Monday, April 8, 2013

Enabler Alert: Allure Summer Beauty Box (WOOHOO!!!)

Update: Wanna see what's in the box?  Go here to see the picture from the Allure Beauty Enthusiast email!  YAY!!!!!!

Update2:  This box was sold out within 15 minutes.  I had confirmation number 262 and I was LIGHTNING FAST.  The highest number I've seen was near 2500, so I assume that's many boxes were for sale.  Hope you got one if you wanted one!!!

Update3: Review here

If you ignore every single other beauty post ever, please pay attention to this one.  Unless you don't like ANY beauty stuff at which case you've probably already stopped reading my nonsense :)  

HANDS DOWN, the best deal for your money in the beauty world is the allure beauty box, which can be purchased for about $50 (when you include S+H) over here on April 23.  The lovely ladies on makeuptalk posted a picture of the microscopic ad in this month's allure magazine, which says that this year's box will feature (highlight for SPOILERS) TanTowel, Neutrogena, Butter London, Cetaphil, Nexxus, and more.  

The beauty of the allure box is that it's almost guaranteed to be chock full of goodies from brands or products you would buy ANYWAY, so it's a totally justifiable purchase because after 3-4 of those things, the box pays for itself.  For example, past boxes had hairspray, sunscreen, lotion, and facewash...all stuff I use on a regular basis.  Plus the Summer box conveniently comes out right after you get your tax money.  I got the fall box and I seriously fell in love with 95% of the products in it.  I can not recommend this enough.  For real, click on that link and look at all of the FULL SIZE awesomeness than came in the fall box.  It was worth over $300!  I'm in love all over again.  

SET YOUR ALARMS!!!!!!!!  This one sells out within a matter of hours.  

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Mama Bub said...

I LOVE that you post these alerts. I'm on the fence due to a bit of a spending freeze, but I WANT this.