Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tigi Bed Head On the Rebound and Miss Jessie's Quick Curls Review

I received Tigi Bed Head On the Rebound complimentary from Bzzagent (more on Bzzagent here).  I received the Miss Jessie's Quick Curls in a Birchbox, courtesy of my hubby.  

I was super excited to receive On the Rebound as my first Bzzagent campaign.  In my early 20's I was a huge fan of the Bed Head line - Girl Toys was the perfect serum to tame my frizzies, Manipulator made my hair flip out on the ends just like Willow from Buffy, Ego Boost was my go to leave in conditioner, Control Freak was the first product I used to straighten my hair, and After Party was awesome to get that disgusting smoke smell out of my hair after hitting the bars.  I haven't used Bedhead products in years, so I wanted to test out the latest and greatest they have to offer.  [I checked the website, and I can't believe they are still making most of these!! So sad to see that Girl Toys isn't there though].

Cutest packaging evah
This is what my Bzzkit looked like - how cute is the bee packing tape?!!  I got On the Rebound as well as 3 samples of Recharge and 3 samples of Elasticate shampoo and conditioner.  I shared 4 sets of the samples and kept one of each for myself.  

My natural hair type is "frizzy waves".  While I would LOVE to have "wash and go" hair, I have to style it in some way to make it look normal.  If I showered the night before, I straighten it with a flat iron or curl it with a large barreled curling iron.  If I'm running late and need to let it air dry, I use some sort of curl cream to elevate my waves to an almost curly or a beachy wave look (it turns out a bit different every time no matter what I do).  I definitely do this more often in the warmer months since my hair is just going to curl up anyway due to humidity. 

Deer in headlights!
This is what my curly hair process looked like using On the Rebound - brush, scrunch, and go!  That particular day, I used the Recharge shampoo and conditioner samples.  I couldn't really tell a difference between Recharge and Elasticate since I only used one of each, but they both smelled nice and didn't do anything weird to my hair.  Please excuse the complete deer in headlights look and crappy lighting in the final dry hair (top right) picture.  I was in a conference that day and people kept walking into the bathroom every time I tried to get a good shot.  I used On the Rebound MANY times over the past 2 months and this KEPT FREAKING HAPPENING!  My coworkers probably think I'm nuts.  So I don't have any better pictures than that one.  

Anyway, as you might be able to tell from my picture, On the Rebound does make my hair curly, but they are really separated, kinkier curls and they are a bit too crunchy for my taste after it dries.  Which is REALLY disappointing, because I so wanted to love this stuff.  I feel like my hair looks too dated when I use On the Rebound.  Boo.  

Now let's compare to my current curly hair cream of choice, Miss Jessie's Quick Curls.  It smells AMAZING (like lemongrass), is nice and light, and doesn't make my hair feel crunchy (or my hands sticky).  I just scrunch a small amount into my hair and go.  Sometimes I finish it off with a couple of pumps of John Frieda Frizz Ease spray, but I don't really notice a huge difference in my hair with or without the spray.  

Sitting around hotel = no makeup and tired face
Here is a picture of my hair using Miss Jessie's...I should note that I was doing a lot of sitting around in a hotel room that day (JEEZ too much work travel), and I had been running my hands through it a lot.  Even though these also aren't the greatest pics in the world, I can tell you that I felt like I was having a much better hair day than when I use On the Rebound.  My curls were much softer and had no crunchiness whatsoever, and the top of my head was a lot less frizzy.  I also find that my second day hair using On the Rebound needs to be washed because it's so crazy, but I can get away with curling some strategic pieces and going for round 2 with Miss Jessie's.  

I think that if someone who was not me was looking at my hair, they wouldn't be able to see a huge difference between the two products - it's more about how I feel when I use them.  So if there was a significant price difference, I would totally be willing to give up my beloved Miss Jessie's and use On the Rebound instead.  Miss J's is an insane $32 for 8 oz at Target.  I have always winced at the thought of my sample running out and shelling out that kind of money to replace it.  However, I was shocked to find that OTR is a whopping $16 for 4.22 oz on Amazon, making it only slightly less expensive than Miss J's on a per oz basis ($3.79/oz vs. $4/oz).  I will totally pay 21 cents an ounce to get rid of the crunch.  

So, while I enjoyed trying out On the Rebound, it just didn't work for my hair as well as my current product.  Miss Jessie's Quick Curls for the win!

Have any of you tried either of these products?  What do you do to tame your frizz?  I'm always looking for new ideas!


Susan said...

I love being a bzzagent. For years I've gotten to try awesome products I normally wouldn't. This is one I kind of wish I could try - though I only have wavy hair that looks like an accident. hahaha. not that it's my hair, but I like your current product look too over the sample one!

Alicia Curley said...

I haven't tried the Bed Head products, but I have tried some of the Miss Jessie's. They've worked the best for me so far, but I am still constantly experimenting with products to find what i like best. I'm pretty happy, believe it or not, with the texture cream from not Your Mothers (Beach Babe) that came in the Allure box. I use a curly hair condition spray after towel drying a tad, and then put the texture cream in. As long as I don't use too much, I'm pretty happy with my curls!

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