Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I had a three package mail day yesterday, woohoo!

I already knew what I was getting in my Birchbox, so I went for the Ipsy bag first.  Normally Ipsy sends all subscribers more or less the same back, with an occasional either/or product or color variations.  This month it became clear from the spoilers that there was approximately one zillion variations, and the MUT thread basically exploded with excitement.  People were adding second subscriptions left and right, and I even saw one person go for a FOURTH.  Insane(ly awesome).  

Date of Arrival: May 13, 2013

Packaging: The standard pink bubble wrap mailer, a card letting me know I got an Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow as a thank you for providing content for the ipsy community (squeee!!!! and you're welcome!!!), a discount for $110 of NuMe styling tools, and the theme card (Spring Fling) with all of the discounts for the month.  

This month's bag is a super cute Missoni type orange and teal chevron print, which is definitely one of my all time favorites.  

Contents and mini review: Only one mini review since I am going to trade most of this bag...I got the UD Moondust Shadow in Zodiac, St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion, NuMe finishing serum, Zoya in Blu, yaby concealer in buff, and Juice Beauty lip gloss in pink.

Direct sunlight on the left, indoors on the right.  Not pictured: sparkles out the wazoo.
First off, I realize it is insane to even think about complaining about a free $20 eyeshadow that not even everyone got.  I know I am lucky, and I am super grateful that ipsy thought this little blog o' mine was enough to deserve a bonus.  It's just that if I you were to line up the 7 Moondust shadows in front of me and ask me to rank them, I'd put Zodiac last every time.  It's GORGEOUS in real life (so sparkly!), but I am not really sure if I would be able to figure out how to wear it properly.  My makeup skills are not advanced enough to do Zodiac justice.  It's not you, Zodiac, it's me.  In an ideal world, I'd trade it for Diamond Dog, since I feel like I could handle that one, even with my rudimentary makeup skills.  Color druthers aside, I am still super excited to get to try out a Moondust.  As I said when they were first released - if UD were to put out an all Moondust palette, I'd be ON TOP OF THAT SHIT.

I am somewhat interested in the St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion because it says One Night Only on it.  So even if I oompa loompa myself, it's going to wash off pretty quickly.  However, I'm not really a self tanner kind of person, so I might trade it with Deja depending on what she gets in her bag.  If I end up keeping it, I am taking this as sign #1 that I'm not supposed to get the Sephora Sun Safety Kit, since I would then have two self tanners that I have very little use for.  

I have SO MANY argan oils and hair serums already that I was really hoping to avoid getting the NuMe.  If I did get a hair product, I wanted the Macadamia Oil one since everyone on YouTube is in love with it.  I'm trading it with Ginger for her Pacifica rollerball, since I love me some Pacifica.  I just hope the gardenia isn't too similar to the Kai I got in last month's PopSugar box!  Either way, I need perfume more than I need another hair product.

I have no issues with the Juice Beauty gloss, but I am trading it with Ginger since she got the really cool Mirabella Shimmerati Shimmer gloss.  I am in love with the packaging more than anything else - when the first instagram pics came in with the shimmer gloss included, I was definitely like OOH SHINY I WANT.  

I got the yaby concealer in buff, which is definitely too dark for my fair skin.  I was hoping for ivory or vanilla.  I'm not much of a concealer person in general, so I am probably going to try to trade or give this away.  

Without and with flash...looks pretty much the same in any lighting.
Since I'm trading the first five items, I couldn't swatch or review them.  Blu was my third choice Zoya polish (I wanted Neely or Jacqueline), but I do think it's pretty and don't plan to trade it.  Which means I can actually test it out for you guys, woohoo!  The formula on this was great - completely opaque in two coats with no streaking or chunkiness.  Much better than Essie or Julep pastels I've tried recently.  I have always liked the Zoyas I have tried, not sure why I generally buy OPI or Essie when I'm getting a polish in that price range...I'll be more open in the future!  

Value: This month's bag rang in at an amazing $58.86 thanks to the UD shadow (A+), but since not everyone got the shadow we'll say it gets a solid B+, valued at $38.86.  

Overall impression of the bag: I was REALLY excited this month, so this bag was kind of a let down.  It was basically a collection of my least favorite of all of the options.  I get that ipsy now has more subscribers so they are going to have to do more box variations since they only get a limited number of high quality samples.  I also get that adding the variations this month was a fairly genius marketing trick, since people were adding subscriptions left and right.  However, it didn't work out in my favor this time and I have some serious bag envy.  A lot of people pick ipsy over birchbox because it's REALLY FRUSTRATING to get a shittier box than everyone else month after month.  I hope that ipsy continues to differentiate itself from BB by sending out fewer variations, I really do.  I also wish they would pay more attention to my profile beyond "white girl", seeing as how I know I didn't give any sort of indication that I want self tanners, and clearly marked that my skin is fair.  The bag gets an A since it has the UD shadow, but if you take that out of the running, I'd only give it a C+ (the sample sizes were excellent, even if some of the samples weren't up my alley).  

Overall impression of the service: I know I rated them lower last month because I was growing concerned over the quality of the companies ipsy was doing business with.  I think I just got pulled into the mob mentality and whatever rating I gave them didn't accurately reflect my true opinion of ipsy.  I had my one year anniversary this month, so I was going back and looking at the last 12 bags, and you know what?  Most of them were pretty great.  I am back at giving ipsy an A, and pretty darn close to even giving an A+.  I'll try to focus less on the drama going forward...and not just because ipsy gave me an eyeshadow, haha! 

Like what you see?  Ipsy has a new referral program and I'd love it if you use my link to sign up!

So what did you guys think of your bag?  If yours was completely Pacifica free like mine, did you shed a little tear?  What do you think of the bag variations?  


Anastasia said...

Beautiful Zoya color! I'm glad to see you're also back to being on good terms with ipsy, I'm honestly in the same boat. I hope this is what our bags will always look like from now on! :)

Lisa said...

This is my first month subscribing and I was pretty thrilled! I got the juice lip gloss (which was fine -- an adequate lip gloss), the zaby concealer in buff (which works for my skin tone), two yummy Pacifica products, the gardenia roll on and the coconut body lotion, all of which I am happy with. The only thing I will probably not use is the nail polish, which I got in purple and it's not my color. I will probably give that to my sister. But I also love the bag, so overall I'd say it's a win!

angela f said...

what can I possibly trade you to get that Zodiac UD eyeshadow???