Friday, May 24, 2013

Sephora Sun Safety Kit Review

Do you like how I was all "even though I said I could buy this on my no buy, I'm going to behave and not get it; you guys have fun" and now here I am?  Yeah.  

So.  Sun Safety Kit.  For those of you who are not aware, the Sun Safety Kit is an amazing collection of SPF products and bronzers/tanners Sephora puts out every year.  $20 of the $30 price tag goes to benefit the American Cancer Society.  You can still get one here, but they generally sell out pretty fast.  

Gratuitous photo of my kids sharing (for once)
Mine came in the mail yesterday, along with my 3 free sample packets and a deluxe sample of Clinique's black honey Almost Lipstick (always, always, always check the weekly specials before you order!)
The sample packet selection was really awesome this time!
You might find all of the products in the case overwhelming, so I am going to try to break it down for you by product category.  I will also let you know which ones are fancy and which ones are cheap, so you can save the good shit for yourself and slather the cheap shit on your kids.  Or vice versa, if you're a better parent than I am.  [Edit: this was MOST DEFINITELY a I feel bad so I am going to link to the good advice Lacey posted below regarding sun protection for kids (and grownups)].  

First up: The regular sunscreens.  These products don't claim any special benefits beyond sun protection, although the Shiseido and Ole Henrikson ones do specify that they are for the face.  I will probably use all of them on my face and neck and a regular water resistant sunscreen for my body, seeing as how it would take more than a tiny ass tube to cover my big ass ass up.  
Next up:  The anti-aging moisturizers with SPF protection.  I looooooooooove multitasking products.  I think it's never too early to start using anti-aging products, and your daily moisturizer should always have a sunscreen, even in the winter.  You really can't have too many of these samples.  I tried the boscia one this morning, and it was nice and lightweight, and didn't gunk up my makeup.  

Then we have the fancy primers.  Yeah, that's right dr. brandt, I am refusing to call your BB cream a BB cream.  IT IS A FANCY PRIMER.  I generally wear a moisturizer with SPF, so I don't really see the need to have it in every single product I'm going to wear on my face.  I find that when you start layering spf products, you get that scary looking white glow in all of your pictures.  I prefer my white cast to be made up entirely of my own natural pale girl glow.  But whatever, I'll use these up.  And I am finding that BB cream + powder foundation is a lovely combination when I want to look like I don't have cake face (or cakeup, as I like to call it).  
That spot in the bronzer is a raindrop.  I froze my butt off taking these pics.
The next four products are bronzers / self tanners with no spf.  Honestly, I have never really gotten the hang of contouring or bronzing, so I don't really need the Too Faced.  It smells great, though.  I am a weeeeee bit interested in the fact that the St. Tropez is for one night only (and a bronzing lotion, not a true self tanner), so that one will probably get used up at weddings this summer.  I'll give away the tarte - even if I was interested in self tanning that tiny tube isn't gonna cut it.  I may or may not use the dr. dennis gross towel...I have some Tan Towels sitting around too so maybe I'll try them all at once just for kicks.  

Finally, we have the other category.  Mineral veil is basically a finishing powder; you dust it over the rest of your makeup to set it.  I used to use it back when I was a bare minerals person, but it never really did much for me.  I am really excited about the L'Occitane hand lotion though, as I have been meaning to switch my regular hand lotion over to one with spf for the spring / summer.  

This is what they all look like in the's a nice one, I will definitely use it for all of my travel.

And now for the value... Sephora claims the kit is worth $210, I calculated about $162 using Amazon pricing.  Which is still an amazing value, but I hate when the advertised retail value is so far off the market value.  The Shiseido is obviously the big winner of the kit, since it is the highest value and one of the more generously sized samples.  The self tanning products are the lowest value, which makes me less stressed about giving them away / throwing them out.  I really wish Sephora would just take those out, add another high end sunscreen or two, and do a separate self tanner kit.  

Even though I bounced back and forth on this purchase, I am ultimately glad I did it.  I will use almost all of the products.  I love this kit and plan on buying it every year (as long as my sample supply doesn't exceed my sunscreen demand).  I definitely recommend this one (obviously, as I haven't shut up about it).  

Did you get the Sun Safety kit?  What is your favorite full body sunscreen for the summer (both for yourself and your kids, if you have them)?  We use Aveeno Baby on the girls and the regular Aveeno on ourselves (or steal the baby stuff).       


Lacey said...

That amount of products overwhelms me! Wow!

For sunBLOCK, I follow this advice that I saved a long time ago:

I usually use the Neutrogena ones for both Charley and myself. I have had skin cancer though, as well as other family members so I'm a little crazy about sunblocking our pale pale skin.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Thanks, Lacey! I do know the difference thanks to my medical background even though I tend to use the terms interchangeably. I should know better! The Aveeno baby we use is a sunBLOCK, so Adriana and Lucia are protected!

Lisa (@PixelatedMama) said...

I used the Origins this morning and liked the texture, but it smelled TERRIBLE to me. The scent faded, but seemed to come back as I was applying my makeup. It was that catch in the back of your throat kind of smell. I'm excited to try the rest of them!

I'm a Shiseido fangirl. I use the lotion one every day, body and face. If we're going to the beach or something, I will usually use Neutrogena -- UltraSheer for myself and Baby Mineral stuff for Olivia -- simply because it's cheaper to reapply so often. As much as I love Shiseido, I don't love the price tag.

I thought the FDA was doing away with the term "sunblock" altogether as part of the new labeling guidelines? My understanding was, regardless of the ingredients, no lotion truly blocks sun. Some ingredients might be safer for children, but they still aren't "blocks" and the FDA is requiring labels to reflect that.

Lisa (@PixelatedMama) said...

P.S. That sounded waaay nit-pickier than I intended. I find this stuff interesting and like to talk about it, I'm not meaning to be a pedantic biatch.

Jessica said...

Mine. hasn't. come. yet. (So much for free three day air, huh, Sephora?)

My favorite out of last year's kit was the Shiseido. I loooooooooved it and almost bought some more, but I had plenty of sun...stuff and couldn't justify the price. Plus, for day to day I wear Neutrogena dry-touch, as recommended by my dermatologist.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Haha, I didn't take it that way! I didn't realize the FDA was changing the requirements but that doesn't surprise me either. Thanks for the info! And your origins review makes me sad, I was excited about that one!

PinkieBling said...

I wasn't going to get this one until I found out it was sold out, and then I realized I was really bummed out. It was sold out at my closest mall as of last night. I had some order weirdness this morning on this site, but finally it went through. I hope it actually was in stock!

I am failing HARD on my May no-buy. HARD.

PinkieBling said...

I got mine! WHOOOO!!!

Monica said...

I just got mine and am thrilled with your breakdown and review - very helpful as I go through mine. Thank you!!!