Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Palmolive Soft Touch Review

This product was sent to me for review by Influenster.  

As I mentioned in my post on how to get free stuff, I belong to Influenster, which is a program that sends products for you to test out in the hopes that you will talk about them with your friends and social media followers.  If you are interested in Influenster, let me know - I still have some invites!

The package had some problems getting here...both bottles leaked in transit, and the top of the pink bottle was completely broken.  Sounds like I'm not the only one with this problem.  Influenster recognized it in later emails, but I don't think there are any plans to send out replacements (or if they are, they didn't tell me).  

No worries though...I washed off the bottles and attacked my giant sinkful of dishes.  I am not much of a dish soap expert.  Basically if there are bubbles and my dishes are clean afterwards, I consider it a success.  For that reason, I generally buy cheapo store brand in some sort of lemon-y scent, or Green Works in Water Lily if I'm feeling fancy (yum).  I am not really picky.  I am pleased to report that both the Palmolive versions sent to me, Aloe and Vitamin E, resulted in clean, non-streaky dishes, and were pleasantly scented.  The Aloe is specifically for dry skin, and the Vitamin E claims to be soft on hands.  Neither version dried out my skin or wrecked my manicure, so they passed the Laura test on all counts.  
Adriana thought I wasn't watching her terrorize her sister.
The broken bottle was driving me nuts, so I decided to turn it into a fun kid activity.  The girls and I had a car wash one night, and they LOVED IT.  I can not recommend this activity enough - we could have done this for hours.  Lucy (repeatedly) got some of the Palmolive soap in her eyes, and it must be really gentle because she didn't freak out.  However, she did develop an especially nasty diaper rash a day or so after we did this.  I can't say 100% for sure if hanging out in soapy clothes did it, but it probably didn't help.  So I recommend undiapered bathing suits for all car washes going forward.  

I find these programs to be SO interesting because I really do think they work (at least on me).  While I was disappointed to get dish soap instead of an awesome box of makeup and beauty products, I really do think I will be more likely to buy Palmolive in the future (I am especially interested in the Coconut Butter one - sounds divine).  So nice work, team Palmolive and team Influenster.  I'm going to pay more attention to dish soap selection!

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