Monday, April 29, 2013

Diniwilk Stew

  • I'm back!  Again!  Other than rebuttal testimony (1-2 nights tops) and daytrips here and there, all of my big work travel for the year is DONE.  And thank god for that.  I missed my family and the little girl guilt trips were killing me.  Even Lucia was saying "No Combus.  HOME." when I would talk to her at night.  Argh.  I (obviously) felt horrible about leaving them and that didn't make it any easier.  At least Adriana is old enough to understand that I was going away for work and that I was coming back.  I felt so bad for Lucy, she must have been so confused about where her mama was :(
  • The allure beauty box purchase went well - I was number 262 out of about 2500, and that was with lightning fast typing.  I LOVE that so many of you joined in and got one too!  I can't wait to see which products are hits and misses with everyone.  And I just got my shipping notification!  YAY!  If you didn't get one since it sold out in an INSANE 15 minutes, the details on the fall box will be in the August Allure issue.  I think it went on sale around August 23 of last year.  There's always a next box!!!  
  • In addition to the allure beauty box, I have also bought a few other beauty things recently.  I did SO GOOD during project 10 pan (which I will update at some point in the nearish future) and my February no buy.  Between that and the fact that my parents want to bump up the number of days the kids go to daycare (from 2 to 3), I need to do another super strict no buy to tame the beast.  I know Kelly is doing one too, so it might be a good time to do another one, as I'll have moral support.  Anyone else interested in a May no buy?
  • My house is totally disgusting to the point that I am planning week long cleaning vacation.  I CAN NOT wait until my kids are old enough to have chores beyond picking up their shit they just threw all over the floor.  Do you like how I say that as though I have any success in actually getting the older one to clean up after herself?  What's that thing you are supposed to say when your kid doesn't listen and can be quite the tiny d-bag about it?  Spirited?  Yeah.  I have a SPIRITED KID (or two).  I also have a SPIRITED HUSBAND and a SPIRITED CAT.  They have SPIRITED all over my damn house and it will never be clean again.    
  • I am curious about where I fall on the scale of boob paranoia.  I just had a boob ultrasound today for a bean sized lump and a couple of Nerds candy sized bumps.  I started noticing after the second round of breastfeeding that I had some boob weirdness going on, and was constantly making Justin feel them to see if I was just being paranoid or what.  He could feel them too, but both my family doctor and OB/GYN brushed me off until a full year passed after breastfeeding.  I finally got my OB/GYN to actually check them this time around, and she was either concerned enough to send me or just wanted to cover her ass since I expressed frustration about being blown off the last time.  Anyway, it is all 100% normal dense boob stuff, much to my amazement.  They politely implied that I should not come back until I'm 40, seeing as how I also had a lump checked pre-kids, 2008 or so.  I am happy that it all checked out, but I also find it kind of freaky that I have these THINGS that feel EXACTLY LIKE CANCER IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL just hanging out in my boobs.  It's like the boobs who called am I supposed to know if I ever have non-normal lumps?  But I will try to act like a normal non-paranoid person for the next 6 years, especially since I don't have a family history of breast cancer (I'm totally fucked as far as Alzheimer's goes though).  Anyway.  Do you have boob paranoia or am I just a boob hypochondriac?
  • If you do have boob paranoia...does your significant other think that asking to feel a lump is an invitation for nookie?  If you are reading this and you are a fan of boobs, let me tell you something.  It's not.  Ever.  Seriously.  Don't even think about it.     
  • Boobs.     
[Update...I just got the email that I am in the running for an extra (free!) Birchbox full of Nuance by Salma Hayek goodies! Did anyone else get this?  I saw it in the MUT thread a while back but thought I missed out.  I'd love to try the line, I hope I get it!]


Susie said...


(I have nothing of value to add, except hi!)

Mama Bub said...

Ugh, I hate the blowoff. There's so much conflicting information - GET CHECKED! TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! and then it's just not that easy. Glad everything is okay, but it sucks that your doctor made you feel badly about it.

I'm IN for a May no-buy. On makeup/beauty products, anyway. I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket for some clothes! Do gift cards count in a no-buy?

Julie said...

It bothers me that doctors are quick to dismiss our concerns related to our bodies. We are the ones living in them. We know when something is off. I also don't get the wait till 40 thing for mammograms anymore. I had 3 friends (35 and under) diagnosed with breast cancer this year. It is happening more often and to younger women. Do not let them blow you off on this. It is too important!

(Sorry...stepping off of my soap box now.)

andie said...

BOOBS WTF?! I have dense bubbies too (thanks mom/gramma). first scare was at 21, the 1st doc i saw actually jumped when he felt the lump. it was nothing. last scare was right when i found out i was pregnent. they wanted a biopsy (thanks for the freak-out), drugless of course. i do not recommend watching the ultrasound without drugs, i lost it and had to be restrained. by now, i feel that i'm gonna lose bits of me for the rest of my life thanks to the boobs and moles. i hope alli is spared one of these.

PinkieBling said...

Yeah, pretty sure I need to get in on that May no-buy. I've been completely out of control. Oh, 15% off at Sephora? Don't mind if I do, SEVERAL TIMES. Ugh!

CharlieSue said...

1. HI!!!!

2. Ugh, boobs. I have cystic boobies in general, which is VERY ANNOYING because (as Mama Bub said): CONFLICTING INFORMATION, but also because I do have family history (aunt who died at 40 from her second round). AND THEY STILL DON'T LISTEN TO ME.

3. DANGIT- I got the survery email to try for the Nuance box, but not the "you're in the running" email. BOOOO me, but lucky you! :)

Not Insane...Promise! said...

I would be in for a no-buy, but my wedding is in less than 3 weeks and I am certain that all this (horrible terrible but absolutely necessary due to farmers tan) time in the tanning bed is going to result in an unhappy trip to the mall where I will buy foundation that I will never be able to wear again. I tried just putting bronzer on over my regular foundation but my brother kindly told me I needed to see if they would do another season of Jersey Shore, so that is out. If you do a no-buy in June, I am so in.

Brian always takes me asking for a breast double check as an invitation. When I remind him that if he'a going to do it he has to check my armpits, too, since breast cancer can be there, he does a 180 and goes back to whatever man thing he was doing previously.

Elizabeth said...

As someone who knows a woman OUR AGE who has already had a double mastectomy because of breast cancer, and who was blown off about a lump in her breast for two years, I am all about being the squeaky wheel. I see nothing wrong whatsoever in demanding to have lumps looked at more closely.

Erica said...

Bwah ha ha "spirited"... Awesome.

Mama Tully said...

LOL!!! You have such a way with words. My husband and kids have been spiriting all over my house too, lol! Love it! I think that's my new favorite expression :)