Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 2013 Favorites

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to do a favorites every month this year, but it has not so much worked out thus far.  But here I am, on the first day of May, with my April favorites all written up for you.  This one has both beauty and non-beauty stuff I was loving this month, so hang in there if makeup isn't your thang.  Enjoy!

I was really loving all three of my tarte LipSurgences this month, but my favorite lip combo for the month was the tarte LipSurgence in wonder, NYX lip liner in Nude Pink, and Revlon Lip Gloss in Peach Petal.  I am not normally much of a lip liner person, but I do have a small lip scar that I like to touch up when I'm feeling fancy.  The NYX liner is perfect for that, and it looks great with wonder.  The tarte is a lip stain so I don't fill in my lips entirely with the liner, I just define my upper lip where the scar is.  I add the gloss for some extra shine and to nude it out even further.  

I am also a big fan of the bold brow trend.  Partly because I naturally have bold brows, what with my dark hair and Italian heritage and all, but also because I have been experimenting with filling them in with my Anastasia Brow Wiz in brunette.  I got it for free a while back with my Birchbox points and I really like it.  The pencil part is tiny so you can use fine, feathery strokes to make it more hair like.  
Here is a little before and after.  My brows have sparse areas in the middle, so I usually just fill those in as well as the tops of my arches.  I then use the spoolie thing to brush it through and blend it out.  If my brow gel is handy, I set it, if not, I don't.  It stays all day either way.  I still look like me when I'm done, and it doesn't look too harsh or scary.  Remember - 2 shades darker than your natural color if you're blonde, and 2 shades lighter if you are brunette.  I think the brow wiz in brunette is just right for my almost-black hair.    

I know the Julep essential cuticle oil was a favorite back in January as well, but I spent a ton of time massaging it into my dry ass cuticles in the hearing room this month.  The second I stop using it, my nail beds go to hell, so it's pretty much an essential part of my routine now.  

I pulled the GK anti-frizz smoothing serum out of my fall allure beauty box a couple of months ago, and I LOVE IT.  I almost washed it down the drain after the first pump because it has a really strong cinnamon / fall spice scent (which is NOT my thing - fresh citrus all the way).  I am so glad I gave it a chance, because this stuff is AMAZEBALLS.   I run one pump through my hair after I straighten it, and it tames all frizz and flyaways instantly.  My hair is super soft and smooth and shiny for the entire day.  I can't recommend this enough!   (Also - glad to see you love it too, Andrea!!!)

TheBalm's Nude 'Tude palette came down with me for both trips to Columbus.  All of my shadows from theBalm are super pigmented and pretty.  My only nitpick is that Stubborn and Standoffish are a little too similar; I wish that spot was taken up by a matte skintone or a matte light brown instead.  I do love it though - like the UD naked palettes, it's really versatile despite being mostly nude.  

I am awkward in 100% of my selfies.  
I really really love this shirt.  I think it's just a cheapie merona top from Target.  I would link to it, but the target website resides in the seventh circle of hell and I started my no buy so I haven't had enough coffee to deal with that today.  I love the contrasting peter pan collar.  It's short sleeved, but they are long short sleeves if that makes any sense (halfway down my bicep).  Perfect for under blazers or to go casual with some dark wash skinny jeans.  

Legs in L'Eggs
I know this is not exactly a super popular opinion, but I am a fan of pantyhose, especially in professional settings and in buildings with air conditioning.  First off, my legs are not cute.  My dark ass hair starts growing back about 8 seconds after I step out of the shower, and I always have little bruises from chasing around the girls.  I am also not even remotely tan, so nude hose make my legs less blinding to the world.  Finally, tights just look stupid with a suit.  So yeah.  I wore pantyhose a lot this month.  And I liked it.      

Another favorite this month was the Heather Belle Tassel Necklace from my March PopSugar Must Haves box.  I think this might be my gateway gold necklace...I have been a silver fan since I was 13 or so, but I am beginning to love expanding my horizons and even (gasp) mixing metals. 

I meant to only have one drink and one snack, but I couldn't choose.  The vending machines in the building where our hearings were had Munchos, which are my all time favorite potato chip - so light and crispy and SALTY.  There is seriously nothing better than a bag of Munchos and an ice cold Diet Coke.  Our work cafeteria has also started selling the Cracker Jack'D Intense Mix in Buffalo Ranch.  Clearly I love savory things.  These are super crunchy and delicious.  Beverage wise, I am a long time fan of the Lipton Citrus Green Tea, but I also recently discovered the Pomegranate Blueberrry Iced Tea and Passion Fruit Mango Green Tea flavors as well.  Finally, I drank a ton of the Starbucks Refreshers when I was in hearings.  All of the energy boost with none of the jitters.  

As much as it sucked being away from the girls this month, room service certainly helped make things a wee bit better.  On that particular night, I ate my second dinner while watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which was just as moving as the book.  I was literally ugly cry sobbing at the end.  Damn you, Stephen Chbosky!  But it was still my favorite movie of the month.  

I was doing so much reading for work that I did zippo pleasure reading in April, but I loved State of Wonder by Ann Patchett at the end of March and am looking forward to finishing up the last little bit this month.  

Pretty much the only thing the girls would let me listen to this month was Taylor Swift.  Lucy in particular LOVES "I Knew You Were Trouble" and is constantly bringing me my phone ("Trouble/  Trouble?  Trouble?  Please Trouble?").    

My favorite games continue to be all of my Tap Crap - Tap Paradise Cove, Tap Campus Life, and Tap Zoo.  I originally got Tap Zoo for Adriana, and she is only somewhat interested while I am still tapping away like a madwoman.  

In my defense, I do prefer fun colored tights to pantyhose.
My favorite random item this month was my little Merona Wallet from Target.  I love the hard case, and that it forced me to pare down all of the crap I normally carry.  I have actually let it replace my purse and only carry this and my larger work bag most of the time.  

Lucia has started thanking me whenever I get her hair out of her eyes.  Heh.
And of course, my all time favorites are these kiddos right here.  After the girls had a bath last night, I was letting them run around the upstairs while I straightened up a bit.  All of a sudden I heard mattress jumping coming from Lucy's room.  Adriana had boosted Lucy into the crib and then hopped in herself.  I almost had a heart attack.  Good times.  

This was the only picture I took of Justin this month. 
Last but not least, I feel like I need to give a special shout out to this video game playing fool.  Justin made March and April about a zillion times easier than they would have been otherwise.  He did not complain at all about his single parenting duties, and even surprised me a couple of times by doing stuff before I asked.  I have now officially noted that he is just as capable as I am, and plan to use that piece of information to my advantage in the future ;)

I would now love to hear what you are loving right now, so I can make a mental note for after my May and June no buys.  Also...pantyhose, yay or nay?  Am I all alone on team pantyhose?


andreaunplugged said...

Yay for the shoutout! As for pantyhose, I was staunchly pro-panty hose for years, but have relaxed in more recent times. My reasoning was exactly the same as yours. Most of the time, most people's legs do not look flawless, and hose helps even everything out. :)

hemborgwife said...

I also love using lipliner but always feel like I am the only one using it, I use a nude for when I wear really intense reds since I feel like it keeps them in place.