Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

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I'm kind of sad I never got around to posting my June Ipsy review, as @purplelara and I had so much fun mocking glittergate 2013.  I will share my picture of my ugly lipstick from last month's Birchbox + the J Cat glitter crap on my eyes, since it amuses me greatly.  Adriana has the glitter on her lips since I wasn't about to put it on her eyes.  It was touch and go for a minute, but we both survived, corneas intact.  

And now for this month's bag...

Date of arrival: July 13, 2013.  I used to always get them on or before the 10th, but ever since they went to DHL my bag always hangs out in Kentucky for days on end before it makes it's way home.  

Packaging: Pink bubble wrap mailer, cheapo card.  This month's theme is Beach Beauty...I guess I can see that, what with the sunscreen and exfoliation and California and anti-humidity.  Good job on actually having products that tie into the theme, Ipsy.  The bag isn't my favorite, it's a hot pink see through tube with the ipsy logo plastered on it.  For some reason the Ipsy tag on the outside of the bag doesn't bother me but the logo right on the bag does.  I'm sure Adriana will LOVE it if I give it to her.
There was flash flooding on Thursday and I still haven't swept the sidewalks
Contents and mini review: I remained spoiler free this month, can you believe it?

I haven't had a chance to test any of this, but here are some swatches of the lippy and the eye shadows.  I apologize for the hulk smash veins - I have no idea why my hand was so revolting that day.

And here are my quick thoughts on each item.  No ratings since none of the products have been tested enough.  
  • bigsexyhair's Weather Proof: This will be the third bigsexyhair item I've received in an ipsy bag, so I think that means there is one more to go (my understanding is that the contracts with the decent companies are often for 4 months of exposure).  I really like the hairspray we got a while back, but I haven't really used the hair powder.  I'll definitely get more use out of this guy, because my hair can use all of the anti-frizz / humidity protection it can get.  Keep in mind that this is NOT a hairspray - it is a anti-frizz spray.  It is very light on the hair and doesn't leave me crunchy.  My hair didn't frizz up the day I used it, but I wasn't out in the humidity much other than walking to and from my car.  
  • Unscented Coola Mineral Sunscreen: I got another Coola sample in a recent Birchbox, plus I'm still working my way through the Sephora kit.  This won't get used any time soon, but I am looking forward to trying it because I think it's tinted.  
  • Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush:  This is obviously a dupe for the tarte lipsurgence or Revon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains - it even has the same minty taste.  It isn't quite as smooth as the other two but it's still a welcome addition to the bag.  I'll use it.  
  • derma e Microdermabrasion Scrub: I haven't opened this because I am STILL working on philosophy's the microdelivery exfoliating wash I talked about here.  It's the bottle that never ends.  But I think I only have one other small face scrub waiting in the wings, so this is a welcome addition.  Plus, Sarah Hawkinson recently did a skincare youtube video that heavily featured derma e, so I'm glad I get to try the brand.  
  • bh cosmetics California Collection Eye Shadows: I am not really a fan of these shadows.  They seemed pretty chalky when I swatched them, plus they showed up decently pigmented on my finger but the second I wiped them on my hand it all faded.  I'd say this is on par with the coastal scents quads Ipsy keeps forcing down our throats.  Meh.  
Value: I just don't have it in me to calculate it this month.  I will update this if I have time.  

Overall impression of the bag: This was was just okay.  Better than June, worse than May (after trades, anyway).  I like the lip crayon and anti-humidity spray, I will use but am not super excited about the sunscreen and the scrub, and I don't like the shadows.  The sample sizes were all nice, as usual for Ipsy these days.  This was the third month in a row where the bag I got was not as good (in my opinion) as the core bag offered to new subscribers.  That one had benefit...granted it was just a benetint sample and it's not like I don't have some of those already, but still.  I lerve benefit.  B-

Overall impression of the service: I am still really happy with Ipsy overall, but I do wish they would work with higher end brands more often and that everyone would get the higher end brand instead of it being a crapshoot.  That being said, I still give them an A.


Ginger said...

You got that terrible lipstick from BB too? I got pretty hulk-smashy over that one (I give BB a LOT of leeway, but that was just...ridiculous to me).

Now if only my ipsy bag would show up (I know what I'm getting, but I still want it in my hot little hands).

purplelara said...

We should have a joint picture with us and our horrible lip colours. Maybe in February.

Half the fun of getting the boxes is talking about them with you and the other girls - I always laugh so hard.

Dani S. said...

How do you get the core bag? I'm a new subscriber and I got basically the same stuff, no Benefit. I did get a sea salt hair spray instead of anti-frizz (good) and a nail polish instead of the microdermabrasion (good). Love the lip crayon but it's in a coral that looks horrible on me (you should have seen my wife's face when I tried it) so I guess I have to figure out how to trade that! I think it came in other colors?

Laura Diniwilk said...

Hi, Dani! Interesting that you didn't get the core bag. Many of us on MUT were talking and realized that all new subscriptions got the "crowd pleaser" bag they email to people they want to resubscribe instead of a more personalized bag (which annoyed some people who signed up for multiple bags to get a variety of products). Maybe it's only if you sign up after a certain date? Or maybe the crowd pleaser was just a May phenomenon?

You might not have any luck trading if you already opened and tested the product, but the crayons are fairly cheap - you can get 6 colors for $25.

amagicalmom said...

I got the same bag, and so did another blogger, Only Average Mom - she did the work of calculating the value for the variation we got - it's $34.59! I think that's one of the lowest-valued bags in awhile, but everything was trial sized, and we've been spoiled with full-size items lately. (and I already traded the scrub for the perfume. I have enough scrubs!)

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