Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Baby Registry Checklist

I'm not pregnant again, I promise.  I just found out that a good friend of mine is having a baby (SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!), so I did what I always do and sent her my master baby shit list of everything a new mom needs, according to Laura.  I probably scare people off by sending this out left and right, but I just get SO EXCITED for new babies and want to help to the point at which I'm probably annoying.  

It suddenly occurred to me...wedding planning is a thing.  Why not baby planning?  It's not assvice if the people ASK for it and are even willing to PAY for it.  I WOULD BE THE BEST BABY PLANNER EVER.  Seriously, I can not think of a better job in the world.  I read blogs written by moms for YEARS before actually having kids myself, so I have at least 10 years of training.  I could customize my plan based on the family's needs.  I am not even joking, if I were less lazy and lived in a real city, I would partner with my entrepreneurial friend and make it happen.  There HAVE to be people out there who would actually pay me to do this.  

In the meantime, I will post my OCD checklist, since my second baby checklist is actually my most googled post BY FAR.  Then I can just point people here rather than having to track down the spreadsheet every time.  Sorry if you already have kids and this is incredibly boring...feel free to add your 2 cents in the comments if you want.  

I have two kids - Adriana is now 3 1/2 and Lucia is 21 months.  

Basic Gear

̵       A stroller / travel system is a very personal choice – do your research and pick what suits your needs.  I like my travel system (Chicco in Cubes) just fine, but we don’t do a lot of strolling.  If your infant carrier is the kind with a base and you have 2 cars, register for an extra base.
̵       I recommend registering for the next car seat up as well (2 if you have 2 cars).  Yes, I’m really saying you should register for 3 car seats plus another base.  No, I don’t think that’s excessive.  You need this more than you need a million tiny outfits.  We have 4 Britax Roundabouts - 3 in Onyx and 1 in Cowmooflage.    
̵        If you have a small place and/or don’t travel a lot, you probably don’t need a pack n’ play.  I set our Chicco pack n' play up in the living room at first for daytime diaper changes, and then it went into our bedroom and Adriana slept in the bassinet til about 4 months old.  We still use it for trips or visits to family that don’t have cribs. The Graco quilted pack n play sheets worked on that pack n play and made it much more comfy to sleep in. 
̵       After not getting a bassinet of any sort (thinking Adriana would sleep fine in her crib)(she didn’t), I super regretted not getting an arm’s reach cosleeper right off the bat.  I am a big fan of not completely waking up to breastfeed 10 million times a night, and loved this for Lucy.  I got the one in toffee, which does not appear to be available anymore, but cocoa natural is.  
̵       Each kid is different, some love the swing and some hate it.  Both of my girls loved our Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing to the point that we wore out the motor.  Adriana hated the matching bouncy / vibrating chair and never used it, but it was great to stick her in there anyway when I had to shower.  You probably don’t *need* either and they are both stuff the kid grows out of super fast, but the swing really did keep us sane.  Get a crapload of D batteries ahead of time, there’s nothing worse than having the swing’s batteries run out right at naptime.  Or just get one with a plug.  
̵       Changing table / changing pads with fancy covers – I personally never used them and thought it was a waste of money.  Just get some cheapo waterproof pads and change the kid on the floor.
̵       Crib, mattress, dressers obviously.  You don’t really need the fancy bedding, but if you think it’s cute, go for it. 2-3 mattress pads, 4-6 fitted sheets, and 3-5 baby blankets should be good, depending on how often you like to do laundry.
̵       We only used our BabyBjorn like twice for Adriana (I held her CONSTANTLY), but used it NONSTOP for Lucia.  I liked it, but am a little sad I didn't try out other options.  
̵       An exersaucer or a jumparoo (not essential but can distract the kid if you have stuff to do).   They don't carry the exact model we have anymore, but it's a lot like this Fisher Price jumparoo.  Both girls loved it.  
̵       A play mat for “tummy time” (yes, it’s an awful phrase)(no, this isn’t essential).  We have the Boppy play gym...not this exact model, but same idea.  
̵       The dream baby extra tall swing close gates are amazing…not only do the extra tall keep the cats out, but we aren’t short and this is the right height for us.
̵        I have no complaints about this Phillips monitor.  Looks like the one we have isn't available but I'm sure the technology is even better now.  I would have loved a video monitor but didn't want to splurge.  
̵        I have no complaints about the Crane Cow Cool Mist Humidifier or the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier.  I would probably go with the functional over the cute one if I had to do it all over again, since I'm sure they won't want the cow when they are older.  
̵        Diaper bag – whatever floats your boat.  Ours is plain and black so Justin doesn’t mind carrying it. 
̵        We have a diaper genie and love it.  Some people think they are pointless.  Those people don’t mind smelling poo I guess.  Register for 3-4 of the refills too, those add up.  

Bathing / Medicinal / Hygiene Needs

̵       I used the First Years Infant to Toddler Baby Tub with Sling for about 5-6 months, and then  we went to the sink, then the bathtub.  The sling is nice when the kid is tiny and slippery.
̵       3-4 hooded towels, 90 kazillion washcloths.  I love these Gerber washcloths if you can find them.  
̵       People will give you a bunch of bath crap at the shower.  Even if you register for the brand you like, they will buy what THEY like.  It will take until the kid is about 6 to use it all.  Have fun with that.  I prefer Johnson and Johnson's shampoo for that classic baby head smell, and we use tons of Aveeno stuff since the girls have eczema.
̵       Tiny safety nail clippers, like this one by Safety First.    
̵       Tiny brush.
̵       One of those finger toothbrushes to brush their little gums.
̵       Steal the booger sucker from the hospital. 
̵       Diapers, wipes, diaper cream.  I like pampers (with the line that turns blue when the diaper is dirty), pampers sensitive wipes, and desitin, respectively.  When she was older (4 months) we switched to target brand diapers and wipes and it was fine (and cheaper).  Make sure you steal diapers from the hospital…they send you home with anything that’s open. 
o        This is the best deal on pampers – one box of newborn is good before using size 1 or size 1-2: 
̵       Mylicon gas drops – we used about 4 bottles per newborn, this stuff is great
̵       Infant Tylenol / Infant Motrin
̵       Infant vitamin drops – we used this daily until the girls were old enough for flintstone gummies, so get a bunch if you find a good deal
̵       Thermometer – We use the Vicks Speed Read Digital Thermometer, and only under the armpit.  I’m not sticking anything anywhere else. 
̵       Vaseline if it’s a boy and you are circumsizing.  Or so I have been told.  I don't know why exactly, I make girl babies.  

Sleeping Needs
̵       We swaddled her – Happiest Baby on the Block dvd was awesome (borrow it if you can, you only need to watch it once.  Make the hubs watch too, Justin was SUPER EXCITED about swaddling after the video).  The girls broke out of the normal receiving blankets, but I hear Aden+ Anais swaddling blankets are awesome.  All other receiving blankets are too freaking small and are a waste of money.  OH and make sure you steal a couple from the hospital, those are nice and big.  We also liked the miracle blanket
̵       A white noise machine also helped the sleeping situation immensely.  We had both a Cloud b sleep sheep and a homedics soundspa.  We still use a soundspa in each girl's room to this day, but the projecter part is crap and broke within a month both times.  Still makes white noise just fine though.  
̵        I wasn’t going to do binkies until about the 4th night home with no sleep.  It might be wise to have some on hand just in case.  Some kids need to try out a few different brands before finding one that works (but the good news is that they will use them all once they are older and less picky, so don’t feel like buying several brands is a waste of money).  The First Years pacifiers are the ones that worked for us for both girls - they used to be winnie the pooh, looks like it's all mickey/minnie mouse now.  
̵       Sleep sacks til your kid is old enough to stand up, I’d recommend at least 4.  We used the Carter's Sleep Sacks.    

Clothing Needs...Carter's is pretty much my brand of choice for all of the below, until the kid can walk.  

̵       5 side snap t shirts in size newborn
̵       2 weather appropriate sleep and play’s in size newborn
̵       Then, for each size (0-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, etc)
o       1 5-pack of short sleeved plain onesies (I highly recommend carter’s over gerber or any other crappy brand)
o       1 5-pack of long sleeved plain onesies (during cold months)
o       1 5-pack of printed onesies and the coordinating 2-3 pack of baby yoga type pants (again, recommend carter’s)
o       An assload of sleep and play’s (seriously, you can’t have too many of these…if you need a number, get at least 6-8)
o       A sweater and a hoodie in each size (even in warm months it’s nice to have)
o       Socks
o       No shoes needed til size 3 or size 4…before that, socks are fine
o       In my opinion, you REALLY don’t need anything else (and you might need even less than this, if you like to do laundry more than I do).  Maybe 1 cute dress up outfit in each size.  Any more than that is a waste – they grow SO FAST and spend SO MUCH TIME barfing and pooping at home.  Plus anything other than the carter’s stretchy stuff doesn’t grow with the kid and fits weird.  But if you are like me, lots of people will buy you lots of stuff that your kid will wear exactly once and then it will take up space in a bin until the next kid gets to wear it once if they are the same sex. 
̵       I think Dreft is bullshit.  I use Cheer free.  My kid has really sensitive skin and has never once broken out from real detergent. 
̵       A coat for cold months and a fleecy jacket for cool months 

Feeding Needs

̵       I didn’t get a high chair at first.  We fed the girls in the Bumbo when they were super little, then the fisher price healthy care deluxe boosterseat.  I love taking that seat to restaurants so we don’t have to deal with their nasty chairs.  We did eventually end up getting a Graco high chair, so I definitely should have just registered for it in the first place.  
̵        A bunch (8-12?) of the Gerber cloth diapers for burping purposes 
̵        The kid won’t need it right away, but it’s not a bad idea to register for sippy cups and a set of bowls and spoons
̵        Once the kid eats solids, the only bibs that don’t suck are the plastic ones that have the little pocket on front; we got ours from target
̵        Breastfeeding stuff 
o        Pump of your choice (I had the Medela Pump In Style similar to the one I linked, so everything I link to here will be medela stuff)
o        I registered for pretty much everything in the Medela section…I ACTUALLY pretty much just pumped into the 5 oz bottles and then dumped any extra into the freezer storage bags (didn’t pump into the bags themselves).  50 of the freezer bags is the absolute most you’ll need unless you have superboobs.  I didn’t need anywhere near as much of the pumping accessories as I thought I did (microsteam bags, wipes, etc). 
o        Breast pads & nipple cream…I preferred Medela but try out a few different kinds.  Lilypadz are supposed to be amazing.  
o        12-15 5-oz bottles is good to start.  We boiled them the first time, then handwashed with soap and water after
o        Bottle brush
o        I thought it was really convenient to have an extra set of the breast shields and tubing – I kept 1 at home and 1 at work:
o        I recommend getting a set of extra nipples, caps, and rings off amazon, those things have a way of disappearing over time.
o        I prefer the Boppy to My Brest Friend (worst name ever) but each mom is different.  The boppy is good even if you aren’t breastfeeding since you can prop up the kid to drink a bottle or hang out.
o        Hooter hider…it’s shockingly hard to see what the hell you are doing without showing the planet your boobs.  I had the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover.  If someone is crafty, they could make you this for like $3…it’s just a piece of fabric with a hoop in the neck. 
o        The Itzbeen timer was awesome when I was too tired to remember when I last fed or changed Adriana…she’d fuss and I’d just look at the timer to see what she most likely needed.  I didn't really need it for Lucia, so it's definitely more of a first time parent thing.  There are also tons of apps that do the same thing.  

Stuff for your lady parts (assumes vaginal delivery)

̵        To save your significant other embarrassment, I’d buy the following things in advance (for after you get home from the hospital)
o        Giant pads…Steal a bunch of the giant pads from the hospital too, and the mesh underwear if you like them. 
o        Tuck’s medicated pads
o        Dermoplast
o        Stool softeners
̵        I lived in nursing tank tops and yoga pants for at least a month after.  They are your friends.  So is black underwear.  If you think you can picture the amount of post-birth fluids, quadruple it. 
̵        For reference: I bled for over a month, my milk came in at day 2 and didn’t go completely away until 4 months after we were done nursing, I would still wake up spraying milk when Adriana was 4-5 months old, and it was over 5 months before I could have pain-free sex.   Good times.
̵        The good news is that you will have an adorable tiny human to distract you from the grossness in this section.    


Lacey said...

You sent me your hospital list and it was super helpful for this confused first time mama!

You have the best lists! Agree with most of it, but we definitely used (and still use) the changing table. Is that a FTM thing I'll give up on if/when baby #2 comes? ;)

Erica said...

You are awesome for using the gum brush. Maybe I will do that this time.

Suzanne said...

Baby planning IS a thing. You just live in the wrong part of the country - you need to live in a major city where everyone has too much money.

Jess said...

I will add to this that we had the exact same baby swing in a different pattern, Starlight, and it did come with a plug. At the time it was the only pattern of this line of swings that came with a plug. However, now Amazon seems to show that the new version of the Little Lamb pattern comes with a plug too.

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