Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Diniwilk Stew

  • Hey everyone!  My subscription box reviews are super duper late this'll either see a bunch of them at once or they will just hang out in draft limbo until the end of time. It could go either way at this point.  It's been a crazy month at work because the case load just never ends.  We no sooner finished up all of the big cases that were keeping me in Columbus when the attorney examiner determined that ANOTHER case should go to hearing (one where we were just supposed to file comments instead of a full blown hearing with testimony and witnesses and all that jazz).  I really do love my job, but I hate that I get home at night and don't have any mental capacity left for reading your blogs, writing mine, or even catching up on twitter and instagram.  I just want to play with the girls, drool on the tv, and go to sleep.  I miss you guys!  Hopefully it will slow down soon and I can catch up.  
  • On top of being busy, I have also been a bit down.  Last week Justin and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary, and it wasn't really a year to celebrate.  Definitely the hardest one of our marriage and most likely our lives.  The good news is that something happened earlier that week that really proved just how good we are now, so it was a nice little boost right before a day that would have otherwise been rather depressing.  I have high hopes for year five - it will be the first year since we got married with no crazy huge life changes.  Year 1 = had a kid, new house, new car, new job.  Year 2 = finished my MBA.  Year 3 = had another kid.  Year 4 = hard marriage stuff.  It's so weird (but nice!) to know that we are all settled and happy and have nothing crazy coming up other that just regular life.  
  • To add to my blahness, I turn 34 on Friday.  It seems like one of the less exciting birthdays.  I have to say I'm in my mid thirties instead of my early thirties, which is kind of lame.  And it will bump me up to the next age bracket on about half of all surveys (the other half will get me next year).  I am not generally one to get all caught up on age, but I am SO TIRED all of the time, and my wrinkles are significantly more noticeable, and my hair is now over 50% gray, and MAN.  I am officially starting to feel OLD.  
  • We aren't going to the beach this year for the first time ever and I am kinda sad.  I need to start running again and taking the girls to the pool on the weekends because I think more sunshine and less staring at things with screens will dramatically improve my mood.  
  • We do, however, have a weekend fake camping trip planned in Hocking Hills.  I am super excited about it because I have this weird picture in my head about what a family should be like (I'm pretty sure it is entirely based on scenes out of Dan in Real Life, especially the part where they work out together).  We have never been a camping family whatsoever, and I know a cabin with a hot tub isn't exactly roughing it, but hanging out in the woods together just sounds like so much fun.  What are your summer plans?  Any vacations/mini trips?
  • Have you guys ever seen Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated?  It's a newer cartoon Scooby Doo that is set today, but everyone is in high school.  Shaggy and Velma are dating, as are Fred and Daphne.  IT IS ALL SO WRONG AND SO WEIRD.  Someone please watch this so we can discuss and try to figure out what brand of crack the people who wrote that show were smoking.  Once you get over the WRONGNESS of it all, it's actually pretty entertaining - lots of funnies for the adults that fly right over Adriana's head.  
  • I got to hang out with Emily a couple of weeks ago!  I am pleased to report that she is not a serial killer and is highly recommended for any future stranger play dates.  She also has the ability to look cute and not-annoyed in pictures even after at least 3 straight minutes of not being able to take a single decent selfie due to ineptitude + phone jankiness.  And yes, Emily, I am jealous of your boobage as well :) It was nice to talk about life and marriage and kids and work over some wine and fancy food - we are pretty much twinsies in all aspects of life, it's kinda crazy.  
I, on the other hand, totally look like a serial killer.
  • Kiddo update the first: Adriana is growing up entirely too fast.  She is FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY starting to be a better least if she is threatened properly and there is a countdown.  She will basically comply with anything as long as I don't take her pink blankie away (so I guess she isn't growing up THAT fast).  Her favorite colors are pink and purple and blue AND aqua green.  She can identify all letters by sight and write her name.  She is incredibly smart and asks the most amazing questions.  "Mama, how did you buy our house?  Like, did you go to the house store?  How did you pick it up to put it on the scanner?  Was it really small at the house store so you buy it and then you put it in the car and put it down on [redacted] Avenue?"  And yes, she actually inserts the "like" into the sentence.  She is also waaaaaaaaaaay more athletic/coordinated than I ever was.  I was able to take a day off work so I could watch her first day of gymnastics, and it amazed me to see how quickly she could imitate the other kids in her class who had been doing it much longer.  She also runs like a little gymnast already, it's so cute.  
  • Kiddo update the second: Lucia has the funniest personality - you never know what she is going to do next.  She was absolutely cracking Justin and I up last night because she was making so many crazy faces and randomly growling at us.  At any given moment I can ask her to show us her sad face and she will bust out the most heartbreaking pout and puppy dog eyes you have ever seen.  She is a total ham and a total drama queen.  She also has us totally wrapped around her little finger.  She will do something completely awful and then just shake her little curls and give us a big grin with her big old goofy teeth and all is forgiven.  She is learning her abc's but still mixes in snippets of other songs or leaves stuff out.  She can ALMOST count to 10 but skips some there too.  She tells us every color is either pink or orange.  She is a little toughie and definitely holds her own against Adriana (partly because she's hyooooge and partly because she fights dirty).  I think she is going to be more tomboyish than Adriana, since she's not as girly as A was at this age.  That's definitely subject to change though, since she is starting to get obsessed with shoes and we all know it's all downhill from there.    
  • I was going to do a photo dump of recent pictures but I think I will save that for a later post since my phone just died and I want to go home.  Have a good night!!


Karen Box said...

Happy Birthday! And fake camping is so much better than the real thing. Enjoy the hot tub, darling!


Lacey said...

Charley is obsessed with shoes too...their e-twin-dom continues.

We are going fake camping next weekend in our camper too! I can't wait...I don't think John, Charley and I have had a vacation by ourselves...ever. We'll have to compare notes afterwards!

Happy belated anniversary and early birthday!!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

As someone who isn't all that into beauty products (certainly not to the level you are), I have to say I adored this post. It was about YOU. Your FEELINGS. Your FAMILY. Your LIFE. Those posts make me happy. I also love that in the exact same post you're apologetic for not spending enough time on the screen when you get home from work and a few bullets later state you're super excited to ditch the screens for a woodsy kind of weekend. I feel the exact same way at times, too! =)

d e v a n said...

Yay for an update! Happy Anniversary after a tough year!

Laura Diniwilk said...

@Nilsa - I am always eager to ditch any screen with work on it, haha!