Monday, May 6, 2013

May No Buy Week 1 Update

My friend over at Life of A Doctor's Wife asked for a full report on my February no buy, and I was so busy at work that it never happened.  I thought I might track my weekly progress on my May no buy and slip ups (if any) to keep myself accountable.  Feel free to yell at me if you hear me talk about crap I don't need on twitter or commiserate if you are also doing a no far I know Kelly, Megan, and possibly kinda sorta Deja are also trying to reel it in this month.   I'm loving the moral support this round!  

So far I have resisted:
  • The Target beauty box
  • The Julep Maven secret store and various other sales
  • TheBalm 50% off sale on Hautelook
  • Getting pizza for lunch yesterday
So far I have not resisted:
  • Getting pizza for dinner last night (1 out of 3 dinners down)
  • Getting McDonald's breakfast (for the girls), a hamburger (for me), and ice cream (for me and Adriana) when running errands on Saturday.  I really only specified rules for weekday lunches and all dinners, so it wasn't expressly covered, but still.  I should have planned my day a bit better and eaten at home, at least re: the hamburger and ice cream.
  • Having Justin pick up 2 cases of propel - Adriana and Justin had the barfs this weekend and she hates pedialyte, so whatever.  I'm fine with this purchase.  Hydration is a plus.  
  • Coffee this morning after a coworker brought in amazing banana muffins with maple buttercream frosting (1 out of 3 coffees down)
What is going well:
  • I have been actually eating up a lot of the stuff we had cluttering up our kitchen shelves, so the not buying junk food thing has been generally less challenging than expected.  I think it's going to get a lot harder once I run out of that stuff though - I am dangerously low on chocolate and should probably start rationing lest someone get stabbed once the PMS hits.  
  • I have only had a serious coffee habit for about 2 months thanks to the long days in the hearing room.  That being said, I did drink at least 2 cups a day when traveling and at least 1 a day since then, so I thought I might have to wean off.  I haven't had any issues so far though, so that was a nice unexpected bonus.  
What is really sucking: 
  • The real killer for me so far has been not buying any more diet coke.  I knew I only had one can left on April 30, and thought about stocking up before the no buy but that didn't really seem fair.  I normally drink at least 3-4 cans a day, so I am sure I am going to save zillions of dollars not drinking it, but...I DON'T WANNA.  I love me some aspartame.  And there are certain foods that just aren't the same without an ice cold diet coke.  I am probably going to our Columbus office tomorrow JUST to get a free can (or two), rather than working from my hotel.  And it will be amazing.  
  • Using stuff up is proving to be difficult.  My mom recently broke into my house when I was out of town and organized my shelves, so it has come to my attention that I am the proud owner of at least 12 cans of creamed corn.  I have NO IDEA why I have so many (unless maybe I bought an extra or three every single time I made this over the past two years)  but it seems like I should specifically try to use up as much as I can since I did want to plan meals around what I already own this month.   Anyone have any other creamed corn recipes?          


Stephanie said...

If you make it, seriously just go ahead and double the recipe (unless you're not sure, of course). I just double the recipe, and add the whole pack of bacon, and what can go wrong?

andreaunplugged said...

I'm kind of on a no-buy too. Coming off of a few travel heavy weeks, (some work and some fun), along with no real regular budgeting and regular impulse buys, made for some shocking credit card bills. We're also looking to buy a house, so we just need to rein it in. I've been bringing my lunch to the office, cooking more at home, and not doing any shopping unless absolutely necessary. It's working so far. We've done dinner out only one night in the past week, one lunch out, and a lunch that we paid for with a gift card. Lucky us, that we also went to my parents' house this weekend and ate in there too.

Mama Bub said...

Well, I'm sorry I know about the Julep secret store, but it's probably good I'm not a subscriber so I'm not eligible.

Nowheymama said...

I don't know why I have three! recipes featuring creamed corn, but here you go!