bright pink.  It's still on my hand almost as dark as when I first swatched it, so it has nice staying power.  I'll probably have to apply it with a light hand since I have fair skin.  
  • The bigsexyhair product was also a this or that kind of thing.  I wanted the healthysexyhair soy renewal beach spray, but I'll probably use the powder just as much.  Looking forward to testing it out.
  • Both Sation polishes were pretty boring shades of pink.  I think I got the slightly better one - Of Corset I'll Call You.  The color in my picture is prettier than what it looks like in real life - plain pink.  I'll post pics when (if) I ever wear it.  
Here are my swatches.  Earth didn't photograph well (it's SO PRETTY in real life, I promise), but the blush color is close.  See?  NOT SWEET CHEEKS.  

Without and with flash.  

Update:  Here is a better picture of the blush.  Not even close to what it's supposed to look like, right???

Not Sweet Cheeks

Value:  With 3 out of 4 full size products, I knew this one would be a decent value.  A fifth product (even a packet) would have rounded it out nicely though. $32.12:  B-

Click to enlarge
Overall impression of the bag: Some of the shades of pink aren't my favorite, but for the most part I like what I got.  I think I am most excited about Earth.  I REALLY wanted it and I got it, woohoo!  I actually got almost every option I wanted (just not the hair) which never seems to happen to me.  I would have preferred the actual Sweet Cheeks color over what I received, so I might take pictures of it and send it to ipsy to see what they say.  The whole random color thing is just mystifying.  The only product I didn't really care for was the nail polish, but Adriana will love it.  B+ to A-.  

Overall impression of the service: After reading some of Zadidoll's posts in the makeuptalk threads, I'm beginning to think that ipsy is dealing with some less than reputable companies.  Dropping them down to a B+.  I know that's a bit harsh because I had them at an A, but I am not happy with ipsy slipping back into its old myglam habits.  Shape up, Michelle and friends!  You can do it!

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Mama Bub said...

My January ipsy bag, my first, was so wonderful. I looooved it. They've gone downhill from there, although this one looks like an improvement from last month. Mine was a gift, so it's still fun to get things in the mail every month, but it would be nice if it were things that I was super excited about.