Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring 2013 Day in the Life

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It's Day in the Life time again!  If anyone wants to participate, read about it over here.  Other Laura is much more ambitious than I am, as she is doing a full week.  I can barely handle one day, but at least I'm participating (on time, even) this time!  

This was Monday, April 15, 2013.  I am doing a lot of traveling to Columbus for work - I stay in a hotel from Monday through Friday and only see my family on the weekend.  I did the last 2 weeks of March + half of first week of April for the last case, and will be doing the last 2 weeks of April for this case.  I thought I would capture my business travel working mom day (or at least as much of it as I can without talking too much about work itself). I'll make sure I do a day with my family next round!

12:00 am: I wanted to spend as much time with Justin and the girls as I could, so I didn't start my trip to Columbus until close to midnight Sunday night / Monday morning. I topped off my gas and hit the road. Does anyone else think "something's afoot at the Circle K" every. single. time. you see one? 

12:00-2:00 am: The drive from Akron to Columbus is 125 miles. I spent it listening to (not watching!) YouTube beauty gurus. I always pick out 2 hours worth of longer vlogs or hauls or favorites, anything I can listen to and don't have to watch, before I head down. This time it was a lot of lisalisad1, someone completely new to me.  I feel like we would have absolutely nothing in common with her in real life (other than a love of makeup), but sometimes those are the people I love listening to most. She seems like a sweet lady :)

2:00-2:05 am:  I got all checked into the hotel and loaded my stuff on the cart.  Normally I pack much lighter but every once in a while I just say fuck it and take enough for a month. If I'm going to be stuck here, I want to have fun pampering stuff and plenty of snacks. 

2:05-2:10 am: I got settled in my room. I normally try to get one of the rooms with a tub, since I love soaking in the tub with no kid interruptions and I hate these half door showers. There is no way to turn the water on without completely drenching myself.  The shower rooms have a much more comfortable king bed instead of two queens, so it was a decent trade-off.  

2:10-2:24 am: I pulled out my night time routine ziplock and got to it. Products used were Neutrogena eye makeup removed and face wash, Dr. Haushka toner, Kiehl's dark spot corrector, philosophy hope in a jar night, Perricone MD eye serum, and EOS lip balm. I set my alarm for 6:03 (I never go right on the hour, it bugs me) and went to bed. 

2:24-6:41 am: Sweet, sweet sleep. I generally fall asleep within about 8 seconds of my head hitting the pillow, which is good because I need every minute I can get.  

6:41-6:45 am: Apparently I turned off the 6:03 alarm. I have no memory of this. Good thing my body is programmed to wake up around 6:40, which is right when the girls wake up every day.  I threw in my two cents to a beauty question (which actually resulted in a tweet from Sonia Kashuk later on, haha).  Makeup talk makes me happy (obviously), thanks for thinking of me, Kirsten!

6:45-7:00 am: I took a shower before driving down (thank god) so I got to skip that and go right to the hair. Products/tools used were my Conair curling iron and brush, Garnier flat iron spray, bigsexyhair spray and play, and GK hair serum.  The pic on the top right is what my hair looks like before I tame it - wavy frizz. 

7:00-7:20 am: Makeup time! Products used were finacea, philosophy take a deep breath moisturizer, Murad primer and eye perfector, fresh lip balm, Real Techniques brushes, tarte amazonian clay 12 hour foundation, theBalm frat boy blush and nude tude palette, Urban Decay liner in zero, lorac pro mascara, and tarte LipSurgence in smitten.  Not pictured: Anastasia Brow Wizard in brunette.  That is a LOT of makeup for a very natural look, haha.  

If y'all want reviews of any of the stuff I used this day, let me know :)

7:20-7:30:  I made my way over to our office (after covertly taking pictures of myself in the hotel elevator, as one does).  I need a zillion documents so I have to carry them in a wheelie box of doom.  Pretty much every time I take it with me, someone asks if I'm going to perform magic tricks or makes some other smart ass comment.  They are clearly jealous.  

Our Columbus office is kind of old man chic, and has one of those giant fishtank conference rooms in the middle.  Glug glug.  

7:30-9:50:  I helped myself to some breakfast from the office stash.  I only ate the nature valley bar, the nutrigrain got all smashy in the bottom of my bag.  Oops.  

Justin checked in around 8:30, letting me know he was alive.  The girls spent the night at my parents since he was still recovering from wisdom tooth surgery and was all hopped up on pain meds.  

I addressed almost 150 emails, which was about as exciting as it sounds.  Some of the groups our business works with LOVE to hit reply to all for even the most mundane responses.  ("Thanks!")   

9:50-10:00:  I took some outfit / better hair and makeup pics for you guys in the bathroom before heading over to the hearings.  The jacket and pants are from the Limited, which is my professional work clothes store of choice now that I can fit in their bottoms thanks to the Fall of 2012 Intense Stress Diet.  The necklace is the Heather Belle tassel necklace I got in the March 2013 PopSugar Must Haves box (my favorite box so far).  It's something I never would have picked out on my own, but I really love it!  

10:00-1:30:  Work...let's just assume it was much like the Charlie Brown episodes where the teacher standing up in front of the room says "wah wa wah wah".  Seriously, I could try to explain it but you would die of boredom.  I obviously find it more interesting than that, or I wouldn't leave my kids to do it, but every time I try to explain it to people I watch their eyes glaze over while they die a little on the inside.  

The legal process kills approximately 1 million trees a day.  These paper stacks are way taller now.  

My view of the hearing room
1:30-2:30:  Lunch.  Today we had Jimmy John's.  I also showed my morning snack (a DELICIOUS Orange Cranberry bar my coworker gave me because I started gnawing my arm off around noon) and my afternoon snack (a Snickers bar when I started crashing around 3:30).  

2:30-5:30:  Back to hearings.  The same witness was on all day and didn't finish, so we were already behind schedule.  I HATE YOU, COLUMBUS!  (It was totally because the attorney examiners were letting every single party read documents into the record and overruling every single objection - SO FRUSTRATING).

In addition to the usual wah wa wah wah, I got some sweet messages from Justin and of course the horrible news about the Boston Marathon explosions.  I think we found out about the explosions shortly after they happened - people started whispering about it between rulings and then we all watched the videos on our ipads at break.  Heartbreaking.  

5:30-9:10:  Back to the war room to work.  We had Chick-fil-a for dinner, yum.   I realize this whole Day in the Life has been pretty much entirely about getting ready and eating food, but I seriously do nothing other than work when I'm down here, and I can't blog about that.  

I did call the girls for a bit, but our office doesn't allow anything but laptops to have wifi access, so I couldn't facetime.  Boo.  Adriana made me laugh when she told me she shouldn't get a sticker for the day because she and grandma had "a little fight".  We are working on a behavior chart - she gets a scooter when she gets 25 stickers.  She has only earned 3 in 2 weeks, so I'm sure it will be snowing again by the time she actually gets it.  3 1/2 is so fun.  

9:10-9:30:  I transferred the contents of my old wallet (the red one) into my new one (black and white).  It's a hard case one from target and I lerve it.  Then I organized my work bag since it was a mess from last week and I was too tired in the morning to do it. OCD heaven.  

I always feel like the number of highlighters I carry far exceeds my need to highlight things.  

I had this much makeup crammed into the little ipsy makeup bag I carry with me to hearings. I am ridiculous.  

9:30-10:00:  I got caught up on the day's news and then watched a bunch of YouTube makeup videos to distract myself from it.  There were some cute videos, but sometimes even makeup doesn't solve everything.  Sad day.  

Thatsheart doing the my boyfriend does my makeup tag
10:00:  Sleepy time.

I would love if some of you play along - link below if you do.  Hopefully the next one a) won't be so depressing/boring and b) will have 100% more cute little girl pics.  


Perhaps I am the only one who finds this hilarious...I went back to the Day in the Life rules post to figure out if I should email the link to Laura (yes) or leave it in the comments or what, and I saw this:

Make sure to include pictures of YOU during the day, even if that means mirror self-portraits (turn the flash off!) or using that good old timer. And don't forget to include pictures of the mundane - your make-up on the bathroom counter, the messy office desk, your lunch, what you bought at Target, a note your spouse scribbled for you. That's part of what makes it so interesting.

I DID EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE THINGS (if a text counts as a note).  And not even a little bit on purpose.  I am so very original! Slash mundane!


Jessica said...

I really do miss business trips. I don't care how disgusting I'm supposed to find hotel rooms, I still love them. And new/different offices.

Mama Bub said...

There is a part of me that wishes I were the sort of person who needed to travel for business.

Also, I would love to see a post where you round up your favorite beauty YouTubers.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

The fact you got only 4 hours of sleep and made it through a long day of hearings is unbelievable. I probably would've crawled under a table and taken a nap if I got so little sleep. =)

andreaunplugged said...

I love seeing what products people use. I LOVE that GK hair stuff so much I'll probably buy it when I run out. And I just recently bought the Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer. Apparently the oxygen part is kind of BS but I like the consistency and was looking for something new.

Heather said...

Fun reading about your work day. It's strange to imagine living a (part-time) non-kid life where you can actually eat meals without wiping grubby little hands or lay down at night in peace. Hard to be away from your girls, I'd imagine though.

Good to catch up with you, friend! Hope all is well.

hemborgwife said...

I agree that little sleep and I would have been a nightmare!! Super interesting day in the life for me to read though since it is so different from mine!

Julia Goolia said...

Love all of the products---makes me want to shop!

Mama Tully said...

Wow, you are SO ORGANIZED!!! You are like a packing genius or something :)
Love your work outfit and also, you have GORGEOUS hair. Very jealous of that. You should do a tutorial on how you do your hair.

Megan said...

Kudos for you making it on such little sleep & I am impressed with your stash of products. Traveling for work stinks but not having to cook is one nice perk.

Navigating the Mothership said...

Hahahaha - thank you for dotting all is and crossing all ts when it came to my suggestions for doing a DITL :)

Now I think you would truly fall over an die if you knew about my (complete lack of a) beauty routine. My nighttime version involves...going to bed and my morning one sometimes includes splashing water on my face if I'm feeling fancy. But this does make me want to consider trying harder because I do find make-up stuff fun!

Erin said...

Love the blog, adding you to my reader - and thanks for commenting on my DITL!

When's your oldest daughter's birthday? My oldest was born 10-13-09. Are you done having kids? ;) One more over here, I hope - despite how crazy life with two already is!

Did a double-take at your 6:03 alarm - I was born at 6:03 a.m. so that's what time I always set my alarm for (before I had to wake in the 5 a.m. hour - boo.)

The Limited is one of my favorite stores for work clothes, too. And Target, who doesn't love Target?

Finally, I'm impressed with your lack of sleep on this day - having kids just puts sleep in a whole new perspective, doesn't it? Five or six hours straight? Totally doable!