Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reader Request: 15 YouTube Beauty Gurus I Love

Megan asked me to talk about which YouTube beauty gurus I watch, and you know you really have to twist my arm to get me to talk about that sort of thing.  

This is in no particular order, just the order I wrote them down.  Which I suppose is telling in and of itself, but I wouldn't read too much into it.  There is a pretty big range in expertise and personality type and number of subscribers in here; I am drawn to different people for different reasons.  I should also say that these are just 15 I am loving RIGHT NOW, and aren't necessarily all time favorites.  There are some people I have been watching forever but I'm kind of bored with them right now so they didn't make the cut.  

EmilyNoel83: Emily is a newscaster turned YouTube beauty guru.  I love her because I think she is honest and relatable.  Her super supportive husband and her cat Cupcake make regular appearances on her channel, and she has had her mom and her sisters show up in her videos as well - her family is super cute.  I think her makeup always looks beautiful and not too overdone.  She is very knowledgeable about the products and can usually think up dupes if you don't want to spend the money on something.   I love her one brand tutorials where she does an entire look using products all from (you guessed it) one brand, alternating between drugstore and higher end brands.  I also highly recommend her annual Emily Awards and her get ready with me videos.  She is one of the few YouTubers who actually chats with us while she does the get ready with me, and I love the little personal tidbits that have nothing to do with makeup.

Grav3yardgirl: A lot of people probably find Bunny to be a bit too much because she has a really big personality, but I find her entertaining and hilarious.  Every time I play one of her videos, Justin complains about her, but then sits there and watches the whole thing with me.  She does way more than just makeup - lots of thrift store hauls, shoe unboxings, tea vlogs (vlogs where she (you guessed it) drinks tea), follow me to target / bed bath and beyond / whatever store.  I like her because she is totally someone I would have hung out with in high school back when I was one of the freaks (I'm pretty boring and mom-ish now, haha).  When she does do makeup, she's usually one of the first people to say she's not very good at it, which I think is refreshingly honest.  I think the first video I watched she basically painted her face orange with one of those mousse foundations and it was horrible but fascinating and I just couldn't stop watching.  Even if she's not always perfect at it, she knows her stuff, especially the high end products.  She has her own style and is very much her own person, and I love her for that.

ShadesofKassie: Kassie is someone I like to watch because she uploads very regularly and her videos are high quality.  She does weekly favorites and massive hauls and tons of tutorials. She wears much bolder makeup than what is my taste and isn't as good at it as the pros, but there is something about her that I am drawn to.  I had to think really hard about what it is, but I think I got it - she is ON TOP of the trends.  Whether it's fashion or accessories or makeup, if it's in style, Kassie's doing it.  So even though I don't really consider myself a trendsetter or a trend follower, I guess I just like knowing what they are.  Plus she just uses so many damn products it's fascinating to watch her put them on.  

Lisalisad1: Lisa is definitely the newest guru in my collection - I just started watching her maybe a week ago.  I don't mean this in a mean way AT ALL, but I don't know how else to say it.  She's kind of like one of the Real Housewives.  Or at least how I imagine them to be, having  never actually seen an episode in my life.  She is older (in a totally graceful way) and clearly has a ton of disposable income.  She buys $150 t shirts that look exactly the same as $10 ones from target.  She buys handbags that cost more than one of my paychecks.  She is also really sweet and positive and just INTERESTING to me because I don't know anyone like her.  She offers advice like "If you buy an expensive handbag, you should USE it and don't just put it in your closet for special occasions...you deserve it and every day is special!" and she does it with complete sincerity.  I don't know, I just think she's a cool lady - beautiful inside and out.  I also love that she doesn't rush through her videos AT ALL, so I can just pop on a 40 minute video while I'm driving and listen to her talk about all of the crazy things she bought and tell stories about her family and maybe glance down and see some pictures of her cats.  

Vlogwithkendra: I went through quite a Kendra phase where I watched a shit ton of her videos all in one fell swoop a couple of months ago.  She is a newlywed with pretty much the cutest, most supportive husband ever (sometimes he picks up the camera and talks to us too, always a bonus).  She is really into living a healthy/natural/organic lifestyle and has a lot of smoothie recipes and vitacost hauls and the like in her vlogs.  Her channel is a good mix of tutorials, monthly favorites and empties, hauls, and vlogs.  She really shines at hair tutorials and neutral eye looks.  She kind of has a million different variations of the same natural looking makeup, but each one has a little twist.  I like that because I go neutral about 98% of the time - makeup for real life.  I think she's really down to earth and easy to listen to.  It kind of feels like your girlfriend or sister is talking to you.  For some reason I am thinking she would be a great fit for you, Megan...maybe because you also have beautiful hair and live in California?  Haha.    

Pinkiecharm: If I know what her real name is, I certainly can't think of it right now.  [I looked it up...it's Irene].  Pinkie is another guru I love for her honesty - I have never once felt like she was sugarcoating anything.  I get the feeling that she has been making videos for a really long time, so she knows what she is doing.  She is VERY knowledgeable about the products and really does her homework before she does a review.  Almost 100% of her videos are reviews, but there are occasional hauls or 5 faves thrown in there.  Her perfume reviews are freaking amazing - a real work of art.  I can never describe scents beyond "me likey" or "eww gross", but she goes on for 15 minutes straight sometimes.  It's impressive.  I also like her because I'd totally hang out with her in real life - she seems like my kind of people.

Frmheadtotoe: Okay, so I am actually having a really hard time putting into words what I like about Jen.  She first won a special place in my heart with her really informative and helpful two part series on Japanese BB Creams.  She is obviously beautiful, and her makeup looks are really pretty.  She seems incredibly friendly and often gives good advice to her younger audience.  She is very put together and I like looking at the well decorated backgrounds of wherever she is filming.  All of that just sounds so generic though and I feel like I'm not doing her justice.  Just watch her, I think you'll like her!  

Jaclynhill1: Love, love, love me some Jaclyn Hill.  First off, she is simply stunning.  More importantly, I have learned SO MUCH about makeup from this girl.  She is a legit makeup artist.  She used to work at a MAC store so her tutorials are almost exclusively MAC (at least the shadows), but don't let that stop you.  This girl can BLEND.  She is SO GOOD at explaining what she's doing and why and how you can do it too.  Plus, she is unexpectedly hilarious.  Like, out of nowhere in the middle of a tutorial she yelled "now pack on that bronzer, bitches!!!" except it was about a thousand times funnier than I am describing it.  If your main goal when checking out YouTube gurus is to actually learn something from a tutorial, go directly to Jaclyn's channel and watch every last video.  You won't regret it.  

Tanya Burr: I didn't discover Tanya until a couple of weeks ago, and I seriously don't know where she has been all my life.  I LOVE HER.  I think I thought that pixi2woo (her old channel name, I think it's just her real name now) was just a lame ripoff of the pixiwoo sisters, but it's my understanding that she dates their brother so she has a legitimate connection to Sam and Nic.  I'm pretty sure she's also a legit makeup artist.  Her looks are BEAUTIFUL and her videos are SO WELL DONE - perfectly edited, tons of energy, visually appealing.  I love watching her get ready with me videos...she has one of those infectious personalities and just puts me in a cheery mood.  I feel like I could copy her tutorials with reasonable success, which is not something I'd say about many of the people I love to watch.  Highly recommended.  

Pixiwoo: The pixiwoo sisters, Sam and Nic are the real deal - old school YouTube gurus who blazed a path for everyone to follow.  They can do tons and tons of different looks, on themselves and on others.  Their technique is flawless and they are both gorgeous.  I also love that Nic is approximately my age and also has dry skin with redness, so I think what works for her coverage wise ends to work for me.  They are true professionals; the only tradeoff is that you don't get quite as much of the personal tidbits as you do with some of the other girls.  

Nikkietutorials: Nikkie is a self-taught makeup goddess.  I am SO SO SO impressed that English isn't her first language - it took me a while to pick up on that.  She is a true artist - she does a lot of really creative looks with vibrant colors.  She always looks absolutely flawless at the end, like she's right out of a fashion editorial.  I especially love her Hunger Games tutorials (both from the first movie and the new one).  She has a fun, bold personality and often makes me laugh, especially in her monthly hits and OH GAWD NOs.  Also...There is this one video she did that is super cool and has a good message but is quite possibly the freakiest thing I have ever seen in my life.  I don't want to link to it without warning you what it is (lest you have a heart attack), so I'll link to this article about it instead.

Beautyfoolreview: I feel like no list of gurus would be complete without one of my fellow beauty subscription junkies.  I can honestly say April (which may or may not be her real name...I think she has only told us once ever) is largely responsible for my descent into beauty subscription madness.  I love her reviews because she is brutally honest and I find it to be hilarious when she totally rips on something she hates.  What you see is what you get with her.  She is also really knowledgeable about a ton of products, and always knows what's new in the beauty sub world.

LisaEldridgedotcom: Lisa is another legit makeup artist...probably the biggest name artist on YouTube (she has done celebrities and whatnot).  Her makeup always looks really natural and fresh and flawless, and I love her skincare advice.  My favorite video ever is definitely her routine for long flights.  Genius!  Like the pixiwoo sisters, Lisa uses a lot of models so you can see her looks on a lot of different people.  Very informative, but again, very little personal information.  

MMandLshow: If you watch the Bachelor, I'm sure you know who Michelle Money is.  She and her friend Laura have a YouTube channel and it really is quite a show.  I'm sure they are basically playing characters here (god help us all if they aren't), but it is highly entertaining.  I love the way they play off each other.  I'm pretty new to their channel so I'm not really sure of the full range of what they have to offer, but I can't get enough.  If you want entertainment plus a smattering of beauty / makeup / diet / fitness / fashion, check them out.  

JennaMarbles: Okay, I know Jenna is an entertainer and not a YouTube guru.  However, she got internet famous for her "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking" video, which is pretty much the most hilarious makeup "tutorial" ever made.  She also has done a few legit makeup tutorials before,and has bits on "Things I Don't Understand About Girls" (GOO HOARDING!!!) and  "What A Girl's Hair Means" and "What A Girl's Makeup Means" which are freaking hilarious.  It's all funny cause it's true.  I also wanted to include her because she did the Draw My Life tag that is all over YouTube and it totally made me cry.  Oh, Jenna, I love you.                       

Do you guys watch YouTube beauty gurus?  Who do you recommend?  And what do you think of the gurus I'm loving?

Also - if you have made a request in the past, I haven't forgotten about you!  Expect me to come back full force after I'm not in hearings anymore.  This includes your manicure question, Susie!!!


Anonymous said...

I just started watching MsGlamourFlower-Desiree'!! She's just starting out, but I like her. It's like just sitting and talking with a good friend! And she's a Mom : )

You guys should totally check her out.

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What about watching this?


(burberry rosie huntington whitely)