Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May 2013 No Buy Rules + Beauty Subscription Cancellations

Okay, I need to hurry up and set my rules for my no buy before I find out about anything else that is going to make me want to bend them (Kelly just tweeted about the Target beauty box, which is NOT on my list).  Here is the way I think about a no buy...I like to sit down and think about what I am trying to achieve, and set the rules accordingly.  Depending on the month, it might be just beauty products, or it might be a life no buy.  I might have exceptions, and I might not.  

For me, it's not so much about literally buying nothing this month.  May is FULL of weddings and birthdays and mother's day and whatnot, and it's not like I can just stop being a contributing member of society just because I need to save up to send the girls to an extra day of daycare per week.  It's more about planning all of the things that I want to spend money on IN ADVANCE, deciding the amount I will spend on them IN ADVANCE, and sticking to it.  You know, basic adult responsibility.  

From a beauty box standpoint, I am not planning on unsubscribing across the board, especially since most of the May boxes were already paid for before I decided to officially do the no buy.  I "accidentally on purpose" let my ipsy sub get renewed for another year because you know what?  I like it and I am totally okay with keeping it another year.  I am still on month to month for Birchbox, and I possibly have a Salma Hayek Box coming this month in addition to my main box.  I plan to ask hubs if he will renew it for another year for mother's day / my birthday.  If not, I WILL cancel it after this month.  This is my last month ever for PopSugar Must Haves - I WILL cancel it next month (saaaaaaaaaaad).  As much as it pains me, I just got off the phone from cancelling New Beauty Test Tube.  I LOVE that one, but it will still be there after I use some stuff up (that is how I feel about Birchbox too, but it's only $10).  They also just switched the NBTT from quarterly to 6 times a year, and I just CAN'T justify $80 more a year for that one. I don't have a QVC Test Tube or a QVC tarte set coming in May so I'm good there.  I will not get a Julep Maven box this month unless a) it's awesome, and b) I have enough points for it to be free (not sure, I burned through a lot).  And once my points are completely gone, I'm thinking I need to cancel completely and just USE all of my nail polish in my collection for a bit.  

So the longer term subscription box plan is to just have ipsy (on my dime) and Birchbox (gifted or I'll cancel it).  I'll decide on the allure boxes depending on my current needs whenever they are available (usually August and April, sometimes November too).  I will also keep getting the QVC Test Tube until my auto-renewal runs out (I have one more in August and one in October) and then cancel that as well.  The Test Tubes are definitely the hardest to let go, but I REALLY just need to focus on USING UP what I already have.  They will be there when I'm ready for new fun things. Plus I'm finding a lot of cool free stuff to try (more on that later).  

Other than the aforementioned monthly subs, the only thing I'm allowed to buy in May that is beauty related is the Sephora Sun Safety Kit.  It was $30 and full of amazing things last year; people who are "in the know" (MUT-ers) say it will come out mid May this year.  I have to take care of my skin because of my rosacea (and because cancer sucks), so I'm not planning on letting a no buy make me miss out on that.  In exchange for this, I am committing to do a no buy in June too (rules on that next month).  

Here are the non-beauty things I am allowed to buy:
- Thank you gift for friends who gave us new patio furniture
- Birthday gift and lunch for mom
- Birthday gifts for my cousin's girls
- Birthday card for my brother (and cake if mom asks me to pick it up)
- Wedding gift for Justin's stepsister
- Wedding gift for my lovely internet / real life friend :)
- Mother's day gifts for entire family
- Up to $100 in summery clothes for Adriana, if I can get good deals
- Mulch and mulch-related labor
- Anything that is health related (vitamins, prescriptions, etc.)
- Must have household items (toilet paper, cat litter, tampons, cleaning supplies, etc.)
- Gas
- Groceries

Here are my food and beverage allowances:
- Dinner for my family that I didn't cook - THREE TIMES ONLY 
- Coffee that isn't free - THREE TIMES ONLY 
- Pop that isn't free - THREE TIMES ONLY 
- Lunch out with friends - ONE TIME ONLY 
- Book club dinner and drinks - FREE PASS BUT BE REASONABLE
- I'm allowed to buy lunch only (no snacks or drinks) at the work cafeteria, but I have to get a salad 3 days a week

I will plan all of our meals with the intent of using up stuff we have in the freezer and pantry.  I will also only go grocery shopping with a well thought out list.  I'm not allowed to buy any beverages other than milk, and no junk food whatsoever.  Scooby doo graham crackers, cheese sticks, gogurts are all approved snacks; the majority of purchases will be meats, fruits, and veggies.  I will go to the farther away grocery store to use up my $75 in gift cards.  

I won't buy any new clothes or shoes for me and Lucy whatsoever; the only new clothing allowed is for Adriana.  If I can pay for it entirely with money brought in from selling outgrown kid clothes and gear - even better.  If I can find enough short sleeved stuff from last year to get her through May without buying anything at all, EVEN BETTER.  

I'm not allowed to make ANY iTunes purchases whatsoever...no new games, books, movies, or music.  

I'm not allowed to make ANY random purchases ever, beauty or not.  NOTHING.  If it's not on this list or a grocery list, I can't buy it.  

No haircuts or brow waxes.

Gift card purchases are allowed but only if I don't go over the amount on the card.

I'm not allowed to open up the Hautelook app.

I have to fill out all expense reports as soon as possible.

I have to make REAL ACTUAL EFFORTS to sell as much kid stuff on the portal as possible.  

I have to pay all bills ON TIME.  

I have to say that this is not as strict of a no buy as I did in February, since I am letting myself get the Sun Safety Box and buy clothes for Adriana, plus I think I had zero family gift obligations opportunities in February.  I am likely going to continue working on no buys and saving up goals for the rest of the year, so this is kind of my "transition to a mostly beauty sub free world" month.  

Let me know if you plan on joining.  It's YOUR money, so make up your own rules to fit your lifestyle.  You can be super strict or just focus on an area or two...the way I look at it, any change - even a little one - counts!  


Jessica said...

After I screwed up and missed the Allure box, I've been going crazy making sure I don't miss Sephora. I bought it on April 25th last year, so I'm checking the site daily as I assume it will be available any time. (Do you have a date?)

I also set up an email alert to mark any emails from Sephora as super important. Um.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I like the idea that you're revising the "no buy" rule to fit with your commitments. That way, it makes you be more thoughtful and intentional about spending money, rather than cutting yourself off entirely. I have my own set of goals for the month of May, but I like the idea of limiting spending for a month ... maybe in June?

Kara Keenan said...

I'm really interested in the Sephora Sun Safety Box. I'm super pale, and so are my kids, so this will be awesome.

Do you like the Wen stuff? My hair is an oily mess, so I don't know if it would work for me.

PinkieBling said...

I am definitely in for this, although we'll be starting May with a bang! to the wallet as we're going on a mini-vacation this weekend. I'm going to skip Julep unless it's super awesome, like you said. May is going to be the deciding ipsy box for me. I like it, and for me it's way better than Birchbox, but I've only used a few things out of it so I might cancel. Let's see, no clothes or shoes or jewelry purchases. No beauty products unless I run out of something essential, like shampoo. No Living Social/Groupon/Amazon Local/etc. purchases. No additional charitable donations aside from the ones I have already planned (that sounds terrible, doesn't it). Drinks must be purchased at the grocery store; no gas station runs! That is my first draft. Thanks for the inspiration! There's strength in numbers, right? :)

Not Insane...Promise! said...

I'm all geared up for June.

You are so strict with yourself...you've got yourself budgeted to a T. I guess that's the way you have to do it, cuz as I get myself more shoppy-hyped up, I notice that I can talk myself into things more and more.

I'm curious to see what you've been getting for free. I've read the MUT threads but most things on the sample thread seem to require a ton of work that I (thus far) haven't been willing to do...even for free things...LOL