Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Mary Kay Look: Influenster Glamour Look Review

These products were sent to me complimentary from Influester.  I talk more about this program and other ways to get free stuff here.  Email me if you want an invite to Influester - diniwilks at gmail.

So, I whined about how Influenster won't give me makeup and I got the invite to the Glamour Look campaign within a week.  Ask and you shall receive? Influester wanted to make me look like a liarpants?  You be the judge.  

I have to admit, I cringed a little when I saw it was Mary Kay.  I can vividly remember my high school friend's mom driving to cross country meets in her pink cadillac, all decked out in her MK products.  I thought Mary Kay would forever be "mom makeup" to me, never mind that I AM a mom, or that I have never actually tried any of their color cosmetics to form an actual opinion.  (I did, however, try the lip scrub many moons ago.  It was good stuff!)

But it just so happened that right around the time I found out the box would be Mary Kay, Jenluvsreviews  posted this video.  I have to say, it actually made me excited to test out the products.  Plus I was veeeeeeeeeeerrry impressed by what they sent me - just from the packaging I could tell it was going to be good stuff!  The lipstick in particular has really nice packaging.  I don't really know how to explain it, but the tube is all...slidey?  I don't know, I like to play with it.  I am a sucker for packaging.  

So here are the goods:

  • Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening Mascara ($15.00)
  • Mary Kay Lash Primer ($15.00)
  • Mary Kay True Dimensions Lip Stick in Pink Cherie ($18.00)
  • Mary Kay Cream Eye Color in Violet Storm ($22.00)
  • Mary Kay Cream Eye Color / Concealer Brush ($10.00)
$80 retail value - THANKS, INFLUENSTER AND MARY KAY!!!

So I thought I would take you through me playing with the products so you can see how they look on mah face.  Remember, I am not a beauty guru or a remotely decent photographer.  I just like to buy makeup and play with it because it makes me happy.  

Violet storm was just screaming to be used as a base for a purple smoky night time look, so that's what I did.  I was hoping it would be something I could use for a fall wedding.  Lemme know if you think it works!

Here is a reminder of what I look like sans makeup (okay, FINE, I'm wearing a little):

I used the cream eye color brush to apply the cream shadow.  I LOVE this brush, the bristles are the perfect stiffness for cream shadows.  I probably won't use it for concealer because I prefer a fluffy crease blush to blend it in since I have to cover so much area due to my rosacea. I have washed it twice since I got it and it's good as new, no shedding.  

The cream shadow is nice.  It's very creamy, so I wouldn't use it alone, I prefer to use creams as a base to make the eyeshadow pop and to last longer.  It's nicely pigmented though so you could get away with just setting it with a translucent powder and letting it stand alone.  

Now for the fun part.  Laura and Michelle from the MMandLShow are always mentioning how Lash Love is their holy grail mascara, so I was very happy to get the Lash Love and the Lash Primer.  I thought I would hate it because it has a rubber brush and those don't normally work for me, but this mascara really does give a ton of length.  Check it out - nothing on the left and looooooooong lashes on the right:

I finished off the look with the True Dimensions Lip Stick.  I am not really a fan of the color (too bright for me), but I love the formula.  It's really nourishing and creamy and smooth.  

And this is the part where I Zoolander it up for you:

Overall, I was super happy with everything I tried.  I may not have picked the shades myself, but at least now I know that the mascara is worth the hype and that the lipstick is worth a shot in a more Laura-friendly color.  It's actually kind of nice to have some MK products I want to try in my back pocket; now I can stop avoiding my friendly neighborhood Mary Kay peddler because I actually know it's good stuff. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Allure Beauty Box Reminder!!!

This is just a reminder that the Fall 2013 Allure Beauty Box goes on sale TODAY at noon.  Last year's fall box sold out in hours, not minutes like the summer ones do, but I still would plan on hitting refresh repeatedly starting at 11:58 am if I were you :)

Here is the link.  HAPPY ALLURE DAY!!!!  May the odds be ever in your favor.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tightlining 101

The other day I posted this picture on Instagram and Twitter, telling you guys that after years of being grossed out by tightlining, I have come around and am now obsessed with it.  Enough of you were interested that I thought I would do a post about this technique.  

Note that this is a 101 course on tightlining, as that is the only level of makeup application I am qualified to discuss (I can, however, do a 600 level course on makeup PURCHASING).  I will link to some informative videos for those of you who want to learn more about tightlining.  This post here is more for the people who are wondering what the heck tightlining even is.  

What exactly IS tightlining?

So let's get into some terminology.  Everyone uses the word a bit differently.  I use it to mean BOTH lining my waterline and getting eyeliner into the little spaces between your lashes, since I do it all at the same time in one quick step.  Some people only mean filling in those little spaces.  Some people only mean lining the waterline.  Some people don't use it as a gerund and instead call the upper waterline the "tightline", which really drives me batty.  

I was really trying to avoid defining the waterline because then I have to say "rim" (ew ew ew), but Elizabeth asked.  So yes.  The waterline is the rim of your eye, the pinkish part above your bottom lashes / below your top lashes that comes in direct contact with your eyeball.  The thing with the tear holes in it.  (omg, between rim and tear holes I can't even.)

For those of you that are still a bit confused, I took some screenshots of Sarah Hawkinson in the act of tightlining because I would probably lose an eye if I tried to photograph myself doing it.  Safety first.  

How I tightline

Like any other makeup technique, you should figure out what works best for you.  I have only mastered the ability to tightline with pencil liners, so that is what I am going to show you here.  

First, I take the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Zero or Perversion and line my upper waterline, going back and forth multiple times so it fills in all of the spaces in between my lashes in addition to the waterline itself.  Oddly, I can do this without pulling on my eyelid on my left eye, but have do what Sarah's doing in the pic above for my right.  

In the pic below, I have tightlined the eye on your right.  See how it makes my eyelashes look way fuller in a totally natural, I'm not wearing any makeup way?  As Kelly said, it really is just so subtle and perfect.  

Why so serious?
After the top waterline is done, it's decision time.  You can leave it like this and go for a super natural, subtle look.  Or you can go for the bottom line too.  Do you want a colored pencil for a pop of color?  A nude to cancel out redness?  This is a great option for rosacea - I use Rimmel ScandalEYES in nude.  A white or a brightening pencil to make your eyes pop?  I personally think white is too stark but love benefit's eye bright for that effect.  Note that if you use black, it will narrow your eyes, but lighter colors will widen them.  Either one should make your whites look way whiter though.  

I like the bold look of having black all the way around, so that's what I did today.  My eyes tend to water when I do the bottom waterline, so I really have to just work quickly when I'm in there, then take as long of a break as I need for my eyes to dry up before I go back in. I sometimes wipe off the pencil if it looks too wet, otherwise it will cause little goopies in the lashline.  If that happens, I just make sure that whatever mascara I use has the plastic bristles (like tarte's Lights, Camera, Flashes or Maybelline Clump Crusher).  

Once I'm done tightlining, I generally like to finish it off with a little extra eyeliner on top.  Bold, slutty eyes are my favorite, I can't help it.  I use the eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner since eyeliner pens are the hardest for me to screw up (I plan to graduate to gel eyeliner in the near future though).  Since I have eyes that are starting to mature (sag), I have a bit of skin that is puffed out on each eye starting at about the middle of the eyelid.  I line that all the way to the end and do the tiniest baby wing just to give it fullness and make sure the top and bottom lines are connected.  I am moving away from doing bigger wings as I get older and my skin is less taut.  Sad but true.

In the pic below, the eyeko is on the eye on your right.  

Here is a close up of the final look:

And a less cross eyed, more "real estate agent head shot"-y version:

You may notice that I did not go all the way up to / around my tear duct and in fact left quite a bit of space on the inner corner of my eye.  That is a personal preference thing - I like to either apply the Chella highlighter pencil from the June Ipsy bag, benefit's eye bright, or an eyeshadow in a light shimmery color like UD's Virgin or Sin.  I went with the Chella today because I just wanted to kind of clean up the area and it's the most skin toned option.  

How other (more skilled) people tightline (and stuff)

There are seriously endless options with this technique.  I've shown you my favorites, but here are some videos I thought were very helpful.  

This is the Sarah Hawkinson Get Ready With Me video I pictured above, where she uses a pencil.

This is a TiffanyD video all about tightlining.  She uses a Laura Mercier cake shadow and a gel liner.  I now want the Laura Mercier product.  

This is a start to finish eye look featuring winged eyeliner by TiffanyD.  She doesn't tightline but this is similar to what I do with my eyeko pen (just more wing-y).    

This is a really good gel eyeliner video by Jaclyn Hill in which she doesn't tightline but I think you should all watch it anyway.

So, what do you guys think?  Have you already been doing this for years?  Or does the thought of jabbing a pencil that close to your eye totally squick you out?  I can assure you I was in the squicked out camp for years and it only took like two practice runs before I was a convert for life.  No joke, I was in work for less than an hour today before someone was like "Did you do something different with your eyeliner?  Your eyes really pop!"

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Diniwilk Stew: Birthday / Fourth of July / Summer Fun Photo Edition

  • You know those end of year surveys that everyone does (you know, the Sundry meme)?  I can never remember what the heck I did on my birthday when it comes time to fill that bad boy out, and everyone was just so dang nice to me this year that it seemed like a shame to not write it down.  I had no less than FOUR lunches with various coworkers (none of which I had to pay for).  I am so, so lucky to work with such great people, I really am.  And not just for the free lunches.  The actual day of my birthday was spent at Pub Bricco with my book club friends discussing Geek Love, and then they surprised me with this gorgeous cake:
Cake is from West Side Bakery, nail polish is Julep Jackie, shirt is Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

  • After book club, I went home to hang out with Justin.  He got me a trash can and shower curtain (because we needed them, ha), a TON of Archer Farms trail mix snacks (yum), and this necklace (he got it at Jared's!).  He had banned me from necklaces for the past 4 years since I am a bit of a necklace killer, so I have to treat this one nice if I want more shiny things in the future.  

Hubby has always had excellent taste in jewelry
  • My parents gave me cash money, which I spent on a new Clarisonic and various other goodies at the Loreal Company Store (which I still want to tell you guys about).  My mom made my FAVORITE dinner, which she calls pasta pizelle but I don't think that is an actual real thing (neither does google).  It's fusilli with sausage and peas and it's really yummy.  Anyway, everyone was SO NICE and SO GENEROUS and I really am lucky to have such amazing people in my life.  It really makes me want to get over myself and just be happy.  
  • Since the fourth of July was on a Thursday and our family plans weren't until Saturday, we actually went to the neighborhood "parade".  It was not so much a parade as a neighborhood barbecue and followed by a complete clusterfuck.  Kids were trying to race around the block as fast as humanly possible (to the point there were 3 crashes) while the 2 people with kids in wagons sweated their asses off in the rear.  We were literally the only people that put any effort into decorating and who expected an actual parade but I am glad we did it.  My favorite neighbors were there with their kids so it was nice to catch up.  Then we did the usual stuff with my family and Justin's (MIL has now met Lucia 6 times).  I thought the girlies looked particularly adorable...Adriana is finally letting me coordinate them rather than straight up match them.  
2 kids smiling at the same time?  I'LL TAKE IT.

These kids are SO EXPRESSIVE.  These pics were all taken seconds apart.  
  • I have been taking a lot of days off work lately just to hang out with the kiddos and enjoy summer.  I always try to do this on a Thursday because that is gymnastics day and I die from the adorableness every week.  We send her to a gym that is affiliated with the YMCA but it is only for gymnastics - it is SO COOL.  I took classes when I was a kid but it was nothing like this.  There are trampolines and a sponge pit and a real tumbling floor and all kinds of legit equipment.  I am so glad my mom found this place and is able to take her every week, and that my job is pretty flexible so it's no big deal for me to take off for stuff like this.  
The leotards are also cuter now - love the little shorts!
  • We got all of the kids on my dad's side of the family to go swimming and I got NO PICTURES other than these two (of my own kids).  BOO!  It was really nice to see everyone - I normally only see my cousin and third cousins at holidays / birthdays / funerals.  Their kids are all growing up so fast it's crazy (but I suppose mine are too).  

I love Lucy's curls.  I bring the Johnson and Johnson tangle spray with us swimming and it's perfect.  

  • Other than swimming, it's been either too hot or too rainy for activities most weekends. We did finally make it to the Akron zoo this past weekend.  I ran into my real life friend B and her adorable kidlets, so we actually got a family pic (first one in FOREVER):

  • The zoo trip was the first time we busted out the Joovy this year and I fell in love all over again.  It is seriously the best thing ever for families with close kid spacing.  

  • The next big thing we have planned is the (fake) camping trip I mentioned last time, and I think I want to do a trip to Idlewild in the fall (the girls would die over Storybook forest and Mister Rogers Neighborhood).  
What are you doing this summer?  Any fun places or activities you'd recommend?  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Check out my GIVEAWAY and review of MeUndies.com here!!!

I'm kind of sad I never got around to posting my June Ipsy review, as @purplelara and I had so much fun mocking glittergate 2013.  I will share my picture of my ugly lipstick from last month's Birchbox + the J Cat glitter crap on my eyes, since it amuses me greatly.  Adriana has the glitter on her lips since I wasn't about to put it on her eyes.  It was touch and go for a minute, but we both survived, corneas intact.  

And now for this month's bag...

Date of arrival: July 13, 2013.  I used to always get them on or before the 10th, but ever since they went to DHL my bag always hangs out in Kentucky for days on end before it makes it's way home.  

Packaging: Pink bubble wrap mailer, cheapo card.  This month's theme is Beach Beauty...I guess I can see that, what with the sunscreen and exfoliation and California and anti-humidity.  Good job on actually having products that tie into the theme, Ipsy.  The bag isn't my favorite, it's a hot pink see through tube with the ipsy logo plastered on it.  For some reason the Ipsy tag on the outside of the bag doesn't bother me but the logo right on the bag does.  I'm sure Adriana will LOVE it if I give it to her.
There was flash flooding on Thursday and I still haven't swept the sidewalks
Contents and mini review: I remained spoiler free this month, can you believe it?

I haven't had a chance to test any of this, but here are some swatches of the lippy and the eye shadows.  I apologize for the hulk smash veins - I have no idea why my hand was so revolting that day.

And here are my quick thoughts on each item.  No ratings since none of the products have been tested enough.  
  • bigsexyhair's Weather Proof: This will be the third bigsexyhair item I've received in an ipsy bag, so I think that means there is one more to go (my understanding is that the contracts with the decent companies are often for 4 months of exposure).  I really like the hairspray we got a while back, but I haven't really used the hair powder.  I'll definitely get more use out of this guy, because my hair can use all of the anti-frizz / humidity protection it can get.  Keep in mind that this is NOT a hairspray - it is a anti-frizz spray.  It is very light on the hair and doesn't leave me crunchy.  My hair didn't frizz up the day I used it, but I wasn't out in the humidity much other than walking to and from my car.  
  • Unscented Coola Mineral Sunscreen: I got another Coola sample in a recent Birchbox, plus I'm still working my way through the Sephora kit.  This won't get used any time soon, but I am looking forward to trying it because I think it's tinted.  
  • Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush:  This is obviously a dupe for the tarte lipsurgence or Revon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains - it even has the same minty taste.  It isn't quite as smooth as the other two but it's still a welcome addition to the bag.  I'll use it.  
  • derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub: I haven't opened this because I am STILL working on philosophy's the microdelivery exfoliating wash I talked about here.  It's the bottle that never ends.  But I think I only have one other small face scrub waiting in the wings, so this is a welcome addition.  Plus, Sarah Hawkinson recently did a skincare youtube video that heavily featured derma e, so I'm glad I get to try the brand.  
  • bh cosmetics California Collection Eye Shadows: I am not really a fan of these shadows.  They seemed pretty chalky when I swatched them, plus they showed up decently pigmented on my finger but the second I wiped them on my hand it all faded.  I'd say this is on par with the coastal scents quads Ipsy keeps forcing down our throats.  Meh.  
Value: I just don't have it in me to calculate it this month.  I will update this if I have time.  

Overall impression of the bag: This was was just okay.  Better than June, worse than May (after trades, anyway).  I like the lip crayon and anti-humidity spray, I will use but am not super excited about the sunscreen and the scrub, and I don't like the shadows.  The sample sizes were all nice, as usual for Ipsy these days.  This was the third month in a row where the bag I got was not as good (in my opinion) as the core bag offered to new subscribers.  That one had benefit...granted it was just a benetint sample and it's not like I don't have some of those already, but still.  I lerve benefit.  B-

Overall impression of the service: I am still really happy with Ipsy overall, but I do wish they would work with higher end brands more often and that everyone would get the higher end brand instead of it being a crapshoot.  That being said, I still give them an A.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 2013 PopSugar Must Have Review

Check out my GIVEAWAY and review of MeUndies.com here!!!

So, I said back in May that it would be my last PopSugar Must Have box, even though it was amazing.  Then in my June review (which, uh, never made it out of draft form) I admitted that I got another one because PopSugar is hard to cancel (not possible on my iPhone or iPad) and because it was my birthday month.  Then I loved that one so much I basically decided I'm never cancelling this as long as I can afford it.  I am now down to JUST Ipsy and PopSugar (I think - there might be one more QVC test tube coming), and the Ipsy is all paid up for the next year, so this is the only recurring monthly beauty sub I get charged for.  I have been SO GOOD with saving up in all other areas of my life, so whatever.  I deserve it and it makes me happy.  

Date of arrival: July 6, 2013.  Early this month.  

Packaging: Same size box and same packaging as usual - white and bright pink.

Contents and mini reviews: 

The first item is something I haven't tried out yet due to the fact that I don't have an appropriate pitcher - Mighty Leaf Ginger Peach Iced Tea ($8.33).  I have tried out Mighty Leaf before, maybe in the Summer Barbeque Cravebox last year?  It was tasty.  I expect this one to be tasty.  Would repurchase if it was in front of me at the store and on sale.  (I generally only buy beverages that are on sale, and stick to water / diet coke otherwise).  

Next up was the Hannahmax All Natural Crunchy Cookie Chips in Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip ($2.00).  These were good but they really just made me want a regular Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie.  You know, a big gooey soft kind.  Wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase, but would eat and enjoy them if someone put a bag in front of me.  

The next item I pulled out was the Tovolo King Cube ice cube tray ($8.50).  I am a wine drinker, but Justin drinks liquor.  However, he HATES ice.  These are supposed to melt slower so it doesn't water down the drink, so he said he's willing to try it out.  If he doesn't like it, I will absolutely pop them in my big honkin' water pitcher (courtesy of the Akron General Labor and Delivery unit).  This isn't the kind of thing I'd buy for myself, but maybe if I really love it and our normal sized ice cube trays break or are stolen by gnomes I'll get another one.  

I also received Supergoop's City Sunscreen Serum ($42).  I haven't tried this because I'm swimming in sunscreen thanks to Sephora, but I got the Everyday Face and Body Moisturizer in the CEW Insider's Choice box and I love it.  I will use all of the Supergoop products my beauty subs send me, but I probably wouldn't ever actually pay for it because that shit's expensive.  

I was a little scared to open the next item, as the bag appeared to have jizz goop all over it.  I soldiered on and was pleasantly surprised.  I really love this Baublebar rose gold double curb chain necklace ($28).  Off the top of my head, that is the fourth accessory PopSugar has sent me that I have absolutely fallen in love with (the gold necklace in the March box, the key necklace I bought with the gift card in May's box, the GORGEOUS scarf in June's box and now this).  

I loved it so much I popped in on and took a picture, despite not being photo ready in the slightest.  Whatever, Adriana looks cute.  (She insists on hanging out with me to photograph everything that comes in the mail, in case you were wondering why she's always in my pics and Lucy isn't.  L can't be trusted to not wander in the street while I unbox.)

The last item was an ncLA nail polish in the shade As If! ($16).  I have actually never heard of this brand (and if I had, it clearly didn't make much of an impression).  The color is nice, but I have probably 5-6 that are similar.  I will post swatches if I use it any time soon.  Would probably not repurchase, only because I am really picky about nail polish and have 3-4 brands I adore so I'd rather buy the latest from those brands.  

Value: Sooo...$8.33+$2+$8.50+$42+$28+$16........$104.83.  PopSugar is definitely sticking to their promise to send boxes valued at $100 or greater.  You can get the Supergoop for cheaper, but probably via non-authorized dealers or with huge shipping fees so I just went with the $42.  

Overall impression of the box:  I didn't love this one like May or June, but it was definitely a solid effort.  I will wear the shit out of that necklace so that alone pretty much made the box for me.  I would have rather had different beauty products than the ones they sent - they could have sent a REALLY NICE palette for that price.  But it's not like I won't use the sunscreen so whatever.  

Overall impression of the service: This is pretty much my favorite sub, I just can't quit it.  Even the items I don't love make great gifts.  I wish they would send less practical stuff (garment bag, ice cube trays) since I don't really think of that kind of thing as being "fun" or "exciting" in the way that beauty and fashion or even food and fitness items are. I think the strength of the box is definitely in the accessories.  It's never stuff I'd pick out myself but I just LOVE them all.  

If you like this box and want to sign up, I'd love if you'd use my referral link!  Be sure to check out the gorgeous scarf in the June box while you are there, since I failed to review that month (too bad, it was one of my favorites!!)  This is a good time to join because August is the anniversary month so I'm sure it will be amazing.  They already said that a $65 Gorjana & Griffin necklace will be included, yay!!! 

So, fellow beauty/lifestyle box subbers...which subscription is the one you just can't quit?

New Subscription Service: MeUndies.com Review and Giveaway

These products were sent to me for review.  As per usual, I asked if they would hook up my readers with a giveaway too.  Thanks, Me Undies!

I'm not gonna lie, I LOVE when non-beauty subs contact me to review their service.  It's a very nice break from the norm.  I had no idea that underwear subscription services existed, but I'm not surprised.  Subscription service addicts like me will try em all :)  Underwear is the one thing I actually don't hoard and get rid of on the regular, so it has a pretty short shelf life in my house.  A cute new pair of undies each month sounds delightful.  

MeUndies.com is interesting because the subscriber can actually pick the exact pair of underwear he or she wants each month.  To sign up, you simply check the auto-ship box when placing an order.  This allows you to get your undies for $16 instead of $20.  At that point you are automatically enrolled in the monthly subscription program, but you can cancel at any time.  If you log in between the 1st and the 6th of the month, you can pick what color you want by placing it in your cart, otherwise Me Undies will choose for you.  Easy peasy!

The packaging is right up my alley, and a very nice change from the hot pink favored by every beauty sub ever.  Love the black!  

I came *thisclose* to actually posting pictures of myself modeling the undies (not the thong, I promise), then I came to my damn senses and remembered that one of the attorneys I work with knows about my blog.  So no pics of me posing in my undies at extremely strategic angles will be floating around my workplace.  (You can all let out that sigh of relief now).  

Here is what they sent me, held up by a SIGNIFICANTLY cuter model.

Adriana has already learned how to smize.
First up, a solid black t-shirt.  Did they send someone to check out my closet first?  A black t and jeans might as well be my uniform.  Me Undies sells crew necks and v necks in white, black, gray, and green.  Pretty basic selection, but the quality is great.  They are lightweight without being see through, and they hold up nicely in the wash with no shrinkage.  At $20 they are a bit pricey, but I will certainly spend that much on the v-neck if this one makes it through 10 or so more washes without fading.  

Undies for my rear are smaller than they appear.
Me Undies sells two types of underwear - thongs and briefs.  Unfortunately, they only range from XS to L, but I am always somewhere between a L and XL and the fit was perfect. The briefs are the hip-hugger / boy brief style that I love - perfect for lounging around my bedroom on these hot summer nights.   And they are EXTREMELY comfortable.  There are currently 5 solid and 4 prints up on the website, one of which is the "color of the month" (I assume what you get if you don't specifically select a color that month).  They are all super cute, I'd wear any of them except the July one (my lady bits aren't that patriotic, haha).  The elastic band is really comfortable and I love the extra pop of color (if you can't tell from the pic, the band is black but the inside is purple).  Like the t-shirt, they have held up well after a few washes with no shrinkage or fading.  

Butt floss!
Let's be honest...I haven't been a thong wearer since about week 12 of my first pregnancy.  I got a hanky panky thong in my popsugar must have subscription box that I actually really like, but most other thongs just drive me nuts these days and I just want them OFF MY B-HOLE.  In the name of blogging, I tried it out for you guys.  This one was a pretty standard thong, a little on the thin side so not quite as high quality as the other two items I received.  It's pretty but not my thing.  They have 4 colors on the website, with only size M and L currently available.  

So, would I subscribe?  If I had unlimited cash flow, absolutely.  However, I am really trying to crack down on my budget, and $16 for underwear, even SUPER CUTE, SUPER COMFORTABLE underwear, is just too steep for me.  However, I will be keeping a very close eye on this one to see if the subscription price comes down or if they ever have a sale.  I really do love the briefs and would buy a pair in every color if they were more affordable.  Back to Gillian O'Malley for me, but with a bit of a heavy heart.  

If you guys are interested in subscribing, click here.  You can use the code DINI to get 20% off your order.  Enjoy!!!

And now for the giveaway...I have three pairs of socks from Me Undies - one for each of three lucky winners.  These are nice and thick, and not at all stinky, despite what Adriana says. 

U.S. residents 18 and older only, please.  This giveaway will end and the winners will be selected via rafflecopter at 12:00 am EST on July 25.  Prizes will be sent the following Monday, assuming you all have responded to my email and sent your address by then.  
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Enabler Alert! Allure Fall 2013 Beauty Box with SPOILERS

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Hey guys!  Just wanted to let you know that the spoilers are out for the Allure Fall 2013 Beauty box.  It goes on sale July 23, most likely noon EST, and you should be able to access it via this link.  

I took a screenshot from the makeuptalk thread on this topic - looks like the original image was from Spoiled Boxes Blog.  I have seen a lot of people slap their blog's logo over that though, so who knows who found it first.  

Products from left to right:

Schick Hydro Silk Razor 
RoC Retinol Correxion Cream
KMS California Hair Spray
Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair 
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion
Pixi Eye Bright Liner
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish
Simple Skin Care Foaming Cleanser
LaRoche-Posay Redermic Intensive Anti-Aging Corrective Treatment
Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion
Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion
Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser and Balm
Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
Redken All Soft Argan Oil
Goldwell Gloss Style Magic Finish Hairspray
Sally Hansen Ouch Relief Wax Strip Kit
Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask
Skintimate Shave Cream
Sation Nail Polish
Tibolli Hair Oil
Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

Thanks to all of the lovely ladies of MUT who identified the products, especially user kitnmitns!!!

I DO NOT need to get this, as I have not made a significant dent in the summer box.  That being said, I am totally doing it anyway.  I love all of the Redken stuff Allure has sent me so far, so I'm really excited about that.  I have been wanting to try LaRoche-Posay since I see the brand at the Loreal Company store every time I go.  And of course the razor and shave gel are stuff I'd get anyway, and hairspray and face cleaners are stuff I'm not super picky about so I don't mind stocking up on.  

Who is with me?