Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer 2013 Allure Beauty Box Review

Yesterday was an A+ mail day...I got my Bzzagent BedHead Buzzkit, my May Julep box, and my Summer Allure Box.  Woohoo!

If you still don't know what the summer box is, I talked about it here and here and pretty much nonstop over on twitter.  I apologize for the overkill, but this really is my favorite thing all year - such an amazing deal!  And part of the fun of these beauty boxes is getting all of you excited right along with me.  I absolutely love hitting refresh together, comparing order numbers (262!), and laughing at the crazies on the allure facebook page with all of you.  

Now to compare notes about which variations we got!

Date of arrival: April 29, 2013

Packaging: Same plain white box that the fall one came in, but with fun new giant pink peanuts.  I see some pink little girl art projects in my near future.  The booklet has nice pictures of each product but the details are somewhat lacking.  You'd think that if they are going to go to so much effort to make a whole book they would give little tips and tricks or something.  There are coupons in the back for Dickinson's and Not Your Mother's products, Sally Hanson's gel line, and a Tan Towel coupon code (BEAUTYBOX13 for 20% off your order through 6/30/13).

Contents and mini reviews: My box had all of the goodies it was supposed to come with EXCEPT the Neutrogena lip balm.  I contacted customer service and they promptly told me they would send a replacement.  Excellent service!  Every last product except the perfume seems to be full sized.  Awesomeness.  

Adriana must have known something was special about the Clear Shampoo and Conditioner...instead of getting the regular Total Care formula, I received the Damage and Color Therapy version.  Which is fine by me, as that is what I buy anyway (love it).  I didn't see a ton of other makeuptalk (MUT) folks with that version, but it is listed as an option in the booklet.  

The pixi endless silky eye pen was also sent out in different colors.  I'm glad I got the True Teal, I don't have anything like it and it's gorgeous.  It was SO pigmented and creamy!  I received a pixi eye shadow stick and primer in past beauty boxes.  The eye product was fantastic, but the face primer was not.  I will definitely buy more of this eye pen and other pixi eye products in the future.  

The Burt's Bees gloss was not my favorite.  It's pretty but it's kinda sticky and has a gross plastic-y taste.  I can deal with sticky as long as it means it lasts longer, but I can not deal with the taste.  I feel like I licked play-doh.  Bleh.  I'll use it up but I will stick to their awesome lip balms for future purchases.  

I was a little sad to see that I didn't get the Sally Hanson polish in Jaded.  Fellow MUT-er Anastasia posted the most BEAUTIFUL Jaded swatches on her blog - check them out!!!  I got Back to The Fuchsia, which is a very cute name but I feel like I already own other bright fuchsia polishes with a bluish purple microshimmer...Butter London's Disco Biscuit comes to mind.  

Even though I would have preferred something else, Back to The Fuchsia sure is pretty.  I am dying to paint my toes this color.  The Dry and Go Drops worked nicely as well.  I can safely say I will be going back to my early 2000's ways and buying more Sally Hansen in the future.  The formula was great, I could have gotten away with one coat (but I'm a 2 coat girl), and I like the wide brush (it's stiff enough that there is lots of control).  Good stuff!

And as far as the Butter London polish goes...seems like everyone but me wanted Bit Faker, so of course that's what I got.  It's similar to Julep's Jane - smaller glitter and more coppery than rose, but close enough that I would have rather tried a different shade. 

Other pleasant surprises in the box were the Dickinson's witch hazel wipes and the BCBGMAXAZRIA Bon Chic.  I LOVE that the wipes are individually packaged - PERFECT for travel.  They smell a little weird due to the witch hazel, but it's fine.  They did the trick.  I will definitely repurchase because of the packaging.  The Bon Chic isn't something I would have picked out on my own (it's very fruity/sweet) but it's a nice scent and I think the bottle is cute.   

Lucy knows not to steal Mama's beauty products for long...
Value: I'm not going to add it up today (I'll update if I get motivated later), but Allure claims it's $250 worth of stuff and I trust them.  I paid $53.24 and it was worth every penny.  A+++++

Overall impression of the box: LOVE.  I obviously haven't had a chance to test much of it out, but I am always SO HAPPY with these boxes.  The value is through the roof, the products all get really high ratings on every site I've looked at, the products are all full sized, and it came in less than a week.  A+++++

Overall impression of the service: LOVE.  I am so happy that they are replacing the missing product with no hesitation, and I can't believe they shipped them so fast.  A+++++

And as for the facebook drama...I get that people are mad at allure for putting the wrong link on facebook, but those people need to get a grip.  It was just a mistake, and the true allure beauty enthusiasts knew where to go.  I totally understand that allure is only able to get a limited number of products, and I think it's a testament to the awesomeness of the deal that it sold out in 15 minutes.  I am also fine with allure letting people buy up to 5 boxes.  I would love to be able to afford to get that many; I think it would be a fantastic mother's day gift.  It's survival of the fittest in the beauty box world - learn how to work the internet and get your ass in your chair before noon next time!  These deals are amazing, and allure is amazing for offering them - don't ruin it for the rest of us with your complaining!!!

I am now off to enjoy my non-ruined beauty product-filled summer :) 


Alicia Curley said...

I LOOOVE my box too! The Neutrogena lip balm is fab! I'm sad you didn't get yours, but awesome that you're getting a replacement. I really like the Burt's Bee's gloss and the Pixie eyeliner is SO SMOOTH. I have never experienced eyeliner like this. It's amazeballs.

I'm using three of the hair products today and loving them. Totally tamed my naturally curly hair, but in a cute way, not a crunchy greasy way!

This was such a great buy. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I will for sure get the next one!

Julie said...

I am still sad that I missed the box this time but I'm not surprised since I was in a meeting at the time. I am not going to fuss at Allure since I didn't get it but that does mean I will be glued to my computer when the fall box comes out.

Katie Wilkes said...

SO jealous that this sold out before I could buy one!!

Emily said...

That haul looks fantastic! I'm still bummed that I missed it, but not enough to bitch about it on facebook or anything. I hate to break it to those ladies, but beauty boxes aren't tee ball; we can't all be winners every time!

Cindy Tong said...

wow ur summer box has so many items..mine in malaysia has max of 6 items only..