Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 2013 Birchbox Review

I also got my Birchbox yesterday...it was a bit less exciting than the Ipsy, since this was one of the rare months where I actually logged into my account to see what products I would receive (I usually just look at the spoilers with all 35 boxes, not my own specific box).

Date of arrival: May 13, 2013.

Packaging: Standard pink outer box and brown inner box.  This month's theme is "beauty diaries", so the card had a little mad libs section that my husband is just dying to fill out.  I'm sure he's working on how to make penis a verb as we speak.  This was yet another half-assed theme as beauty diaries is pretty much meaningless beyond the fact that we all got pens.

Contents and mini reviews:  Curly hair products, eyeliner, shave cream, sunscreen, and a pen.  
hehe...it says poo
I am not opening the three step DevaCurl hair system yet since I am currently testing out a different curly hair product for bzzagent (more on that later).  However, I was excited to get the Deva as I am always looking for a more affordable holy grail curl cream (Miss Jessie's quick curls = hella expensive), and these look reasonably priced based on the ulta website.  Plus I remember Noemi saying she uses the Deva stuff on herself and her daughter, and they both have gorgeous curls.  If it makes my hair half as pretty as Noemi's, I'll be a fan for life.  

I'm not trying the Whish shave gel or Coola sunscreen yet...I always that type of shave gel packaging for travel, and you can never have too many sunscreens (or can you...I'm taking this as sign #2 that I shouldn't order it this year).  I will say that I'm not likely to repurchase the Whish or Coola, no matter how many delicious scents they make - $20 for a shave cream or $32 for some sunscreen is insane.  

Smudgy and not smudgy
The Suman Contrast Eyeliner by Sumita is just a standard black eyeliner.  I'm glad I got it in black, since that is my eyeliner of choice.  It's definitely more of a soft dark brownish black rather than a black black like UD's zero or perversion.  It glides on really easily, smudges right after you first apply, and sets really nicely shortly thereafter.  Basically all of the qualities I look for in an eyeliner.  Haven't used it on the eyes yet, so I don't know if I'd repurchase.     

I am a big fan of pens, but I would rather get a beauty extra over a lifestyle extra any day.  It writes smoothly, but I will probably get asked to schedule meetings and make copies (and not much else) if I start showing up to work with a pen that writes in electric blue.  It's akin to dotting my i's with little hearts or using comic sans in emails.  This one's for home use only.  Would not repurchase, as it would take a lot for me to cheat on my pen of choice (uniball jetstream 4eva).

Value:  One of the lowest value boxes I've seen - $17.93 is a D+ on the Laura scale.  Is it just me or are the values getting lower and lower every month?

Overall impression of the box:  Nothing is really earth shatteringly awesome, but I will definitely use it all.  The longer I look at the DevaCurl stuff on the Ulta website, the more excited I am to try it out.  Everything else is just kind of a staple item to me rather than something new and interesting to try out.  I'd give this box a C.  

Overall impression of the service: I'll keep them at an A- for now.  I am glad that this month's box wasn't amazing as it will make it that much easier to cancel (I'm thinking hubs isn't going to get me a new subscription for my birthday, so I am definitely dunzo).  It's been a great run with Birchbox, and I have nothing bad to say about them whatsoever, but I have way too many samples and should really take a break to use some of them up.  No worries though...I'll be back!!

Like what you see?  Use my referral link so I can stick around for another month :) 

What did you guys get this month?  What is the most you'd pay for shave gel or sunscreen?  And if you have tried DevaCurl - what did you think???


Jacylyn Dobbler said...

I think the addition is wrong? The bag is worth less. I was very sad when I got my box :(

Laura Diniwilk said...

Good catch, Jacylyn! The stupid excel spreadsheet wasn't set to automatically update. Fixing now.

Jessica said...

Wait, what? I didn't get a pen. I don't particularly care, but was I supposed to? My extra was foil packets of Yes to Grapefruit facial scrub and dark spot correcting serum. WAY better than a pen.

Kara Keenan said...

Um, Pilot G-2 pens, in black only, are the superior pens of the universe. Just saying.

Ginger said...

I got the coola (it smells nice!) and the eyeliner in a pretty blue/tealish color. I really like it, so that basically made it worth it for me.

My pen is shockingly neon pink, which is...not me. But whatever, I always need another pen around the house.

I also got a perfume sample (booo. I hate perfume samples), and the beauty protector spray (which smells nice, but that's all I can say for it).

I'm on the fence about Birchbox these days. Except I do still like the "mystery" of it...