Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Diniwilk Stew: Birthday / Fourth of July / Summer Fun Photo Edition

  • You know those end of year surveys that everyone does (you know, the Sundry meme)?  I can never remember what the heck I did on my birthday when it comes time to fill that bad boy out, and everyone was just so dang nice to me this year that it seemed like a shame to not write it down.  I had no less than FOUR lunches with various coworkers (none of which I had to pay for).  I am so, so lucky to work with such great people, I really am.  And not just for the free lunches.  The actual day of my birthday was spent at Pub Bricco with my book club friends discussing Geek Love, and then they surprised me with this gorgeous cake:
Cake is from West Side Bakery, nail polish is Julep Jackie, shirt is Lauren Conrad for Kohl's

  • After book club, I went home to hang out with Justin.  He got me a trash can and shower curtain (because we needed them, ha), a TON of Archer Farms trail mix snacks (yum), and this necklace (he got it at Jared's!).  He had banned me from necklaces for the past 4 years since I am a bit of a necklace killer, so I have to treat this one nice if I want more shiny things in the future.  

Hubby has always had excellent taste in jewelry
  • My parents gave me cash money, which I spent on a new Clarisonic and various other goodies at the Loreal Company Store (which I still want to tell you guys about).  My mom made my FAVORITE dinner, which she calls pasta pizelle but I don't think that is an actual real thing (neither does google).  It's fusilli with sausage and peas and it's really yummy.  Anyway, everyone was SO NICE and SO GENEROUS and I really am lucky to have such amazing people in my life.  It really makes me want to get over myself and just be happy.  
  • Since the fourth of July was on a Thursday and our family plans weren't until Saturday, we actually went to the neighborhood "parade".  It was not so much a parade as a neighborhood barbecue and followed by a complete clusterfuck.  Kids were trying to race around the block as fast as humanly possible (to the point there were 3 crashes) while the 2 people with kids in wagons sweated their asses off in the rear.  We were literally the only people that put any effort into decorating and who expected an actual parade but I am glad we did it.  My favorite neighbors were there with their kids so it was nice to catch up.  Then we did the usual stuff with my family and Justin's (MIL has now met Lucia 6 times).  I thought the girlies looked particularly adorable...Adriana is finally letting me coordinate them rather than straight up match them.  
2 kids smiling at the same time?  I'LL TAKE IT.

These kids are SO EXPRESSIVE.  These pics were all taken seconds apart.  
  • I have been taking a lot of days off work lately just to hang out with the kiddos and enjoy summer.  I always try to do this on a Thursday because that is gymnastics day and I die from the adorableness every week.  We send her to a gym that is affiliated with the YMCA but it is only for gymnastics - it is SO COOL.  I took classes when I was a kid but it was nothing like this.  There are trampolines and a sponge pit and a real tumbling floor and all kinds of legit equipment.  I am so glad my mom found this place and is able to take her every week, and that my job is pretty flexible so it's no big deal for me to take off for stuff like this.  
The leotards are also cuter now - love the little shorts!
  • We got all of the kids on my dad's side of the family to go swimming and I got NO PICTURES other than these two (of my own kids).  BOO!  It was really nice to see everyone - I normally only see my cousin and third cousins at holidays / birthdays / funerals.  Their kids are all growing up so fast it's crazy (but I suppose mine are too).  

I love Lucy's curls.  I bring the Johnson and Johnson tangle spray with us swimming and it's perfect.  

  • Other than swimming, it's been either too hot or too rainy for activities most weekends. We did finally make it to the Akron zoo this past weekend.  I ran into my real life friend B and her adorable kidlets, so we actually got a family pic (first one in FOREVER):

  • The zoo trip was the first time we busted out the Joovy this year and I fell in love all over again.  It is seriously the best thing ever for families with close kid spacing.  

  • The next big thing we have planned is the (fake) camping trip I mentioned last time, and I think I want to do a trip to Idlewild in the fall (the girls would die over Storybook forest and Mister Rogers Neighborhood).  
What are you doing this summer?  Any fun places or activities you'd recommend?  


Kara Keenan said...

I loved my Sit-N-Stand stroller and used it WAY past the weight limit. I think the last time I used it, my youngest was 3, so my other two were 5 and 6 or 5 and 7. I hauled three kids and assorted luggage through various airports, across the country many times. I'd easily have 100+ lbs of kid on there. Finally, it got misplaced on one of our trips, thankfully on the way home, and I never bothered to replace it. The kids had legitimately outgrown it by that point. But, yeah, it was great, and I got a good 5 years out of that thing.

Lacey said...

First, Charley has those shoes Lucy's wearing. SHOCKER!

Lucy's curls are BEAUTIFUL! I know her hair was crazy to deal with for a while there, but I'm super thankful you stuck it out so I can occasionally admire it now. ;)

Love seeing pictures of your girls!

d e v a n said...

What cute kiddos! I'm glad you had a happy birthday. Love the curls too! So cute!